Chapter 01-02 ~ Journey to Another World.

Hey, short time no see ☆ because the Supreme God(lol) said that, for now,

“I choose no.3!! Journey to another world!!!” I shouted.

I’m Takashi Ryuuta, you damn pig.



…It was a terrible Nishioka impression… I’m sorry.(1)



For the time being, please continue reading my reminiscence.

“By the way, what do you want for your cheat? It’s a big chance you know!! I can grant most wishes if you want?”

(What should I choose…..
――This tryhard blonde beauty is supposed to be a Supreme God, right?)

“You can ask for anything you know~
Whether it’s limitless stamina, limitless magic power, or even immortality.
You can basically wish for anything like those in anime, manga, or games~

For example,
The As-hole Golden King’s ‘Dokodemo Treasury’ (Probably the Gate of Bablon), or
The Tryhard Boy’s ‘It Was Never Real’ (Was It All F
ction?), or
That Dragon Request series’ ‘This Damned King Again?’ (It Would Be Pathetic to Die), or That Definitely is Not the Last Fantasy series ‘Victory Fanfare’ (The Thing That Plays at the End of a Battle),
Anything thing is okay~”(2)

(Are the last two even cheats? Rather, isn’t ‘Victory Fanfare’ just a BGM!?)

“I think that it’s already a cheat for a single BGM to actually last through an entire series just like that”

(Well, it’s true that there were barely any changes to it, and it’s certainly a wonderful BGM, but….)

“Well, let’s leave it at that for now. I’m more interested in hearing about the world I’ll be going to”

(I’d be interested after all)

“…….Ee~ It’ll be a world of swords and magic. There will be demi-humans, and even dragons, etc.”

(I see………….. Then..)

“Will there be wars and the like after all?”

(I’d be interested after all. ――Wait, I reacted the same way twice!!)

“There will be no such things. The world is fundamentally peaceful. Occasionally monsters appear and attack the villages, but that’s all.

Have you considered which ability you want to get?”

(Well, if it’s peaceful then…)

“I wanna be a girl.”

(As expected, I know myself the best)

“I wanna be a girl.”
“No no no no no, please wait a sec!! ――Why so suddenly!?
You were like ‘Cheat, Yahoo!’ just a moment ago, weren’t you?

And now suddenly you want to be a girl!? I don’t understand this development at all!!!!”

(Well, it would probably seem so, but….)

“Aren’t you the Supreme God? I thought you knew everything about me?
If you do, you should have already known that I always use female characters in the virtual world”

I am what you’d call a ‘G.I.R.L’ (TL: Guy In Real Lyfe)
Even though recently I’ve been receiving unfair treatment akin to those received by nasty swindlers…….(3)

However, I won’t accept this treatment!!
Virtual world exists for the sake of experiencing the things we can’t do in real lyfe!!
Ugly people can become an ikemen!! (TL: Handsome/Good-looking guy)
Old people can become young again!!
If so then, guys can become girls!!
That’s what the virtual world is!!

In the virtual world, I become a girl!!

“That’s why, every time I read web novels, I was always thinking….

If I ever went to another world, I’d do it as a girl!!!”

I was a 100% serious.

Isn’t it like, one of boys’ top 10 dreams? Don’t we all deep down, somewhere in our hearts, have this desire to try being a girl? Is it wrong for me to wish for that?

Furthermore, fortunately, ‘My Age ≠ No Girlfriend Time’. I believe that I’ve had quite a bit of experience. You could say that I’ve lived a fulfilling live as a guy.

Therefore, for this second life of mine, I wanna try being a ‘girl’.

I believe my reason is just.

“Is that so…. Seeing that you’re as passionate Matsuoka Shuuzou, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll send you to another world as a girl. However…….(4)

  • As this won’t be a reincarnation, but a dimension crossing, a ‘trip’, I’m going to be remodelling your body, you know?
  • It’ll hurt a lot, you know?
  • There’ll probably be a problem caused by the disparity between your body and mind,   you know?

Even then, would you still like to continue?”

The Supreme God sounded worried.
Her face was saying, “There was someone who asked the same thing before, and he turned into a crip (not the african-american gang), you know?” and I could feel the silent pressure. However……

“Of course it’s fine! ――well, for the mental and physical gap, I hope you can somehow do something about it.”

I had already decided on my answer.

“By all means. Then, what would you like for the other cheats? You haven’t even used 1% of your ‘wish’ bar.”

(So there was something like that!! But, for the rest…..)

“Then………. Just give me enough to survive!!!
If I’m not going to be fighting any demon lords or do things like those then I’d be happy with just that much.”

(Well, It’s not like I wanna be OP or anything like that. Just enough to live is fine.)

“Understood! Then I’ll tune your body to the max!! Please look forward to it.”

The Supreme God said, with a brilliant smile.

(……………!? Nobody asked for that, you know!!!?)

“――Now, by the time you open your eyes, you should already be over on the other side……..

Well then………. Enjoy your life there!!”

As I heard that, my body was enveloped by a black…… more like, a darkish sphere.

“Hey, isn’t this a bad omen cliché~~~~!!!”

Or so I screamed, before I lost my consciousness in the next instant.

“So he’s finally gone……. What funny guy. Interesting.
Now then……. Time to change the records before Ten-chan arrives♪
Alter♪Falsify♪Fake it♪”

While watching the black sphere which enveloped ‘Takahashi Ryuuta’, the Supreme God began to change the records like nothing had happened.

And so, I, ‘Takahashi Ryuuta’, began my journey to another world.


\(>///<)      (>///<)      (>///<)/

TL Note:

(1)Nishioka Sumiko. A stand-up comedian known for playing an sadist ‘queen’ persona, and the catchphrase ‘You damn pig!’.

(2)“The Ashole Golden King’s ‘Dokodemo Treasury’ (Probably the Gate of Bablon)”
From the visual novel, Fate/Stay Night. The ‘dokodemo’ is a reference to the dokodemo door etc. from Doraemon.

“The Tryhard Boy’s ‘It Was Never Real’ (Was It All F*ction?)”
From the manga, Medaka Box.

“That Dragon Request series’ ‘This Damned King Again?’ (It Would Be Pathetic to Die)’”
From the JRPG series, Dragon Quest.

“That Definitely is Not the Last Fantasy series ‘Victory Fanfare’ (The Thing That Plays at the End of a Battle)’”
From the JRPG series, Final Fantasy.

(3)Nekama(ネカマ) from the terms ‘netto(internet)’ and ‘okama(tranny)’. Basically a person who plays female characters online, or pretends to be female online.
G.I.R.L in English. Acronym of, Guy In Real Life.

(4)A tennis player, known for being really, really passionate about stuff.

This chapter was partly done by the esteemed Este-oniisama.
But the references were all done by him.



Ugh_Zug · November 9, 2016 at 6:14 PM

If all he wanted was his game characters he should’ve just asked to be able to turn into his game characters at will instead of turning himself into a woman.

Seinvolf · June 9, 2016 at 7:47 PM

Thank u always for ur great work…

Ahahahaha, his logic is legit and the god approve it? what a disaster…

    Aria Red · June 11, 2016 at 4:13 PM

    The god is a disaster. Btw the God is the blonde girl on the cover.

tetsukiblog · June 5, 2016 at 5:08 AM


Really good chapter. Would make the same choice!

Thanks for the Chapter!

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Oh , after this look like translated become troublesome anyway thank you very much 😀

accountmadeforants · May 5, 2016 at 12:15 AM

I did not expect to see a Medaka Box reference, good stuff.

The MC’s pretty entertaining, too. This is probably the first “reincarnated as a girl” story I’ve read where the person in question actually chose to get genderbent. (Feel free to recommend any I’ve missed, though. >_> And no, ones where the MC is simply comfortable with their new sex don’t count.)

    JamieJJH · May 17, 2016 at 10:39 AM

    this is pretty close to what you were asking, the guy tweaks his video game characters gender before he gets transfer d to a different world as that character

      Aria Red · May 17, 2016 at 11:11 AM

      The mc doesn’t actually choose to genderbend tho. He keeps wanting to go back to his gandalf self. The closest I could think of is Angel In Online. She was turned into a female chara by accident, and kept the appearance when she actually had the chance to change back.

      snq · May 18, 2016 at 9:03 AM

      sounds like it might be good to bad I’ve only seen the prologue translated

      Aria Red · May 18, 2016 at 12:11 PM

      Angel in online? Someone mtl’d it until chapter 7.

      snq · May 18, 2016 at 3:38 PM

      really? can you give me the link? please and thank you

      Aria Red · May 18, 2016 at 5:43 PM

      Someone told me in one of the comments.

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