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03-14 Another Meeting with the King…

Translated by Eternal Goddess Aria
Edited by JohnDFord

As she walked along the long hallway guided by the prince, a large wooden door appeared before them. It was the entrance to the room occupied by the king.

“This room is-”

“Yes, I get it.”

She cut off the prince completely and inclined her body towards the door, touching it with her pinky finger.
Just like before, there was indeed a particular reason as to why she went to such lengths to do something like this. It was more or less because her pinky finger was Alysia’s weak point.
Although she was still very young, she was still a vampire. Her physical prowess alone had long since surpassed the capability of a typical adult man.
However, it was her stroke of bad luck to lose the opportunity to keep growing physically past the age of twelve. Thus, it was extremely hard even for her to strengthen herself up to her pinky. Just the amount of times she had tried thrusting her fingers would bring about an inexhaustible amount of unpleasant memory.
Therefore, in an attempt to strengthen herself whenever possible, she would use a single pinky finger to open doors from time to time.



The prince quickly tried to stop Alysia after suspecting what she was about to do but unfortunately did not make it in time. The king was surprised at the sudden action and stood inside the room in shock.

“Yo king, I has come!”

“What is happening!? Oh, it’s Alysia, so you’ve come? Why so early in the morning?”

The king rebooted his frozen consciousness and felt relieved that the person he had granted audience to previously had already left.

“King, I have something important to tell you.”

“Hm, what could it be?”

“Before that, can we move to the room next door?”

“Very well.”

The king stood up and headed towards the reception room. Alysia followed him into the room and closed the door behind her with both hands on her back.
Few of the servants inside proceeded to move to the inner part of the room to prepare tea as the two walked inside.

“Now then, so what I wanted to tell you is..”

“It’s related to that matter, is it not?”

“Yep. There’s just a little something that I want to ask.”

The moment the king sat, the servants swiftly came in to serve them tea. They placed cups, milk, and sugar on the table, before leaving the room in a dash after a respectful bow.

“So basically, I received two more bandit subjugation requests from the guild since last time.”

“To think you really did it.”

“And then…I’ll get right to the point.”

Alysia had a habit of taking a pause before approaching the crux of a topic.
She took her time even now. Taking her habit as a cue, the king took the chance to prepare himself for a serious talk.

“Is Solf someone you sent to Qwalcie as a spy?”

“Hm? I don’t know what happened for you to come to that conclusion, but that shouldn’t be the case.”

“Then, on the contrary, the chance that Solf is actually a spy sent here by Qwalcie should be quite high.”

“Why is that?”

In an attempt to answer the king, Alysia disclosed the series of events that had transpired since she undertook the request in order.
Including the kidnapped victims inside the hideout, and until the point where she defeated the leader of the bandits. She told the story so much in detail to the point where it would make one wonder if it was even necessary.
She then continued her story past that point.

“I was honestly surprised as well, but apparently all the bandits there were former slaves.”

“What? That is indeed surprising..”

“And then, I heard from the leader himself. Apparently they were bought by a minister of Qwalcie called Solf.”


The moment he heard the name Solf, the king went stiff.
To think that the name of an excellent minister of his kingdom would show up as the name of a minister of Qwalcie, it was truly something he would never have expected to happen.
Followed by an unbelievable story afterwards, it was natural for him to be in denial.

“Hmmm, is there any chance that said leader could be lying?”

“No chance, as long as nothing extraordinary happened at the time. I can more or less tell whether someone is lying or not by their flow of mana.”

Alysia immediately shot down the king’s desperate attempt at denying her claims with no time to spare.
Keeping his shock in check, the king continued to convey his doubts.

“Then, what if Solf was the one lying?”

“It’s not impossible, but the chance is still very low. In this case, what would he gain by declaring himself as the minister of Qwalcie?”

“That is certainly true..”

The king was deeply troubled by this revelation. There was a chance that this matter could escalate into a war between the two countries if handled poorly. Those worries of his were probably beyond what Alysia could even imagine.

“Very well, I understand. But what should we do in that case..”

“That’s true..”

The king was still troubled, but he had at least decided on the course of actions they should take for the time being.
If for argument’s sake, Solf turned out to be a minister of Qwalcie sent to Ircus as a spy, this would definitely turn into an international incident. However, the most important problem, in this case, is to find a way to prove that Solf was indeed a person from Qwalcie.

“Then, should I go do it?”

“It’s too dangerous. Especially considering the fact that he tried to assassinate you…”

“Even when I’m confident that I won’t be killed that easily?”

Alysia’s red ruby eyes stared right at him.
It was something that she herself was unaware of, but her pair of deep red blood eyes had the power to captivate anyone who gazed into them.
The kindness and dignified combined as one and turned into a unique sense of intimidation, imprinted her presence strongly in their minds.

“I understand. If it’s you, Alysia, I wish to do nothing more than wish for you to return bringing good news to us.”

“Thank you.”

Her regal aura at times was able to overwhelm other people, coercing them into following her wishes.
It was so dignified that she could even influence someone as high ranked as the king, the reason being someone’s social position in real life did not always correspond to their actual status.
Alysia was a vampire who had lived longer than a hundred years, while the King of Ircusu was a measly human of tens of years of age. In that regard alone, the difference between their regal aura was overwhelming.

Alysia heard what the king said and closed her eyes. She hung her head down and consumed her tea before gazing out the window.

Seems like it will still be a while before I can resolve this.

She thought and took out her notepad after concluding her future course of actions. Even if she were to go to Qwalcie, she could not afford to keep skipping school as she had been until now. If possible, she was hoping for a long holiday where she could be free for a long period of time.
Everything was to find the one person who caused her physical growth to stop. Alysia drew a large circle around the place where it says ‘3rd Month, 24th Day’.


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