Chapter 02-02 ~ Explanation:Started

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Uu……After redoing it for more than 107 times….

“Woah! What the heck, don’t just suddenly shout like that.”

“Well, it’s a free country. Right, let me start again….
I’ll start the explanation now!!”

The moment Sue (Supreme God’s nickname by me) shouted like she was commenting about a certain someone’s the end of the century’s special move, the assassination’s fist that wasn’t able to assassinate anyone,

Piiiiip! Pipipipipipipipipipi! Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!

The empty space in front of her suddenly cracked. From there a large amount of papers came flowing in.

“――Why are there papers flowing in!!? ――……..Amazing~! God’s fax is amazing!! Gods’ civilisation is amazing!

Sue, you’re amazing! So this is what a fax is! A machine that can slice through space!!!”

I don’t think that it was wrong for me to get fired up.

Honestly, because it’s Sue, I expected an answer like “Ehem! Are you surprised? Using FAX is not easy, you know….”, or some other crap. I was waiting for her answer just like an elderly who was watching the neighbourhood’s primary school students calmly and patiently.

“……………….First would be personal information.”

“Personal information, huh…”

(She started explaining normally… tch)

“Eh!? What!? Pay back my expectation!!”

“The name would be Car……”

Saying anything to Sue who had been fully immersed in her explanation mode bore no effect.

(………Is this bullying?)


―― Personal Information ――

Name: Carla Grace (Former: Takashi Ryuuta)
Sex: Female (Former: Shemale)
Age : 20 (Former: 28)
Height : 173cm (Former: 178cm)
Weight: A maiden’s secret (Former: A shemale’s se~cret)
3-sizes: Proportions that would make anyone jealous (Former: At least looked human)


(Hold on….what’s with those brackets!? I’m not a shemale!)

As expected, I wanted to start lecturing her after hearing that, but I remembered that she was still doing the ignoring play.

(Ignoring play is a severe bullying~ After all, once you realised it, it would have spread to everyone in the class…….)

A long time ago, I remember learning about bullying in one of my class, and I thought ‘Bullying actually existed, huh’…
There are many different ways you can bully someone, but you know, I still think the cruellest way would be to keep ignoring someone…

Ijime, Dame, Zettai! (TL: BabyMetal)
[Say no to bullying, period]

The explanation continued while completely neglecting my sentimental heart…

Status Attributes
HP 500/189000 (MAX:  999)
MP 999/296870 (MAX: 999)
ATK 198053 (MAX: 100)
DEF 8969730291 (MAX: 100)
MAT 345298 (MAX: 100)
MDF 86753354960 (MAX: 100)
SPD 500 (MAX: 100)

(How come my HP already decreased!!? But these attributes are too OP! Why is my speed alone so low though!?
…..Btw, what’s that on the right column? MAX?)

“The numbers on the right side of the column represent the maximum value of attributes which this world’s inhabitants can achieve.
Though there wasn’t a single person who has ever had all values at MAX since the dawn of history.
In other words, you are the strongest!
If you were to ask me how strong you actually are….

“It’s on the same level as the great Demon Lord of the past who boasted to be the strongest. The one who managed to conquer half of the world in just one year.
Well, when multiplied by 78.

“Good job to me! You’re super strong now☆!!!”

Congratulations!! Sue declared while being swept up in her own atmosphere.

(Ah, so that’s what it was…….Eh, isn’t this too OP!? Didn’t I ask her to just give the bare minimum power I needed to survive!? And what the heck’s with my defence power!!)

“Everything has been made with the highest technique that I possess! The manufacturing time was efficiently three minutes!

(…..Three minutes!? This kind of ability is a three minutes’ work!!!?)

“You know….It’s still too early for you to be surprised! We haven’t gone through your skills yet!♪”

(You’re giving me cheats on top of cheats!? I’m plenty full already…)


BGM: God’s Manufactured Three Minutes Skills; OP: Even Though It Doesn’t Look Like Something That Could be Made in Three Minutes, She Made It Anyway Program.

Fantasy Children (Fourfold Association): A skill which the God named on a whim.
The absolute evolving defence edition.
-Standard Invincibility.
-Based on Ni** Meccha.

Ultimate Wikipedia (Uncertain Information Network): Looking up basic information of the things you want to know about.
However, the credibility is questionable.
Reminds one of the internet site Wi**pedia.
-Furthermore, it’s being updated constantly.

Pure Innocent Smile (Smile of the Devil): The strongest legendary technique.
The strongest ‘pure smile’ that a main character usually has, the final edition.
Any living creatures will be charmed just by smiling.
Consequently, this technique is feared as the technique of the devil.
-Side effect: Difficulty in expressing emotions through facial expressions.

Enemy of Tomato (The enemy of women): Free of all womanly worries.
Nothing shall worry you anymore.
It will turn you into a “Diet?…….What is that? Is it delicious?” state.
-Incidentally, Tomato is a word that is used to represent women.

Divine Act (God’s Will) : Skills increase depending on the God(nyonyon)’s plan.
-Aka ‘Deus Ex Machina’
-Probably will incite pros and cons


(Cheat…This is definitely a cheat……Way too OP. She also took the fact that you can further add more to the area that is not covered originally because she only spent three minutes making it into consideration. For the time being, let’s look at….)

“Dafuq!?” (In the manner of a certain detective wearing denim pants)

“Oh~ Matsu* Yuusaku, right! How nostalgic~”

Sue muttered with an earnest look on her face.
Well, I couldn’t really see her face though.

A kotatsu and a mandarin. If she had some Japanese tea, she would look like an elderly somewhere waiting for a new year’s special TV programme.

“Now now, this much should be enough for the character. The next one will be about the world itself♪”

(I’m all drained just from hearing about my status. Hasn’t my HP decreased already?)

Sue’s explanation continues….


The blank bottom part of Sue’s Fax

God (nyonyon)’s settings compilation.
(Invisible to everyone else. It was somehow made to be like that)

Main Character’s setting:
A young protagonist who died a natural death because of his lifespan. He ended up going to another world because of the Supreme God’s dubious blunder.
A closet transgender fetish otaku who at the time he was about to be sent to another world, wished to become a girl and was therefore reincarnated while undergoing a sex change.

Even if he was an otaku, he was by no means a NEET. He was properly employed.

Her name after becoming a female now is ‘Carla Grace’.
Brown skin and beautiful slanted eyes, she is a woman of peerless beauty. Thanks to Sue’s perfect body construction, she was able to obtain beauty that could certainly be on par with that of a goddess.
The colour of her hair is whitish silver.

With a blackish dress tightly fitted to her body, and her legs being visible from the slit of her dress, she simply looks dazzling. It was a dress that barely covers her slightly plump figure that would certainly make people troubled on where to look.
As far as her OP power goes, it is beyond impressive.
She will become a sinful woman who will end up charming a lot of people.

Main Character’s Background:
The God set her to be twenty years old in order to bring out that reincarnation feels.
After getting swallowed up by the black sphere, she underwent structure reconstructions up to the genetic level.
As a result, she spent twenty years of her life trapped inside.

Because her body got restructured up to the genetic level, her body composition was disassembled and then remade from scratch. As a result, she grew straight to 20 years old from infancy, even though it seemed like it only lasted an instant to the person herself.

During her growth period, under the effect of ‘Deus Ex Machina’, various information and knowledge were implanted in her.

Despite being so laughably OP, she generally goes with the no laugh policy.

Supreme God’s Setting:
Sue Primgott (The Supreme God named by the Main Character)
Although because she’s the only god, there are no other gods aside from her.

She has the appearance of a beautiful blonde bishoujo. (Everything else is up to the reader’s imagination).
She wears the kind of attire that is common for gods.

An amazing personage who manages the entire world.
The ‘Ten-chan’ whom she mentions occasionally is her angel secretary.

She practically never appears in the world directly.

She dispatches angels in order to manage the world.
That is why the numerous number of gods who are revered on earth are basically the angel units which are sent to the surface of the earth.

Supreme God’s Background:
Formerly a bishonen (handsome young man).
Made the plan to send the Main Character to a different world because she apparently had too much spare time.
Supposedly has a wicked disposition.

The most enjoyable thing she did during the start of the universe was “playing meteorite billiards to create the solar system” plan.

She was also for some reason planning to speak in Kansai dialect.

There weren’t any particular reasons regarding her transformation from a bishonen to a blonde bishoujo since it wasn’t something that was thought over deeply.

Her age is ***prohibited*** years old.

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