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Chapter 02-37 ~ Reminiscent Talk at Midnight

In the middle of the arena, there was a small room which resembled an infirmary. On the bed there, Alysia was wholeheartedly sleeping peacefully.

While she was wearing a red dress, bandages were wrapped around her shoulder and chest. Although the wound on her shoulder was almost healed already, some people were probably still worried and decided that there was no harm in putting it on anyway.

“It seems that Aria-san still haven’t woken up…..”


Fian and Claire said while looking worried. Again, looking at Sheriana, she was already on the verge of crying while plumped down besides the bed.

Nadia and Ouras who were standing on the other side of the bed were also watching over Alysia worriedly. Also, the occasional sharp glances directed at Lisel which seemed to say “It’s all your fault”, were probably just his imagination.


“……..!! I think she just moved a bit……..!?”

The first one to react after hearing Alysia’s subtle voice was Sheriana. And then, right when Sheriana grasped her right hand, Alysia started sleep talking.

“Nnn….. Sheria….. I can’t drink anymore……”

“What a peaceful dream…..”

“……. Did she call me?”

The six who were worrying about Alysia and stayed besides her bed the whole time were relieved to see that she seemed to be alright.

“…….Awa!? Aria woke up!!”

Suddenly, Aria forcibly pulled Sheriana’s hand up close. The fact that no one knew whether Alysia did it on purpose or unconsciously while half sleeping was what made action seemed scary.

Alysia then hugged Sheriana tightly. Next, she sank her fangs onto the back of Sheriana’s neck, pressed her mouth onto it, and started sucking Sheriana’s delicious blood.

Seeing that, one would wonder about her dream just now. ‘Wasn’t it something about sucking Sheriana’s blood?’.

“No! Save me! I’m about to be preyed upon!!” Щ(º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀щ)

“Aria-san, please wake up!”


Alysia’s eyes opened slightly to Fian’s calling. However, after seeing Sheriana, she seemed somehow relieved and closed her red eyes instead.

Again, of course, Alysia started sucking her blood once more.

“Aaaaa, aa……… Save me….. Everyone………..” ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

*gaku…. (x‿x)


Claire’s outcry was in vain. Alysia stayed like that for several minutes more and continued sucking Sheriana’s blood. Although getting her blood sucked by Alysia like usual was fine, getting her blood sucked by an unconscious Alysia was perhaps not a good idea. Since no one knows when she would stop. Moreover, they were afraid of hurting Alysia if they ever tried to stop her forcefully.

However, it was still a good thing that Sheriana didn’t develop a trauma to bloodsucking.

“……Eh, what was I doing?”

That was the first thing Alysia said after regaining her consciousness.

“How can you so actually ask that……. You almost drank Sheria to death!”

“Aa. Now that you mention it, I can somehow taste blood in my mouth…….”

After saying that, Alysia turned her eyes towards the sleeping, more like, the collapsed Sheriana on her side. Her white skin which is normal amongst vampire had become even paler.

“……Sheria!? I’m sorry!!”

“Aa…… Aria…….?”
———After that, the news about Alysia waking up was relayed to the teacher who was in charge and she received permission to return to the dorm. Alysia then carried the sleeping Sheriana on her shoulder and headed back to their dorm rooms.

The night that day.

Alysia came to the highest spot of the faculty tower which was said to be the tallest building in the entire campus. She spread her wings which was supposed to be hidden, and under the night sky, impatiently waiting for the arrival of a certain (special) someone.


A loud flapping sound of wings resounded in the area. Alysia turned her eyes towards the sound, and saw Lisel floating in the sky while flapping his ashen grey wings.

“Sorry, was I late?”

“Not really, I don’t mind.”

After the short exchange, Lisel sat down besides Alysia. Because the highest spot of the tower was actually shaped like a cone, it wasn’t really an easy place to be sat on by any standard.

“Fuu….. You will finally talk, right?”

“I was planning to from the start.”

The reason they decided to meet up here was to talk about the details of the events and the things that have happened up until now. Lisel took a deep breath and began talking after he turned his full attention towards Alysia.

“I think it was about twelve years ago…..”

Twelve years ago, the day the major earthquake happened on earth.

After Yuu made Touji reincarnate as Alysia, He just couldn’t stop worrying about him her. He then entrusted his work to his friends in the heaven, and personally descended into this world. Amongst said friends was, the ever leisure valkyrie, Kurobi-san.

Then, Yuu who turned up in this world conformed into a five years old dragonkin, and got adopted into a certain dragonkin family. There, he was given the name Lisel Ditri. According to his explanation, it seems that Gods have the privilege to ‘conform’, which is in short, the ability to temporarily change one own’s body into that of a different race.

Hearing that Alysia thought, ‘Then you should have become a vampire instead’, but she wasn’t telling him that.

It was already five years since he entered the academy. During his fifth year in school, he came upon a certain intriguing rumor.

[I heard that there’s a really cute black-haired girl enrolling at our campus starting from this year, a first year student. Have you heard about it?]

When Lisel heard that, he was ninety percent sure it was Alysia.

“And then, the tournament the day before yesterday. Even if it was by a coincidence, because we were able to carry out a marvelous reunion as the two finalists during the final match, I’ve actually been itching to say this…….. ‘Gotcha!’.”

“………Icic. Because you’re worried about me, and because of that alone, you neglected your work in the heaven and came down to where I was?

“……..!! Aa, Maa, I guess you can sum it up like that?”

Against Alysia’s overbearing atmosphere, Lisel began stuttering and letting out cold sweat. When Alysia saw that, she said…….

“Fufu, I knew it. Making fun of you is so fun!!”

“Wha, Fun……..!!”

The reaction of Lisel at that was exactly the same as Yuu’s reaction when Touji used to make fun of him. Remembering that, the two became nostalgic and indulged themselves in reminiscent talk all the way until morning.

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-it wasn’t an easy place to be sat on by any standard (or) it wasn’t really an easy place to be sat on by any standard

3)talk about the details of the things and the events that have happened up until now
-talk about the details of the events and things that have happened up until now

4)‘conform’, which is in short, the ability to change one own’s body into that of a different race temporarily.
-‘conform’, which is in short, the ability to temporarily change one own’s body into that of a different race.

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    Noo xD, that’s Alysia’s nickname. Her name in Japanese is Areishia アレイシア、often shortened to アリア Aria. Like how Sheriana シェリアナ is shortened to Seria セリア.

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