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03-13 Eunice’s Sword

Translated by Eternal Goddess Aria
Edited by Fractal (Halfway)

   Alysia spread the grimoire open on top of the desk inside the carriage. She unfastened her katana and put it down next to her. She would be spending the entire day inside the carriage so she began racking her brain, looking for a way to kill time.

   “I see!”

   Alysia reached under the desk and opened a gate into the hyperspace. She then withdrew Eunice’s sword and a few ores.
   These ores were the ones she reclaimed from the bandits whom she annihilated and were essentially the property of the workers who worked in that mine.
   Regardless of this fact, there would be no problems if she kept the ores under the pretense of reward for herself. Placing the sword and the ores on top of the desk, she needed to find the correct ore from the pile. She started by taking a black ore.

   In the end, only iron ores remained on the desk, with all other ores placed back inside the hyperspace. She didn’t plan to use up all the iron ores in her arsenal, so she placed the extra iron ores back into hyperspace as well.

   She poured her divine power into the iron ores to create a contradiction. She was changing the chemical structure of the ore by manipulating a certain chemical element.
   As a result, the ore was blazing with fire from the wind and fire system . She was able to shorten the process of removing the impurities from the ore, a process which was usually said to be extremely difficult. Even Alysia herself didn’t realise at first that her power could be used for something like this.

   She had to imagine the clear image of iron, specifically the chemical structure of the substance.
   She couldn’t produce an exact image of it in her mind but should be able to increase the accuracy by combining her will power and ability.
   And then, Alysia unleashed her ability.


   Using her strong determination, she was able to extract an iron ingot of 100% purity from the ores, falling on the table.
   The rest of the ore became a smooth, sand-like lump of impurities, as it crumbled down.


   Despite being the one who had done it, Alysia was still surprised at her own work. Continuing her work, she held up another iron ingot in her hand.

   She used levitation magic and poured more of her divine power into the ingot in order to unleash her ability once more. She added a simple contradiction which changed the melting point of the iron to the room temperature.
   The iron ingot started to melt while still floating in the air, the metallic liquid taking the form of a ball. With this, she wouldn’t need a high-temperature furnace to process the iron.

   Alysia separated carbons from the air and created a strong steel by mixing them with the iron.
   Furthermore, the metal was of ultrahigh purity so it shouldn’t rust. If she used this, she should be able to make the greatest sword that should be the dream of every blacksmith in the world.

   It was finally time to start the second part of her work. The sword would also undergo a similar process, and she only needed to insert the steel that she made from the iron ores inside the crack.
   It was easy once it got to this. She just had to fill the hole using her ability.


   Alysia seemed tired as her body fell on the desk with her arms stretched out and her eyes looked sleepy.

   ーーーーAh, I have to clean this up…

   Alysia threw the remaining ores scattered on the desk back into the hyperspace, and put the sword next to her katana.
   She blew the sand of the impurities outside using her wind magic.

   Alysia then started a conversation with the coachman sitting at the front.

   ”Excuse me, Mr. Coachman?”


   “Were you sent here by the country?”

   “Yeah, something wrong?”

   The coachman tilted his head, not understanding the meaning behind her question.
   She just wanted to make sure before she slept, whether this person was trustworthy or not.
   It wouldn’t be funny if someone stabbed her heart while she was sleeping.
   Ignoring the coachman who was still tilting his head, Alysia fell asleep with a relieved look on her face.

   “Hey, wake up!”


   Trying to wake up Alysia who was sleeping while drooling, the coachman reached out to her.
   However, what came out of her mouth was only sleep-talking. She had no intention of waking up.


   “Nn, nnu, nnua, what?”

   After being called several times plus repeated pokes in the cheek, Alysia finally woke up. She gave the coachman a sleepy gaze.
   Due to the blood-sucking act the other day, Alysia’s blood pressure had been low and it made waking up pretty hard for her.

   “Let me sleep…”

   “No, we’ve arrived at the capital.”

   “Eh, already?”

   Hearing that, Alysia could feel her sleepiness going away.
She grabbed her katana in a rush and attached it to the right side of her waist.

   “We’re currently at the carriage station of the guild of the Ircusu Royal Capital.”


   “You’re welcome. So, what are you going to do next?”

   “Let’s see…”

   Being asked that, Alysia folded her arms as if thinking. It couldn’t be fully expressed in words how cute her gesture was. (He couldn’t possibly say that she looked super cute while doing that)

   “For now, I’ll go meet the king.”

   “…I see.”

   After that, the coachman went to the reception desk inside the guild to take care of the formalities before coming back to Alysia.
   Apparently, he received a permit to park their carriage in this place for the whole day.

   After saying goodbye to the coachman, Alysia began towards the castle which was visible from a fair bit away from their current position.
   The presence of the castle which could be even from the middle of the city which had tons of buildings really stood out after all.

   Arriving before the drawbridge, Alysia addressed the two soldiers who were guarding the gate at both sides like before.

   “Excuse me, can I receive permission to have an audience with the king?”

   The usual lively girl atmosphere was nowhere to be found. No matter how you look at it, the way Alysia talked to the two soldiers was the perfect example of the mannerism of a noble.
   No, she was an actual noble girl. It was just pretty far away from the image that she usually had.

   “You are… Yes, the young lady Alysia from the other day!”


   Young Lady Alysia.
   She unintentionally coughed at those words. She had never thought that she would be called ‘Lady’ by someone one day.

   “Wh-what happened? Is everything okay?”

   “I’m fine. It’s just that I’m not used to being called a ‘young lady’.”

   “I see, I’m sorry.”

   The soldiers said as they both realised that the atmosphere had turned a bit awkward.
The one who broke the ice was Prince Leol who appeared from behind the soldiers.

   “Ey, Alysia! You came!”


   Having realised the presence of the prince, Alysia walked closer to him.
   Naturally, it wasn’t like she wanted to get close to him that badly, it was just that she felt it would be better than keeping this awkward atmosphere.

   “So you wanted an audience?”


   “Then, I can go ask for you now if you want.”

   “Please do, thanks.”

   Alysia said and crossed the drawbridge together with the prince.
The soldiers tried to stop them but lost their will after seeing how close the two of them were.

   Certainly, she could have gotten herself an audience with the king had she forced her way through. However, she didn’t do that because she didn’t want to cause too much trouble.

   And then, together with the prince, Alysia headed towards her second audience with the king.


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