03-10 Leisure Talk

TL: Aria Red
Editor: TechTrad

Warning Note: The author said that this chapter is pretty much R-15 ish and not everyone might enjoy it so proceed with caution.

   “Can you stand up?” demanded Sherianna as she grabbed Alysia’s arm after she moved behind her.

   “Yep,” answered Alysia as she stood up next to Sherianna and turned her body around. She pulled her hair to the left and offered the nape of her neck to Sherianna.
   Until now she had probably been bitten several times when she got her blood sucked. However, that fact was belied by the beautiful white skin on the nape of her neck that lacked even a single scar.

   Sherianna gripped Alysia’s shoulder tight as if telling her that there was no running away as she began feeling up the smooth skin on Alysia’s nape. She was trying to find out the location of her blood vessels.
   As a matter of fact, last time Sherianna had tried to find one by guessing and ended up biting into Alysia’s small veins. On top of not being able to savour the desired sweetness of Alysia’s artery blood, she ended up having to bite her many times over. In order to avoid all that, this time Sherianna had opted to feel it up first.
   ”…Found it!” Sherianna shouted as she felt the sensation on her fingertips. She confirmed that she had found the location of the warm artery vessels on the spot she was touching.
   ”It’s fine, right? Itadakima―su!” Sherianna said politely as she sank her fangs deep into Alysia’s nape.

   ”Ah….Wait, it tickles…”

   The sharp fangs of the young vampire effortlessly penetrated Alysia’s smooth skin. Having found out the location beforehand, Sherianna was able to get to Alysia’s artery pretty easily as fresh red blood started to overflow from her neck. She started licking Alysia without a moment’s delay and stuck her lips close to her neck as if kissing it.

   Feeling vexed by the fact that she was stuck being on the sucked, she turned her neck around hoping to begin a mutual blood-sucking.
   Nonetheless, Sherianna also moved every time she turned her neck around and she was unable to bite her at all.
   “Let me, suck you too…”

   ”…Puhaa! No. You’ve sucked me enough before,” answered Sherianna as she buried her face into Alysia’s neck once more after separating from it for a brief moment. And then, she started sucking her blood even more intensely than before.

   ”…Ah!!” Alysia moaned as her body grew limp and fell to her knees.
   Obviously, that wasn’t enough to stop Sherianna. She laid Alysia’s body down like as if putting her to sleep. Sherianna placed her body on top of Alysia’s and started sucking her blood.


   “Haa, what…”

   “My blood, wanna suck it?” asked Sherianna as she lifted her mouth and looked at Alysia’s face.

   At the end of the day, Sherianna may have wanted Alysia to suck her blood after all. Alysia sat up on the floor and she pulled Sherianna’s upper body towards her as she buried her face in her neck.

   And then, she began sucking her blood.
   No one cared whether their uniforms were stained with blood, or that a pool of blood was forming on the floor. On the fact that they were able to sate their cravings and indulge in each other’s blood mattered.
   The blood on their chins and necks dripped inside their uniforms, dying them red. When their uniforms rubbed the floor, lines of blood were formed as if being drawn by a brush.

   Nevertheless, like humans, vampires would eventually lose their consciousness if they kept losing their blood. A few minutes later, as a consequence of losing too much blood, they were attacked by a heavy dizziness all of a sudden.

   Alysia and Sherianna fell on the floor while clinging to each other. However, both of them still haven’t separated their mouths from each other’s neck.

   ――It’s not that we don’t want to, we just can’t.
   On top of having their body grown limp because of having their blood sucked, their body also felt languid because of their blood deficiency.

   And so, Lisel looked at the two collapse into the floor and said ― “…Vampires are amazing, eh.”

   ”Wouldn’t it have been great…Haa, if you had conformed to a vampire instead?”

   ”To be honest I do regret it. But, I still have to stay this way for another 10 years.”

   ――It seems that I seriously regret the fact that I hadn’t become a vampire.

   Ultimately, Lisel carried the two unconscious girls to bed.

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GonZ555 · May 1, 2018 at 9:39 AM

Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

Lisel: “i wonder if i could transform this body into part vampire before the 10 year cooldown..”

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Thanks for the chapter

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