03-09 Lisel’s Visit

TL: Aria Red
Editor: TechTrad

   The two of them returned to the southern part of the academy where all the dormitory buildings were in. They walked past Dorm A ―which was Lisel’s Dorm― and went inside Dorm D where Alysia’s room was located in.
   As they walked along the hallway which was decorated with red carpet, they saw a door at the innermost part of the area. The word D204 was engraved on the board hung in front of the door. That was Alysia’s room.

   As Alysia took out her student ID, Lisel brought his face close to her ear and spoke softly― “Wait.”

   Having someone speak softly into her ear when she wasn’t expecting it got Alysia surprised and she ended up letting out a weird squeal. She quickly turned around to face Lisel while somewhat blushing and said, rather flustered―”Wh-wha-wha―what are you…!!”

   ”Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s just…can you lend me your student ID?”

   “…Sure,” answered Alysia in a low voice while facing down as she handed the student ID she was holding to Lisel.
   The whole reason why he did that was just so that he could enter Alysia’s room before her and surprise Fian. Therefore, he needed her student ID to unlock the door.

   *door opened*

   ”Is someone…!?”
   However, before Lisel had the chance to, Sherianna had opened the door because she heard people talking in front of the room. Although, for some reason, Sherianna froze on the spot as soon as she came out.

   ”Sheria? What’s wrong?” asked Alysia, as she tried to review her current situation. Alysia had turned her face around as soon as Lisel brought his face close to her ear. Naturally, their faces were in a very close proximity.

   “…Alya, you had a boyfriend!?”

   “I―don’t!!” said Alysia as she grabbed Sherianna out of extreme embarrassment.

   Lisel, the concerned party, was just looking at the two without saying a word. Even though if he had said something, he could have probably solved Sherianna’s misunderstanding.

   As she stood there, Sherianna began to guess the identity of the (misunderstood) Alysia’s boyfriend. She asked, timidly ― “Say, aren’t you Lisel-kun?”

   ”I am, what’s up?”

   Sherianna’s guess was correct. From there, she started to build up a conjecture about the two’s relationship based on the incorrect misunderstandings.

   ――As expected, Alya doesn’t seem to be interested in someone who’s weak. Lisel seemed pretty strong during the tournament, and if Lisel had liked Alya even back then, I can understand why he would give up the match for her!!

   “Guys, Fia, Claire!! Alya has a boyfr―mmphh.”

   ”Like I said, he’s not my boyfriend!!”

   Alysia didn’t know what Sherianna was thinking when she suddenly ran inside and started shouting. Alysia seized Sherianna’s neck from behind and stopped her. Naturally, what happened after was very dangerous.
   Lisel still did nothing but watch them, while Sherianna continued spouting nonsense. Alysia grabbed both of their necks and dragged them inside while looking somewhat angry.

   The three of them entered the room and sat on a circle around a desk, along with the other two people who were inside the room from the beginning. Despite the earlier confusion, Lisel was calmly sitting right next to Alysia on her right.
   Sherianna thought it was strange after all as she stared at them while sitting to the left of Alysia. Although she stopped after being glared at.

   ”…I’ll say this just in case, but me and Lisel are just friends. Don’t get the wrong idea, please.   ”

   “Y―yes!” Sherianna’s body involuntarily trembled in response to Alysia’s overbearing remark. On the other hand, Fian and Claire looked confused as they had no idea as to what was going on at all.

   ”So, what did you come here for, Lisel?”

   ”I just wanted to kill some time, and I don’t even know where Lasel went.”
   Lasel was the name of Lisel’s stepbrother. Alysia hadn’t gotten the chance to really talk to him when they met at the tournament some time ago, but it appears that they were unexpectedly getting along rather well as siblings.

   ”Fine. Then, I’ll go prepare some drinks so just wait here while talking or something.”
   Alysia was bad at cooking. However, when it comes to luxury grocery items― such as medicinal plants ― she was pretty exceptional at brewing them compared to other people.
   Drinks were of course not an exception to that. Having the taste of a noble, Alysia has learned the way from her mother. A wise man used to say, the joy of brewing is also part of enjoying a drink, and leaving everything to your servants is out of the question.


   A few minutes later. Alysia placed the drinks that she brewed on a tray and placed it on the desk where everyone was sitting. She placed each of the drink in front of everyone while listening to their talks.

   ”It’s good,” said Claire, who was the first to had a taste. Alysia perhaps felt happy to have someone compliment her drink as she had a full-on smile while drinking her cup.

   “Hey, Alya?”

   ”What?” replied Alysia after she gulped the drink inside her mouth.

   Sherianna had finished more than half of her cup when she placed her cup back on the table and asked ― “You haven’t forgotten your promise, right?”

   ”………..Ah,” responded Alysia as she recalled what Sherianna had said to her before she left the dorm.

   ――Let me suck your blood when you come back.

   Alysia didn’t know why Sherianna brought up the topic suddenly, but it might have been because she got reminded of it after seeing the scarlet colour of the drink.

   “…Ah, later.”

   “No way, I want to suck you now,” pleaded Sherianna as she stood up and walked over to Alysia before she stopped right behind her. Thinking that she would probably chase after her even if she ran away, Alysia half-resigned herself to her fate of getting her blood sucked by Sherianna.

   A few moments later, after the continuous blood-sucking, Sherianna and Alysia ultimately collapsed on the living room’s floor.
   Seeing that, Lisel muttered ― “…Vampires are amazing, eh.”

   ”Wouldn’t it have been great…Haa, if you had conformed to a vampire instead?”

   ”To be honest I do regret it. But, I still have to stay this way for another 10 years.”
   The conversation between the two was rather strange but impressive. Apparently, when you harmonise, you will be stuck in that body for a set period of time. Therefore, for another 10 years, Lisel wouldn’t be able to turn into a vampire.
   Needless to say ― neither Fian, Sheriana, nor Claire had any idea as to what the two were talking about.

   “I would like to become one, too, someday…”

   ”Did you say something?”

   ”Nah, it’s nothing.”
   Such was the conversation that the two had right before Alysia fainted.

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    Aria Lulu Luna · April 25, 2018 at 1:31 PM

    The next chapter will be bloody and you’ll understand why he’s jealous. It’s a bit short but it’ll be up in a few days.

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