03-07 – There were heaps of things to do

TL: Aria Red
Editor: Kuroe Crayfish, TechTrad Griffin

Alysia entered the academy’s guild and walked towards the receptionist straight away. It was early in the morning and Alysia’s presence caught the attention of the few students who were already there.
However, being used to that already, Alysia completely ignored the inquisitive gazes and placed her head on top of the reception desk. She also loosely extended her hands on the desk.


“What are you doing this early…. Don’t tell me, you’ve finished the request already!?”

“I’ve finished the request, but there are things I’d like to talk about. It’s better if we can go outside, are you busy right now?”

“I’m free right now, but what happened?”

As soon as the receptionist answered, Alysia had already begun walking towards the entrance of the guild and the receptionist had to chase after her. Alysia swung the door open as soon as she arrived at the entrance. The receptionist was astonished at the sight before him, there were eight carriages stopped in front of the guild

“W-what—…what is the meaning of this?”

“I brought the bandits and the victims of the kidnappings here. I didn’t know what to do with them, so I asked the miners in the area for help and got them to lend me their carriages.”

“I thought you were only supposed to defeat the boss…. It should have been written on the request paper?”


Alysia suddenly recalled the content of the request paper. She just realised that she had completely forgotten the completion details of the request.
Realising that, Alysia reflexively covered her mouth with her hand and responded while blushing.

“…I completely forgot, teehee~”

“You know…. Fine, nevermind that for now. So what should we do about this?”

“Let’s leave them to the country. We should return the captives back to their homes. If possible, by tomorrow.”

“In that case, I first have to investigate the contact person for the request. Can you wait for me a bit over there?”

Alysia listened to him and sat on one of the chairs inside the guild. While thinking that she had better ask for the name of the receptionist already, she peeked into the mirror which was installed on the opposite side of desk. What was reflected there was black clothes and black hair with ribbons tied on both sides. There was also a big, long katana and a grimoire hung on a belt, and the body of a loli that was for some reason tied up with ropes. A white inner skirt was also visible below a black skirt. It was similar to her usual appearance except for the fact that there were dirt and mud plastered all over her whole body.

Ah, I really need to take a shower.

Alysia thought, and decided to head back to her dorm. She didn’t forget to notify the receptionist who was talking to the owner of the carriage before she left.

door opened

“I’m back.”

Alysia opened the door and entered her room. Alysia took a few steps into the living room and she saw Fian sleeping on her table in her nightgown. Despite her attempts at waking Fian up, Fian was too sleepy and fell back to sleep once again. She then walked closer, shook Fian’s shoulders, and turned her head sideways.

“Fian, I’m home!”

“Nya, fuaaaa…”

Fian slightly opened her eyelights and yawned after she turned to face Alysia. Then, a rhythmic knocking sound came from the entrance of her room. Judging from the amount of their magic power, Alysia knew that it was probably Claire and Sherianna.
Alysia used teleportation and opened the door to welcome the both of them. It was probably wasteful to use such an ability for something like this, but it showed just how much Alysia wanted to see them.


“Ah, Alya-san! You’ve returned.”

“Yep. I was out working on a guild quest.”

When Alysia took Claire and Sherianna to the living room this time, Fian was facing the side, sleeping on the table while drooling. Fortunately, today was a day-off, so Alysia decided that she didn’t need to wake her up and left her alone.

“I just came home, so I’ll take a bath first.”

“Take your time. We’ll just—”

“We’ll be in your room!”

Claire was about to answer Alysia, but Sherianna suddenly grabbed her arm and dragged her inside. Alysia sent them off with a smile and entered the bath after taking off her belt.

Alysia rose up from her bathtub and headed towards her bedroom to see Sherianna and Claire. Incidentally, Alysia had change into a black one piece dress which she used as a loungewear.

“I’m done.”


Sheria replied as she stopped reaching out for the things on the shelves and withdrew her hand. The shelves were of course Alysia’s, and they were full of her personal belongings. Sheria was intrigued and couldn’t control herself when she saw that.

“…I’m going to change, so do you guys mind stepping out for a bit?”

“Can’t we stay?”

“Ah, that’s right! We’ll help you change!”

Once upon a time, Alysia was treated as a dress up doll by three certain people. Sherianna opened the wardrobe which they used to keep all the clothes from that time, and took out a piece of western clothes. Fearing that she would be made a dress up doll once again, Alysia decided to run away.
…But due to the limited space in the bedroom, she was easily pinned down by Claire. Alyshia could’ve easily escaped if she had just used her ability, but she just couldn’t use it against her dear friends.

After a few minutes had passed. Alysia hung her head down while sitting on her bed, wearing black and white clothes.

Her shirt was a white short-sleeved shirt and the shirt collar was tied together with a red cloth slightly adorned with golden embroidery. However, there was no other part that stood out. Even her skirt was a plain, long, black one. Overall, although it can be said that it was relatively plain, just like the saying ‘Simple is the best’. While being simple, the contrast between the between the black and the white colour exuded a mature charm.

“Done, this looks good.”

“I agree, fufu.”


After Alysia recovered a few minutes later, she suddenly rummaged through her luggage in the corner of the room. Wondering what just happened, the two people looked at Alysia while bemused. They found it hard to start a conversation with her considering what they had just done earlier.


“It’s not like I’m angry or anything, you can talk to me normally.”

“Ok, then…. What are you doing?”

“Well, just wait and you’ll see.”

Said Alysia as she stood up and opened the hyperspace with her hands held out. Inside was the loot she took from the bandits jumbled up together.

“Is that hyperspace magic!?”

“Ah, so Claire knows about it?”

“What is that?”

In contrast to Claire who seemed to know about it as she let out her voice in astonishment, Sherianna simply tilted her neck in confusion.

Alysia picked up a sword which was in the corner of the room and carefully tucked it away inside the hyperspace. That sword was the one she received from Eunice after the first round of the tournament. Since the crack had yet to be repaired, she had placed it inside the hyperspace so she could repair it anytime.

“I’ll be heading out again.”

“Ah…then, let me suck your blood when you come back.”


Once after the tournament, Alysia who was half-asleep at the time sucked Sherianna’s blood so hard that Sheria got bedridden for a whole day as a result. When she got better, Sherianna hugged Alysia from behind and whispered in her ear, in a way that would stir someone’s fear—

“Next time, it’ll be my turn to suck you dry, Alya.”

—It was then that Alysia thought that she acted like a real vampire.

Although she was half asleep at the time, she knew that in the end it was caused by her vampiric urges. She obediently resigned herself to having her blood sucked by Sherianna later that day, and was sent off by the two at the entrance.

“Take care!”

“Bye. I’ll be back by evening.”

“Even if you say that, you’ll probably be late like usual!”

“Ah, well…I-I’ll try my best.”

Alyshia politely answered, as she realised that she had probably made the receptionist wait for a long time and began making her way towards the academy’s guild. Incidentally, Fian was still sleeping even after she had left.


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