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03-12 Departing to the Royal Capital

TL: Aria Lunaria
Editor: Fractal

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   After a while, Alysia finally woke up from her second nap.
   She moved her legs inside the futon and turned around. As she did, her hand touched something hard. Opening her heavy eyelids, she saw the present given to her by the black-haired beauty in front of her.

   She was dumbfounded as to how it got there, before realising another fact. The cross pendant was already placed around her neck.
   She could probably accept the fact the other items were placed next to her but for the pendant to be on her neck, truly a feat only a god could accomplish.

   Alysia got changed and shifted her attention back towards towards the bed.
   She wondered if Sheriana had woken up before her, since part of the futon had already been rolled up. Noticing this, Alysia placed the scythe and her licence on the table before heading for the living room.

   “Morning! Ah, you were here, Claire.”

   “Yes. I didn’t feel like returning because Sheria stayed here yesterday,” Claire said, seizing Sheria as she walked past. She was ready to leave, seeing as she had already put on her usual white clothing and academy robe.

   “By the way, I will be going to the royal capital today… Sorry, but I can’t take you guys along.”

   “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

   “Can you buy us some souvenirs in return?”

   In response to Sherianna’s begging, Alysia thought for a moment before finally opening her mouth again.
   “In that case, what kind of souvenirs would you like? I’m fine even if you’re a bit greedy.”

   Having overheard the conversation, Fian popped her face out from the rarely used kitchen. Walking towards Alysia, her right hand held a tray with a glass of juice on top.

   “For me… I’d love a relatively high-quality magic staff!”

   “Got it. What about you two?”

   “Ah, uhm…”

   This thoroughly surprised Claire, because even though they were allowed to be slightly greedy, a new magic staff was still a hefty investment.

   “…A short sword sounds good to me! One with a good magic conductivity!”

   “A short sword, right, that’s fine as well.”

   Alysia easily accepted Sherianna’s wish.
   As a matter of fact, Sherianna had been talking about wanting a short sword for a while now. However, a short sword with a good magic conductivity was a bit expensive so she wasn’t able to locate one anywhere in the academy city.
   Sherianna had asked Alysia for one, realising that this would be the only chance she had finally acquire one.

   “What would you like, Claire?”

   “What should I get…”

   “You can ask for anything. The two of them want magic tools, but you can ask for something like an accessory.”

   “Then, you can choose for me. Please get something that you think is good for me.”

   “Got it, now I have gathered all three requests,” said Alysia, taking out a notepad from the holder on right side of her belt. She wrote their requests down in Japanese.

   “Wait, actually, where’s Lisel?”

   “He left just a short while ago.”

   “Too bad. I wanted to ask him what he’d like…” Alysia grumbled as she slid her notepad back into the holder.
   Never would Alysia have thought that this statement would spread the rumour about Lisel being her boyfriend.

   “I’m leaving, bye.”

   “Please stay safe.”

   Alysia was sent off by four people in at the entrance of the academy. Even though they had class later in the day, Alysia received permission from the principal to skip it due to the guild’s commission.

   Alysia would ride to the royal capital using the carriage waiting for her in front of the guild.
She was wearing her school shoes and a red, one-piece dress. The cross pendant lay on her neck. The right side of her belt held a grimoire and notepad, restrained inside a holder. Lastly, her beloved katana was on her left side. Even with all this, it was still more or less a formal look for Alysia.

   She walked on the road for a bit before arriving at the guild. There were about ten carriages on standby in front of her.
   Groove, the receptionist, waved exaggeratedly as soon as he saw her.

   “Alysia, good morning!”


   After exchanging a fairly energetic greeting, they stood next to the carriages and began conversing.

   “You will be riding this carriage right here. Have you got any luggage with you?”

   “Nope. I’ve brought bare minimum with me.”

   “I see. Then it’s fine.”

   The carriage she would be riding was fully covered with a roof, which seemed to be pretty sturdy. This type of carriage was called a Prairie Schooner and was for the high-class. Nevertheless, it was something a noble like Alysia had seen many times before.

   ーーHowever, riding it came with its own set of troubles.
   By improving a part of an item, there was the chance you would end up sacrificing another part of the item.
   This type of carriage was used often by nobles, and as a result was the primary target for bandits.

   Therefore, she wanted for them to prepare a different kind of carriage. Although, in the end, she judged that it probably didn’t matter. If she was unlucky enough to run into bandits along the way, she would just ask for extra remuneration from the guild.

   “So, when are we departing?”

   “We’ve been preparing since yesterday so we’re pretty much ready to depart anytime, so it’s up to you.”

   “It’d be best if we arrived ASAP, so let’s go now!”

   “…you heard what she said. The princess has spoken!” Groove joked as the coachman appeared from inside the carriage.

   He looked to be around fifteen years old in a human’s standard, but judging someone’s real age in this world was pretty much impossible.

   “Nice to meet you, Mr Coachman.”

   “Yeah, you too. …Come on, get inside.”

   “Thank you.”

   The coachman opened the door and urged Alysia inside.
   Alysia went inside and let out a sigh of admiration at the soft, well-made cushion on her seat. There was a desk at the front, so she realised that she could use her time to read her grimoire there. She could say that this carriage left nothing to be desired.

   “See you!”


   The carriage started moving as soon as they finished their goodbyes.
   She was relieved that the carriage was extremely comfortable, especially considering the fact that she would spend an entire day in it. As she thought about this she opened her grimoire and lay it on the desk.

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