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 Person …… or, was it vampire?

Name: Alysia Melvina Latrommia.
Race: Vampire, Eternal youth.
Sex: Female
Age: Twelve years of age, body age fixed here
Birth: January 7
Height: Five-four Thermes, one hundred thirty-five centimetres
Weight: Can not read if you are steeped in blood
Appearance: Long black hair reaching the hip, dark red eye, white clean skin

Note: Previous life was a normal junior high school student named Higashi Ji
Perhaps because of that, he she hates feminine behavior
Although not yet available, has the ability to manipulate contradiction to an extent
Often dressed in black dress by his her mother’s preference

Name: Nadia Latrommia
Race: Vampire
Sex: Female
Age: One hundred and thirty-eight years of age, fourteen year-old body
Birth: January 3
Height: Six Thermes, hundred and fifty centimetres
Weight: Can not read because it is burnt black
Appearance: Blonde hair a little under the shoulder, white skin

Note: Often wears a black dress as a matching set with her daughter
She has a pretty daughter complex, namely daughter love syndrome

Name: Auras Latrommia
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: One hundred forty-one years of age, fourteen year-old body
Birth: May 20
Height: 6.2 Thermes, one hundred fifty-five centimetres
Weight: Nine Maltz, forty-five kg
Appearance: Brown Hair that has been trimmed to just above the shoulder, white skin

 About Witchcraft

Magic: Alteration or movement of objects present. Hypnosis, Telepathy and remote control of substances

Sorcery: To cause a phenomenon. Such as creating fire or wind.

It has become a popular to practice both magics recently.

Out of the ancient languages that are used to chant, the most commonly used is Enguraishia, which is almost the same as English

According to a book of material, more than one thousand years ago, someone from another world cooperated with hundreds of witches, and was successful in running the procedure of transportation between different worlds. Magic was not too popular at the time, but as more people chanted in Enguraishia, it spread across the world and became a symbol. Now everyone calls that person sage.

There are many different types in magic. New attributes are derived and applied in each lineage.

Fire, Water, Wind, Ice, Thunder

Light, Darkness, Shadow

Space, Creation, Time, Destruction

In addition, Gods and many spirits have each of the attributes present.

 About Races

Human species
Dwarf, Human, Giant

Spirit species
Spirits, Fairies, Elves

Beast race
Dog people, Cat people, Snake people, Horse people, Bird-man, Dragon people etc.
(tl; dragon according to Google translate with Chinese)

Vampire, Demon, Monster, Asmodian, God tribe etc….


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