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Chapter 69 – VS The Fake Demon Lord

Translated by Eternal Goddess Aria
Edited by Mashiro/Shirayuki

About 30 minutes later.

We continued our search in the mansion with Carolina leading us and we had finally arrived at our destination.

“It’s here. The demonkin in question seems to be inside.”

“Hmm. So this is the boss room.”


Because I wasn’t used to moving around that much, I felt tired and my body was hurting all over.

Was Ciel’s sword really that amazing?

My fight with the ghouls was a breeze so I considered myself pretty lucky, but I took considerable mental damage.

The body fluids of the ghouls were stuck to my clothes and wouldn’t go away.

I was feeling incredibly furious.

Why did I have to be subjected to something so unreasonable?

This is entirely the fault of this fucking demonkin!

I won’t show any mercy!

Let’s get this fucking over with.

“Alright! Let’s go.”

I opened the door with a newfound determination.

Sex: Female
Age: 521

What the hell!

In front of me was a beautiful girl with long hair that curls at the end.

Is it just my imagination?
I feel like…I’ve seen her somewhere before.

That girl was, one way or the other in the middle of changing her clothes.

“Kyaaaa! Wh-what are you looking at, you bastard!?”

Hearing her unclear pronunciation, it finally hit me.

I was pretty sure that this girl was the wraith, Yuuko, that we met in the cemetery of Saint Bell.

She was late to react because currently, she was in her human mode, unlike before when she was in her demon mode.

But you know…How should I say this.
What’s with this romcom-like lucky pervert situation?

It completely destroyed the tense atmosphere from before.

“Aren’t you the bastard from before!? Why have you come here!? Hu-hurry! Go somewhere else!”

Being seen by me in her underwear, Yuuko’s face turned red like a boiled octopus.

“There are a bunch of things I’d like to retort to you about, but I thought you already threw away your emotions?”


When I asked her, she took a cool pose with her arms extended upwards.

“Hmph. Obviously. I’m different from you humans. I’ve lived for more than 300 years. I’ve thrown away something as illogical as emotions a long time ago.”

“I see. Then, you don’t mind being seen naked by guys, right? Or maybe, by any chance…Do you still have the feeling of shame in you?”


Maybe because I hit her where it hurts, she found it hard to reply.

“O-of course! A being without emotions like me does not think of anything even when while being seen naked by guys!”

While being half desperate, Yuuko exposed her own body.

I became truly convinced, at that moment that this demonkin called Yuuko was truly a chuunibyou through and through.

I understand.

I can sympathise with her.

During the time I was suffering from chuunibyou myself, I used to think that being emotionless was super cool.

Everyone goes through a period like that at least once in their life.

Even so…what a simple person.
By taking advantage of her personality, I can legally and lawfully obtain the right to enjoy the sight of her in her underwear.

“Yuuko. What are you doing here?”

“Head maid!? You’re asking why I’m here, but this is my house. And I was simply in the middle of changing clothes in my own bedroom.”


Yuuko answered with an uneasy look in her eyes.

I see, I see.

I have finally unravelled the truth behind the fake demon lord uproar.

“Hey, Souta. So in the end…what’s going on?”

“Souta-san…you were acquainted with this person!?”

Aphrodite and Ciel who were both inside the ball when the graveyard investigation happened were unable to understand the situation.

While explaining to the two, I decided to listen to Yuuko regarding her various circumstances.

TL Note
If you’re curious about Yuuko’s hairstyle, click this.



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