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Chapter 68 – The Mansion of the Demonkin

Translated by Aria Lunaria
Edited by TechTrad

Having undertaken the request from the descendant of the hero, Guld, I headed towards the rumoured mansion on the following day.

“This is!”

This mansion was located on the outskirts of the town. Judging from the size of the area, it was probably the biggest in Saint Bell.

“Are we really going inside? What if the one who lives here is the actual demon lord…He can probably blow you away with his nose.”

“Urgh…I’m starting to get scared too.”

After arriving at the destination, Aphrodite and Cielle became completely seized with fear.

Thanks to those two I’m starting to feel anxious well.

What if the demon lord actually lived here?

As my anxiety grew, the mansion started to look more and more eerie.

“You don’t have to worry. I can say with full confidence that the presence of this magic power does not belong to the demon lord.”


“Yes. I can smell the stinking scent of a strong comrade from inside. The demon living in this mansion is certainly pretty high-rank, but against master, they’re no different to a newborn baby.”


I have realised this since a while ago, but isn’t your opinion of me a bit too high?

As long as Carolina is here, there’s no way we would lose even against the demonkins. But it’s better to brace ourselves now more than ever.

Once I entered the mansion, the chilly atmosphere touched my skin.

The mansion looked like it hadn’t been used for a long period of time.
The hallway was covered in dust, and cobwebs spread across the ceiling.
If you were to come here during the day, you probably wouldn’t have trouble with the visibility because of the sunlight peeking through, but if you visited at night it would be no different to a horror film.

“It seems like the owner of this mansion was an antique maniac.”


“Yeah. The vase over there and the flower pot next to the window right there, each one of them in itself is pretty expensive. If we brought them over to the guild we could earn a lot by selling them.”


Hey, hey.
Why did they leave behind such expensive goods!?

This did nothing but add more mystery to the mansion.

“This is!?”

Finding something that took her interest, Carolina ran through the hallway of the mansion after giving me a slight notice.

At the place Carolina was running to were bookshelves.

“I’m surprised. The old books in the bookshelves are all first-class goods.”

“Is that enough to fulfil your request for ‘an archive of every book that ever existed’?”

“Yeah. With this much, I won’t be bored with staying inside the ball for a while.”


What should I do?
It’s not impossible for me to throw my ball and absorb it.

No, I’ll think about it after seeing how things go for a while.

In order to avoid future troubles, it’s probably not too late to gather more information about the mansion first.

It seemed that the mansion was a lot bigger than I had thought.
It took us about half an hour to finish searching the first floor.

When I thought about having to continue like this for the next two or three floors, I started to feel depressed.

When the search on the first floor finished and we were about to climb up to the second floor, Carolina gave me a warning,
“Master, please be careful. I can feel the presence of enemies deep inside this passage.”

“By any chance, are we meeting the Demon Lord straight off the bat?”

“No. It’s most likely his subordinates.”

After walking for a short while, countless humanoid figures emerged in front of us.

Ghoul, Rank E, Lv15/15
HP 118
Strength 82
Magic 15
Mind 10


So there are monsters like this…

I lost my will to fight just by looking at it.

Ghouls are basically decomposed human corpses which turned into monsters as is. They have an appearance that would bring about a sense of disgust on the instinctual level.

There were three ghouls in total.
Even from this distance, I could smell the drifting stink akin to rotten eggs.

“Ughh…how creepy…Souta! Hurry and beat them all up.”

“I get it.”

It doesn’t matter how grotesque they the enemies are.
I have an ultimate one hit kill attack right here.

As I swung my arm, ready to throw my capsule ball at them,

“Wait! Souta! Are you insane!?”

I was stopped by Aphrodite.

“Why did you stop me?”

“Hey, listen. I don’t really wanna say this, but the capsule has become a living space for not just me, but Caroline and Cielle as well. What the hell were you thinking trying to put a disgusting monster like that inside!? There’s no way I’d accept that!”

Hey, hey.
There’s no way I’d accept such a personal reason!

Though I wanted to say that, it wasn’t like I didn’t understand where she was coming from.

I would personally refuse if I had to live under the same roof with something like a ghoul.

There’s no helping it.
Just this once I’ll respect her opinion and fight normally.


Meanwhile, the three ghouls were approaching closer.

What should I do about this…

The fastest to end this was probably to summon the Adamantite Golem and have it crush the ghouls.

But, you know…The sight of their flesh splattered everywhere was not something that I’d like to see if at all possible.

It seemed like something that could instil a trauma in me and give me nightmares.

“Souta. I knew this day would come so I have prepared this for you!”

While I was still feeling troubled, Cielle took out a stick wrapped in a cloth out of nowhere.


Deep Crimson Magic Sword, Rank A
(A magic sword made out of an adamantite ore. By injecting the user’s mana, it could unleash a mid-range shockwave attack.)

“This is a weapon that I made by myself! After I received the adamantite ores from you, I have devoted my time to develop this masterpiece!”

What Cielle took out was, a magic sword that she had created using the adamantite ores from the other day.

Wait, no.
That’s not what I was asking…

What I want to know is, why is she handing that thing to me now!?

“Now! Souta! I would like you to crush the ghouls right at once using this magic sword that I made.”


Her eyes were sparkling full of conviction without the slightest doubt, believing that I would take arms and fight.

How did it lead to this!?

Absolutely no way.
Do I really have to be engaged in combat with those sad grotesque monsters?

“That’s a good idea! You’ve always left the fighting to others, so isn’t it good to experience fighting on your own once in a while?”

I wonder why.
Your argument sounds fair but I really don’t want to hear that from you.

“Master, to be able to see your gallant figure…It’s a great honour.”

Wait a sec.
I was honestly expecting her to say something like, ‘Master, there’s no need to dirty your hands for something of this level.’

Why are you looking at me with those sparkling expectant eyes!?

You guys…why do you want to see me fighting that badly…


Once it gets to this, as a man, I can’t just ignore their expectations.
While half desperate, I took the magic sword in my hand and plunged myself into the brigade of ghouls.

TL Note
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