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Chapter 71 – VS Gladiator

Translated by Eternal Goddess Aria

“As expected of Domon! Now that it’s come to this, you’re the only one I can trust!”

“Yes, sir!”

Having his morale raised by his employer, the middle-aged Domon pushed aside the goblins one after the other.

“Fuhahaha! Good work! Domon! Keep it up and knock that obnoxious kid’s head off!”

“Of course. I will show no mercy to those who dare to harm Gald-sama.”

From their brief exchange, it seemed like the two of them shared a deep bond of mutual trust.

The middle-aged man seemed strong.
I had been truly amazed by the delicate swordsmanship he possessed which betrayed his large stature.

I could not help but think that he had chosen the wrong master to serve.
As Gald had no redeeming features besides his face, I wondered what attracted Domon to serve that rich boy wannabe.


His loud shout reverberated inside the room, destroying the formation of my goblin army.
Domon charged through the centre of the formation.

“To think that you guys would fall behind against a mere human, how outrageous. It seems that I have to train you guys back from zero once we return to the ball.”

Carolina expressed her displeasure after watching what had occured and let out some verbal abuse.

Shit! Damned goblins!

I felt deeply jealous.
To think that they would be able to receive a reward from Caroline regardless of the outcome of the battle!


I certainly did not expect that someone who was strong enough to defeat the goblin knights would appear.
I decided to summon Werewolf next, who possessed a higher power level than the goblin knights.

“He can summon a werewolf!?”

“Gau! Gau!”

Domon’s swordsmanship and the Werewolf’s clawmanship clashed, scattering sparks everywhere.

This Werewolf was a monster originally created using the overweight middle-aged slave trader who was working in Saint Bell as the base ingredient.

An unreal match between the Overweight Middle-aged Man vs Slightly Plump yet Macho Middle-aged Man was occuring before my eyes.

“Now then, Gald-san. How much are you willing to compensate for tricking me, I wonder?”

“Fuck you!”

Domon, his last ray of hope, was stuck with dealing with the werewolf.
Using this opportunity, I took out the Magic Sword of Deep Crimson which was forged by Cielle out of my pokeball and unsheathed it from the scabbard.

If given a high-enough status, someone like me would surely be able to beat even Gald.

“Y-you, who the fuck are you?”

As I slowly approached him, Gald’s legs gave in and he fell on his butt out of fear.

“I haven’t told you before? My name is Kazehaya Souta, just an ordinary adventurer.”

“You’re shitting me! How could a descendant of the hero like me lose to a mere adventurer! T-that’s it, I see! I finally understand! Yo-you must be the actual Demon Lord!”


He had probably become deranged from excessive fear.
He just started spouting random accusations which were simply nonsense.

And seriously,
How did I, who was summoned to this world as a hero, ended up being called a Demon Lord instead.

“…Fufu. Isn’t that human surprisingly sharp for a small fry?”

She was probably amazed at how off the mark Gald’s remark had been.
After hearing the word ‘Demon Lord’ come out of Gald’s mouth, I felt that Carolina chuckled for some reason.

“Gald-sama! Let’s retreat for now!”

Gald was cowering on the ground, unable to move when Domon reached out his hand to him.

This middle-aged man had beaten even the werewolf.

Luckily, although they had received a lot of injuries after being defeated by Domon, none of
my monsters lost their life.

“Shit! Kazehaya Souta…You better remember this! I will someday repay this debt to you…I swear to God!”

Gald was in a very pitiable state, with his body limping and being lifted by Domon. He began to leave the room with his comrades.

There was no way that I would let them go so simply.

I had to pay them back dearly for deceiving me.

And I showed them what hell really looked like.

(Mad Mush! Release the Powder of Ataxia!)

There was only one exit so predicting Gald’s escape route had been fairly easy.

I gave my order to the two Mad Mushes that I had deployed there beforehand.


The Mad Mushes starting releasing pink particles from under their mushroom umbrellas after receiving my order.

Gald Westburg
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Condition: Sexually Excited

“What’s happening…My body feels hot all of a sudden…”

It was a success.
Gald started breathing roughly after inhaling the Mad Mush’s Powder of Ataxia.

“Kazehaya Souta. What did you do!? The fuck did you do to me!?”

“Look around you. You’ll understand soon enough.”

Before Gald’s eyes was a scenery of pure hell which you would definitely want to cover your eyes from.

“You know, actually…I’ve been in love with you since a long time ago!”

“What’s wrong with you!? Aren’t you being too excited!”

“…I, I’m a guy, right?”

The mercenaries who were hired by Gald started taking their clothes off and making out. Their bodies laid on top of each other.

True to their group’s name, a Rose Banquet had began right here and now.

“Domon! Please stop them…I can’t bear to look anymore! Shit! What the fuck is happening here!?”

Gald was desperately trying to stop his subordinates, however, it was but a futile action.

Although the effect on each individual varied, I had experienced the true horror of the sexually excited condition first hand.

“Gald-sama! I love you! Since three years ago… I’ve yearned for you deeply!”


Gald was perplexed after hearing his subordinate’s bold confession that came out of nowhere.

“I’m serious! When I look at your courageous face, my heart can’t help but skip a beat.”

“S-stop, Domon! Think about it…I’m a guy, right? This is definitely wrong!”

Gald was embraced by Domon’s huge body, his face turned pale.

“It doesn’t matter! I can’t suppress my feelings anymore!”

Gald finally became aware of the hopeless situation he was in, but it had been too late.
Ultimately, Gald was pushed down by Domon and his 2-metres tall body.

“N-noooooo! Anyone! He…help me!! Aaaaa!!!”

A defiled scream reverberated in the mansion.

Yep, yep.
With this, Domon had finally fulfilled his unrequited love and Gald could finally reflect on his actions.

This was exactly the ideal happy ending that I had envisioned.

“Souta…Don’t tell me that you had been planning for things to go this way all along?”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from Souta-san…As ruthless as always. I definitely don’t want you as an enemy.”

Looking at the men making love to one another, Aphrodite and Cielle’s expressions became stiff.


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