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On a certain summer night, a boy climbed to the rooftop of a private cramming school.
Naturally, at 10 pm, there was nobody there.
Only the brilliant, silver moon shone onto the rooftop.

The boy opened the iron door to the rooftop that is devoid of any life.
His name is Nakamine Touji.

Whenever school ends, it became a habit for him to come to the rooftop to see the moon.
Though many of his friends laughed at his strange habit.
He liked that time flowed slowly whenever he looked at the moon floating in the sky.

He rested his elbows onto the fence which surrounds the rooftop and gazed at the moon.
Since it was already past 10 pm, the moon was high in the sky, illuminating the town.

Then he suddenly noticed the moon he looked at was quivering.
Thinking it was an impossible phenomenon, he was lost in thought for a while.

He didn’t quite notice that the rooftop’s floor, itself, was shaking.

This building looked quite new, but it was actually fifteen years old.

Furthermore, as it had been built high twice, the joints weakened.
Therefore, it could be said that the rooftop he was at was considerably fragile.

The boy fell to the ground along with the fence in a earthquake that would go down in history.

He could somehow understand that this place was between the boundaries of the worlds, but didn’t know whether it could be referred to as such.

There was no feeling in his legs or arms, and was surrounded by a colour he couldn’t distinguish.
At that time, the odd colour changed into a solid white and the feelings in his arms and legs returned as well.

While looking around, an approaching figure could be seen from behind.

Moving his mouth, that couldn’t move like his limbs before, he issued a voice.

“…This…where am I?”

The figure that approached heard this and stopped.

“Though you may know this, you have died.”

The answer to his question was irrelevant and short, but contents were surprising.
Hoping this was a dream, he tried to ask the figure again, but was prevented by an unknown force.

“My job is to manage souls after death, but I was surprised to see the current list of the dead.
I did not think that that earthquake would be the cause of your death, so I created a small place in between the worlds to call your soul”

Then he noticed. The figure was Akashi Yuu.
He was his best friend in school.

Today, he was supposed to meet him there.

“Huh? Why is Yuu here in this place?”
“Though it wasn’t talked about, I was missing since seven months ago.”
“Speaking of that, it was…”
“At that time, they were looking for someone to become a God. My soul was worthy of becoming God. In the time that I was gone, I was travelling the world learning and gathering believers. Many times I had said that I wanted to go back to school, but the higher ups didn’t listen.”
“Becoming a God…and the higher ups…”

Having retorted to Yuu while amazed, he was returned with words with an innocent look.

“Well, this isn’t a dream, if it was, you going to cram school would be one as well”
“Then…am I dead after all?”
“Didn’t I say so before? By the way, you are currently a soul, or spirit. I can help you reincarnate safely, paying for back for being gone. For you, my friend.”

Hearing Yu’s words, he threw a question at him while laughing in his mind.

“Is it alright if it’s a fantasy world?”
“Of course, it that fine? I will be permitted to help you from here if necessary. If you want, you can become the most powerful.”
“Do it! Do it! Yuu, I’ll be happy to help!”

While pressing Yuu with great force, Yuu, though somewhat bewildered, muttered something.

“You will be born with your name considered, but sorry, your ability cannot be controlled. Maybe it’ll be interesting to watch you to kill some time, but it this good as it is?”
“It’s fine, thank you! Gods can be amused, too!”

Yuu drew a formation at his feet consuming divine power and called,

“Soul, mental forwarding, world number 23079, Circle of Reincarnation.”

His soul and spirit disappeared from the space between the worlds after in a second.
He entered the Circle of Reincarnation to World 23079.

Edited mahoutsuki’s work, so credits to him


Mei Jun Chan · August 21, 2016 at 9:27 AM

seems interesting

Deer · March 12, 2015 at 7:13 AM

never made half-baked deal with god or devil. They can screw you same as much.

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