My Boyfriend is Mr. Snowman

Author: Chen Yue Hui (陈月辉) a.k.a. @Ye-hwi
Raw: My Boyrfiend is Mr. Snowman

Synopsis: Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Baek Eun-young (백은영). I was a normal South Korean girlー or you can basically just say that I was very ordinary, with no distinguishing features to speak of. I also lived a very ordinary life, with nothing special happening at all.

But I feel that everything changed when a guy named Kim Chu-eun (김은추), showed up in my life. Does his name sound silly? Haha, thanks…I was the one who came up with it.
His arrival was nothing short of a miracle, and the way it changed my life was just as magical.

Table of Contents:


Snowflake 1: What Happened!?

Snowflake 2: Meeting Him

Snowflake 3: Kim Chu-Eun and Housework

Snowflake 4: Unbelievable Truth

Snowflake 5: Truth that Lies Beneath the Snow

Snowflake 6: Yumi Fell in Love!?

Snowflake 7: Helping Yumi’s Date?

Snowflake 8: Flowers that Bloom in the Snow

Snowflake 9: Melting

Note: The genre of this novel is relatively different to what I usually do, but I personally know the author so I have decided to translate this novel with their full support.


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