I’ve been pretty busy these days so I didn’t spend much as much time translating this chapter (but It still took time), and I lost my editor, so the quality is probably not as good as it was before. Thankfully this novel was originally written very casually as well.

Chapter 70 – Demonkin Hunters

Translated by Eternal Goddess Aria

“I have always been living in the settlement located on the eastern part of Saint Bell. However, because of those annoying demonkin hunters, my dwelling was laid waste. Those bastards… Truly unforgivable! Fucking humans! It was all their fault that I was driven out.”


Demonkin hunters.
The name referred to a group of people who subjugate demonkins purely for monetary benefits.

The demonkins who possessed enormous strength and detested humans were put on bounties by the country.

Due to those circumstances, the demonkins were often hunted down by the humans.

When I thought about it, the request given to me by the Hero Guld this time might have been related to the demonkin hunters.

“And then, I decided to use this mansion as my dwelling when I found it. Apparently, ever since the previous owner died a natural death, no one could find a new buyer for the mansion.”

That means this mansion was on sale on a store somewhere.

Incidentally, the reason why Yuuko was loitering around the graveyard was apparently to collect some raw materials to create new underlings.

Apparently, Wraiths can create creatures such as WIll’o the wisps and ghouls from human corpses.

“By the way, how did you deal with the adventurers who invaded the mansion? You didn’t kill any of them, did you?”

“Kukuku. I sent those insolent humans back politely without a single injury. Although, I used my ghouls to implant a trauma in them so that they never come back.”


With this, I lost the pretext that I was planning to blame Yuuko with.

What do I do now?
I suppose it would be easy to ask Carolina to chase Yuuko out of the mansion, but as expected, she’s too pitiful.

Having said that, it’d be bad to leave Yuuko here like this.

The rumour about there being a demonkin inside the mansion has been quite well known among the adventurers, and it wouldn’t be weird for the demonkin hunters to appear anytime soon to threaten Yuuko.

“How lucky! I wondered what kind of demonkin was living here, but to think that it was only a little brat.”

Speak of the devil.
When I looked at the direction of the voice, I saw a good-looking carrying a weapon in hand with a triumphant look on his face.

“Guld-san? What are you doing here?”

When I asked, Guld unsheathed his sword from the scabbard and sneered at me.
“Haha. You still don’t get it, do you? You’re just a disposable piece that I used in order to subjugate the demon!
“I was thinking of ambushing you all while you’re fighting with the demonkin, but the situation has changed! If I knew that the enemy was only a little brat, I wouldn’t have been so cautious! In this place, we, the Rose Banquet, will bring down judgement upon you all!”


He came here just to spout the lines of a mob character.

I see.
I was prepared for some risks when I took the request, but it actually turned out like this.

How did I even get tricked by someone like this?
I honestly felt embarrassed that I actually hopped on to his proposition.

“Master, please leave cleaning up this trash to me. I will clean it in less than 10 seconds.”

“No, you can’t.”

Carolina was ruthless to other humans besides me to the point where it felt frightening.

If I left this place to her, chances are Guld and his companions would end up getting massacred.

Even if he was a villain, I didn’t want to commit an act that would take someone’s life.

What I wanted to achieve was a world where everyone can live together happily with a smile on their face.

“Summon, Goblin Knight!”

The monsters that I chose was the Goblin Knight
It was best to choose someone who was neither too strong nor too weak for Guld’s party.

If had Adamantite Golem, I could have finished the fight in a flash, but that would have been as expected too excessive.

“Hmmm, I’ve heard the rumours but, to think that you were actually a monster tamer. Hahaha! You did well defeating a wraith with a trash job like that!”

You have splendidly raised a flag on your own.

As I thought, monster tamers in Adelheid were treated as failures.

Even my current power was the only result of receiving the ‘Absolute Obedience’ divine protection by chance and the large quantity of experience that I got from taming Aphrodite.

I heard that normal monster tamers only had the capability to tame a maximum of 3 monsters

“Now then, I shall give a quiz for my dear Souta-kun. Between my troops of 10 mercenaries and your one goblin knight, who do you think will win in a fight?”

“No, no one said anything about there being only one goblin.”

Let’s see.
Let’s show them our fighting power and give them a surprise.

I thought so and began summoning goblin knights from the capsule ball.

It was a whole army of 15 goblins.
The goblin army wearing the armours made specially by Cielle looked really strong.

“No way! What the hell is with these numbers!?”

He reacted exactly as I had wanted him to.

His bewilderment was a matter of fact.
In actuality, you need to have a level close to 150 to contract 15 monsters.

“Urgh, no problem! Even if we lose in quantity, the opponents are only goblins! We who are superior in quality shall not fall behind!”


The mercenaries got their morale boosted by Guld and started charging at the goblins.

“””Gobu! Gobu gobu!”””

The fighting power of the goblins seemed to be much higher than I what expected.

Was this result of Carolina’s harsh training?
After one step, just after one step, Guld’s mercenaries had no choice but to retreat.

It wasn’t wrong to say that the goblins were superior in overall, but when I looked closely there was one place where the goblin knights were being pushed back, losing.

“Guld-sama! Please stand down! This Battle Flash Gladiator, Domon, will take over from here!”

Domon Baldokash
Sex: Male
Age: 35

When I looked at the source of the trouble, there was a close to 2-metres tall macho middle-aged man.


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