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Chapter 73 (Epilogue) – Our Dream Mansion

Translated by Eternal Aria Novels
Edited by JohnDFord

I would like to tell you about what happened afterwards.
A while had passed since the battle with Guld Westberg, the treacherous hero, ended.

A lot happened and I decided to buy the mansion where Yuuko used to live.

Due to Yuuko having driven out quite a number of Demon Hunters countless of times, this mansion had been branded as ‘The Mansion Haunted by the Demonkin’, which severely devalued the property.

Fufufu. I had been wondering if it was possible ever since I heard it from Yuuko.

Things went just as I had hoped for and it was such a stroke of luck.

According to Carolina, this mansion was supposed to be worth over 5 billion col, and I managed to buy it at around a tenth of its original price.

How did I get my hands on that much money, you ask?
Obviously, from the reward money that I had received from collecting ores.

I spent about 90% of our total fortune on this occasion, but it was totally worth it.

“Why does a Goddess like me have to be subjected to something as menial as cleaning?” complained Aphrodite as she pouted.

“This corridor…is hella long no matter how you think about it,” said Cielle, while clearly short of breath.

We were currently doing some cleaning of this mansion which hadn’t been occupied for a long period of time.

Aphrodite and Cielle were desperately mopping the floor of the corridor.

“I can’t agree more. Why does a proud demonkin like me have to be ordered around by a mere human!”

“(Stop complaining and move your arse!)”

“Urgh…What an annoying monster tamer. You’d better remember this!”

Yuuko reluctantly resumed her cleaning after I gave her an order using my command authority.

I had asked Yuuko to clean the spiderwebs on the ceiling because she had the ability to fly freely.

“””Gobu! Gobu!”””


Incidentally, we had my monsters’ full cooperation in this cleaning operation, including obviously the goblin army and also Yuuko’s ghoul underlings which I had enslaved.

The ghouls smelled as bad as rotten eggs when we first saw them, but apparently they only emit their foul smell when they were on guard.
They work on the same principle as skunks.

“…Master. Is it truly alright for me to accept these precious books?”

“Yeah. If we left them in the mansion they would probably just rot away anyway.”

I gave Carolina the task to select which books to bring inside the pokeball.

The books here would be the first step to fulfilling Carolina’s wish of collecting rare books.

As a matter of fact, this was one of the reasons why I had decided to buy this mansion.

Well, I also did feel guilty about trapping my contracted girls inside the ball all the time, and I’d also thought about wanting a big house for once.

If I had a mansion as big as this, I wouldn’t need to walk all the way to the forest to test out my skills, and the monsters could probably use it for training as well.

With this, I had managed to complete the three objectives of my pokeball facility expansion plan.

The next morning, after the cleaning of the mansion was finished.

Uhm, how did it become like this!?
When I opened my eyes, there were three beautiful girls sleeping on the same bed as me.

“Munya munya…Souta, where’s my food?”

“Suu…As expected of master…”

“Kotarou…Please don’t lick me there…”

The three of them were clinging to my body as they pleased while sleep talking.

I could hear my heart pounding.
Cut it out, guys!
There’s no way I can sleep with these cute girls clinging onto me!

I wonder why, I had given the three of them what they wanted inside the ball, and I even gave each of them a private room…

It seemed that my lifestyle won’t change just by improving the facilities inside the ball.

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