03-06 Bandit Hideout 5

TL: Aria Red
Editor: DevilEye, TechTrad Griffin

Alysia walked deeper into the cave as instructed by the boss and discovered a wooden door. When she looked at it closely, she realised that the door was locked with chains. The boss didn’t mention anything about locks during the earlier conversation and she wondered if he had done it on purpose. However, it was so trivial that it wasn’t even worth mentioning.

A light creaking sound resounded in the cave and the door opened. Alysia had used magic to heat up and cool down the chains to make them brittle and tore them apart. The chains had become so weak that even a common loli could probably do the same thing.


Seeing the view in front of her, she unintentionally let out an amazed voice. The size of the warehouse itself was nothing but the mountains of gold, silver, and treasures piled up around the room felt really overwhelming.

Although they were treasures, there weren’t any jewelry or anything like that. The treasures mostly consisted of gold, minerals, and various kinds of ores. Those were probably excavated from the mines in this mountain. Alysia couldn’t even estimate the amount of money she would get if she were to sell everything here.

Weapons such as swords and bows were piled up in a disorderly fashion in the inner part of the warehouse. Thinking that her katana might be there, she rushed to the mountains of weapons to go look for it.

Alysia was able to find it straight away due to the fact that her katana was located on the topmost part of the pile of weapons. It was understandable since it hadn’t been long since the weapon was taken away from her.

“Ah, what should I do.”

As she held her katana next to her waist, she looked at the piles of stolen items and fell into deep thought. The content of the request was only to subjugate the bandit boss, and to capture him alive if possible. Alysia didn’t know what to do with all the stolen items.

Alysia was unaware of the fact that most of the guild quests concerning bandits only comprise of subjugating the bandit boss. As long as the bandit boss is captured, they would be able to get information regarding their hideout pretty easily. From there on, the kingdom’s army would be dispatched to recover the stolen goods. As an adventurer, Alysia’s job was was only to find the little bit of information regarding the location of their main hideout.

The possibility of a single person bringing about the annihilation of a whole bandit organisation was never even considered.

While being completely oblivious to the truth, Alysia utilised a certain method in order to bring back every single piece of the stolen goods. She thought about using a high-density of divine power and twist space itself to create a sub-dimension.

Alysia recalled the method which had been taught to her by Kurobi-san and focused her divine power.
Soon after, a ball of light appeared in front of her. The light was a lump of dense divine power. However, it still wasn’t enough.

The dense divine power released a strong pressure which punched a hole through space. Alysia’s plan had been successful. According to the world of gods, this world has been assigned with the number 23-079, and using the technique she learned, Alysia made a new dimension by shoving her divine power into the empty world next to this one, the number 23-078 world.

Incidentally, this method can only work with worlds which have the same first two digits. These are based on the rule that states that worlds whose first two digits are different are treated as completely separate from each other. As for the last three digits, there is a chance of two worlds overlapping even the numbers are different so they can still be connected relatively easily.

The light was so bright that it started to hurt Alysia’s eyes. On the inside, a black hole began to form and expand. The light was the result of the condensation of Alysia’s divine power which was absorbed. Furthermore, an immense amount of magic power in the vicinity also started pouring into the hole.

“Is this going to be alright?”

It was but a brief moment after Alysia poured in her divine power. An entrance to the hyperspace had been opened. Alysia tried peeking inside and saw the pitch black interior. It might have also sucked the air from outside as it was possible to breathe in it.

Alysia didn’t know how big the hyperspace was, but she decided to prioritise bringing home the stolen goods first. She had decided to examine the interactions of the hyperspace once she gets home.

“Let’s put everything in quick!”

Alysia said lightly as the grabbed the minerals and threw them into the hyperspace. From gold bars to random heavy materials, she just took everything and threw them carelessly. She has finished putting in all the minerals and ores, and there are only weapons and a slight amount of precious metals left. She thought that it’d be bad if she used the same method for the remaining items and decided to take care of the rest gently one by one.
When she finished, the warehouse had become empty, revealing its stone walls after having been robbed of everything it had.

Alysia closed the hyperspace and checked whether it can be reopened from a different spot. This time, she tried something different. The entrance to the hyperspace opened like a zipper, or to be more specific, the shape was just like an opening eye.

“Y-You can actually do that…?”

Alysia muttered to herself as she left the warehouse.

Alysia returned to the room she had been before and stood beside the boss which was still being restrained. He sent a glance to Alysia, trying to appeal to her, but she ignored him.

“Hey boss-san, I found my katana.”

“So you managed to open the lock, eh….”

“I didn’t. I broke it.”

“…I see I see. Fair dinkum. Then, what are you going to do with us?”

Said the boss as his expression hardened with resolve. Being handed over to the guild, he probably already resigned himself to a death penalty. Thinking so, a feeling of guilt started to well up inside her.

They were but slaves. They were only dancing on top of Solf’s palm. They might have been the perpetrator of the crimes in this case, but to them who were wishing for freedom, they probably had no choice but to work as bandits.

Alysia started to waver. Humans cannot choose how they are born. Alysia knew that first-hand from experience.

“Fine. I’ll hand you guys over to the king through the guild. When you meet the king, explain to him clearly using your own mouth. Everything that has happened, and of course… the thing about Solf as well.”

“Is-is that even possible? There’s no way that the king would be willing to meet us…”

“It is. If there is no way then I will make one, even if I have to talk to do it directly on my own.”

The boss looked at her in disbelief as Alysia said that with overflowing confidence.

“You…who the hell are you?”

“Who knows? I’m no more than your everyday vampire girl.”

“So you were a vampire…No wonder you can exert such strength with that tiny body of yours.”

“Don’t touch where it hurts.”

Alysia made a decision right there. She will try to grow taller by the time she graduates. Normally, a vampire’s growth will start to slow down once they reach eight years old. Both of Alysia’s parents still keep their fifteen years old appearance even after hundreds of years. However, Alysia’s physique does not look a day older than ten. It was fairly natural for her to wish that she could grow even a bit more.
Naturally, this also applies to Sheriana.

“Now, how do I send you back to the guild.”

“A-ah. If they’ll let us meet the king then we’re happy to go to the guild.”

“Okay then. I’ll just make you guys ride the wagons that are used to carry the minerals.”

Alysia went outside and found the people who were working in the mining area for the minerals. It was already dark outside but she had no problem seeing thanks to her night vision.

“So because of that, it’d be helpful if you can lend me your wagons.”

“We’ve also been harassed by them so we’re happy to comply! Lending our wagons is the least we can do.”

“Thank you, Oji-san.”

“Hahahaha!! Don’t call me Oji-san! I’m still young, you know?”

This cheerful Oji-san seemed to be the owner of the seventeen units of the mineral wagons. His business seemed to consist of selling minerals and ores the merchant guild or directly to workshops.

“Then, please. Also, there are a lot of people captured in the underground dungeon. You don’t mind helping them, right?”

“Ah, of course.”

It was already late at night by the time Alysia’s wagons arrived at the academy. On the way, she didn’t forget to recover the bandits she tied up on the tree. Among the wagons that she used, three were for transporting the bandits, four were for the people who were captured in the underground dungeon. Including Alysia and some other things, there were a total of eight wagons.

Incidentally, when they arrived at the main gate of the academy, the guards were wary of them and rushed over to them with their swords. However, Alysia showed them her academy card so they managed to avoid further problems.

It doesn’t stop once she reports the situation to the guild. There are still heaps of things to do. Alysia decided that she will definitely sleep all day long once she has the chance to.

TL Note
It actually says that Alysia had used heat magic to make the chains brittle but it’s scientifically incorrect, so I changed it. In order to make a metal brittle you have to first increase the temperature of the metal and cool it down rapidly to change the molecular structure of the metal lattice, breaking down the lattices to smaller parts. By heating up the metal, depending on the temperature, it will only temper and metal and make it malleable, or you will simply melt the chain. Considering how Alysia tore the chain apart it would have been more logical for her to use the former method to break the chains apart. And yes, I did chemistry in High School and this was in my Year 12 VCE Chemistry. https://www.chemguide.co.uk/atoms/structures/metals.html

And, oh yeah, I made the loli stuff up cause it sounds funny. The raw says a little girl of Alysia’s stature. Whenever the raw says a little girl I always change it to loli.


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