03-08 The Outcome of the Commission

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      “Hey, drink this.”

      “Thank you.” In the corner of the guild hall, Alysia sat across the guild receptionist with a desk between them. His name was apparently Groove.
      She drank the orange juice she was given in one big gulp and looked straight at him. “Including the previous matter, what was the outcome of the commission?”

      “Well, firstly, regarding the commission…” Groove took a deep breath and spread the papers he had on his lap on the table in order. There were six sheets in total. The writings were so small and packed so closely together that Alysia lost all will to read it.
      “There are six sheets of papers, and three of these official documents are for one part of the commission. I will explain everything in order.”

      “Yeah,” Alysia responded as she leaned her upper body towards the desk. Alysia then started skimming the rough details of sheets. One sheet was regarding her reward, two sheets were regarding the post-treatment of the bandits, and the last three sheets of papers were for her guild rank.
      The first two sheets of the last three were not worth mentioning, but the content of the last sheet of paper was so surprising that Alysia reflexively asked Groove for an explanation. “Umm, what happened to my guild rank?”

      “Yes, right now you’re still F-rank, but the commission that you’d taken was for B or C-rank, right? A level three commission is C-rank, and commissions of level four or higher are considered B-rank. The thing is, if you finished a commission of rank four or higher, you’d basically receive an instant promotion.”

      Inside her brain, Alysia was trying to process the information which she just heard and the things that she had understood so far. In the end, she arrived at a conclusionー “Ah, so basically, I’m an E-rank now?”

      “Yes. To get a promotion on your first commission, you’re probably the first in this academy…”, Groove said, astonished, as Alysia listened carefully. She had her lips on the cup and was only letting out “Nnnn” sound.
      “So basically as a reward, in addition to the 24 silver coins that were promised, you were given permission to take a total of 10 morts (50 kg) of the ores that you want. But, you have no use for it, right?”
      What Groove said was reasonable. In the case of buying a new weapon or repair, if you have ores you’d be able to get them done at a lower cost or have a weapon made for you as a priority order. It would probably be an advantageous reward to adventurers who wield weapons. However, the one who finished the commission this time is a student of a magic sorcerer academyーーwho happened to be a smol loli.
      “So basically, adding the ores to the reward money….”

      “You don’t have to do that.”

      “10 silver coins….ーEh?” Groove was bewildered as he heard the unexpected reply. Alysia felt amused seeing his reaction, and let out a small laugh.

      “Like I said, you can just leave it be. I just happen to be in need of some ores.” In actuality, in order to fix Eunice’s sword, Alysia had decided that she would produce the metals needed on her own, using ores. Using her own ability to transform matter, she also wanted to check the limit to what she could create.

      “Fair enough, you can get the ores directly from them. Though, regarding the third matter, what are you going to do after sending the bandits to the kingdom?”

      “It’s a secret!” Alysia answered with high vigour as her whole face turned into a smile.

      “Ah, right…” After hearing that kind of reply, no one would be in the mood to pry further. With a complicated expression on his faceーwhich is a mixture of regret and delightーGroove started to collect the papers on the desk.
      “With this, we’re finally done. I recommend that you keep the documents. Now, I’ll go inside for a bit and get you your reward money.”

      “Yeah.” Alysia received the six sheets of paper from Groove. He then stood up and walked towards the interior of the reception area. The reason why he handed out the documents to Alysia was that in the future, it will become an extremely useful certification of Alysia’s personal history.

      Clinking sounds resounded in the hall as the receptionist, Groove, walked out from the interior. He stood next to Alysia and called out to herー “Here are the 24 silver coins.”
      He crouched and handed over the silver coins which were packed inside a pouch to Alysia.

      “Thank you.”

      “You don’t need to thank me. You worked for it.” The reward this time was a total of 24 silver coins, which was exactly two gold coins, which amounted to the weekly living cost of a plebeian household in general. It was a considerably hefty sum for a young girl to receive by herself, even if she was of noble birth. It wasn’t strange that she had inadvertently let out a word of gratitude.

      Incidentally, the value of a gold coin is equal to 12 silver coins and one silver coin has the same value as eight copper coins. Including the Ircusu Kingdom, this system is being used by a total of five kingdoms, therefore this currency is pretty much ubiquitous in a considerably large area. Going further, there is a coin whose value is the equivalent of 20 gold coins, which is called platinum coin. However, it is mostly utilised in the transactions between countries and never really appears in the market.

      “Okay then, you’re gonna be here again tomorrow morning, right?”

      “I am.” Tomorrow morning, the carriages with the bandits on board will head for the royal capital. Alysia will head for the capital alongside them. It will take a full day but she can’t possibly use her flying magic so it can’t be helped.

      “Take care and come home safely.”

      “You don’t say,” said Alysia as she shook Groove’s hand lightly. She then pushed the guild’s door open and returned to her dorm room…ーwas supposed to be what happened.


      “…Ah.” In front of the guild was Lis el who was standing there for some reason. He drew closer as soon as she saw Alysia, took her hand and started walking.
      That development probably made them look like siblings who were close to each other. As one would expect, no one would probably see them as lovers, based on their height difference.
         “Wait, Yuu. What are you…”

      “I was thinking of intruding your room for a bit.”

      “If you’re gonna intrude then go home,” Alysia replied. Hearing her rejection, Lisel just laughed and put his other hand on top of Alysia’s shoulder. On the contrary, Alysia had a sullen look on her face.

      “Come on, don’t say that. It’s fine, right?”

      “…Well, it’s fine, but.”

      “O-kay, let’s go then.” Eventually, Alysia ended up quarrelling about whether they would to take a bath together or not, and she ultimately caved in. Thus, Lisel and Alysia headed towards the dorm room together.

TL Note
The ship is real, also, I tried changing my translation style for a bit.

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