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Chapter 02-36 ~ The Last Battle of the Tournament 2

Alysia kicked the ground hard and propelled herself up to the sky. In just an instant, she managed to reach the same altitude as Lisel’s. She then promptly invoked her flight magic.

Alysia pointed her katana to Lisel and hurriedly ran in order to fill their distance. Facing her, Lisel held his sword forward with his right hand in order to receive Alysia’s attack.

*Gakikikin!! [TL : Sound of metal clashing multiple times]

The katana was struck down three times in an instant. Lisel was successful in parrying all three attacks, and started to commence his counterattack by swinging down his sword.



Alysia calmly averted the big sword’s attack with her katana. Aiming for the opening after swinging such a big sword, seeing this chance Alysia swung her katana downwards at Lisel.

However, Lisel managed to quickly speculate the attack using his intuition and pulled his sword back to defend against it.

“…… Wind Blade!!”

Lisel was only able to barely defend himself and thus was full of openings. Alysia took this opportunity to invoke her Wind Blade chant which would take time to finish.

Strong wind wrapped her katana like a storm, and she slashed it upwards. Everything happened in less than a second. Lisel who had only managed to regain his balance was immediately struck by an attack as fast as the speed of sound.



As expected, he didn’t have enough time to react and defend himself. Lisel received the attack full on.

Nonetheless, even after receiving a direct hit from Alysia’s katana like that, there wasn’t even a single drop of blood coming out of his body.There wasn’t even a single damage on his clothes.

Alysia suspected that Lisel had spread a powerful magic barrier before.For the moment, Alysia decided to retreat first and invoked her flight magic. However…..



One would wonder when exactly did he go around her. Lisel suddenly appeared behind Alysia and when he hugged her from behind, an enormous amount of magic power was poured onto her back.

“…….Ah!! Not there….. STOP!!”*]

Alysia who was trying to escape from Lisel, kept kicking and struggling with all her might. Nevertheless, for reasons unknown, Alysia wasn’t able to escape from the grip of his arms no matter what she did.

There were two things present on her back. The magic circle to conceal her bat-like wings and the one to summon it. If magic power were to be put onto those, that basically means…

———No words were needed to explain.


Realising that her wings were going to materialise soon, Alysia summoned a huge magic barrier to enclose herself and Lisel. She then cast a wind magic to blow upwards from below.




A sea of cloud was formed below them.
Above them were, a countless number of shining stars, and a silver moon.
They were in the altitude of 20000 termes (5000 metres) above the ground, in the sky.
[TL : How beautiful it must be]
The ones facing each other in that place were two non-human entities. On one side was, a black-haired young lady who possesses a bat-like wing, fluttering in the sky. On the other side was, a white-haired youth staring fixedly at the black-haired girl while carrying his big sword which was pointed downwards.

The place was clad in silence for a while, that is until the white-haired youth, Lisel, decided to open his mouth.

“….. For wings to have appeared…. I didn’t expect this at all. Because it seemed like a sealing magic circle so I tried to activate it but…… was I perhaps not allowed to?”

“It’s too late to say that now…… Do you still want to continue?”

The moment Alysia said that, Lisel’s big sword was wrapped in flame. Seeing that, Alysia also hurriedly entered her battle stance.

“Of course.”

“Fufufu…… Let’s end this quickly. The audience are waiting for us.”

Lisel flapped his wings and quickly approached Alysia who was smiling after saying that. He applied wind magic onto his wings and accelerated even further.

Alysia nimbly shot out ten wind blades onto the approaching Lisel before he got even closer. However, using the laws of physics of his big sword’s attack, he managed to ward off the wind blades and propel himself to Alysia.


Along with the sound of wind being slashed, came an attack from from a big sword. With a flap of her wings, Alysia managed to rose up quickly and avoided the attack.

The two separated for a moment. Alysia was in a higher altitude compared to Lisel.

Alysia sheathed her katana and started focusing on her divine power.
A faint light was cast by her left hand. She understood that the density of the divine power was increasing.

“….Light Saber!!”

It was a luminescence realisation caused by a high density of divine power.. The place which was only lit by the faint moonlight was, for an instant, engulfed by a dazzling bring light.

When Alysia looked in front of her, Lisel was for some reason, similar to her, holding a light saber in his hand. From there what Alysia felt, instead of magic power, it was clearly a divine power. In the first place, luminescence realisation can only be created by using divine power.

“I’m going now!”

“I’m ready anytime, girl!!”

Alysia and Lisel drew closer. They were exchanging blows while using their light longswords.

Everytime their light sabers clashed with one another, a shockwave of divine power was released around them. In order to defend against it, they had to continuously cast strong barriers using their divine power every time. It was a short battle of attrition consuming an extensive amount of divine power.



Lisel broke Alysia’s barrier and swung his sword down her shoulder.



A being who shouldn’t have been able to be wounded fatally, Alysia,  from her shoulder came a dripping a large quantity of blood. It dripped down onto the sea of clouds and disappeared.

Her face was distorted by the long-lost feeling of (intense) pain. The only times where she had experienced around this level of pain were when she fell unto the ground and when her heart was stabbed through, she thought.

———Ahh, I’ve brought up a very unpleasant memory……Even though if my heart just wasn’t stabbed……I would have probably grown a lot more……

Probably becoming careless in moving her wings, Alysia had started to drop down in altitude. Pursuing her, Lisel took advantage of the gravity along with his wind magic to get closer to her.

The light saber in his right hand was at last swung down towards her.

“….Eee? Wafu!?”

“….Fuu, Hahaha!!”

After dispersing the divine power on his light saber,  Lisel put his arms around Alysia as if embracing her. [TL: *blush*]

And then, as if something was funny, he started to laugh.

“Wai…..! Stop……!!”

“What are you saying on this long-awaited reunion?”

“Uu…… are you possibly, as I thought….”

Alysia felt something hot in the of her eyes. She knew that both sides of her red eyes, tears were slightly formed.

“Pu…..  You’ve thoroughly become ladylike, haven’t you?”

“Ah..!! Don’t say that!!”

The beautiful atmosphere of the deeply emotional reunion was broken not by Lisel, but by the headbutt forced by Alysia.


“Reap what you sow!”

The two of them passed through the cloud, and fell unto the academy just like that.

To Alysia, the scenery of the academy at night above the altitude of 4000 thermes (1000 metres) was quite beautiful.



The two of them landed safely on the stage of the arena. Incidentally, Alysia had already hidden her wings.

———Noises of people talking …………

There have been a commotion happening in the audience. That was perhaps caused by the fact that both the participants were stained in blood. Although, all the blood was originally from Alysia’s shoulder.

Alysia turned her eyes towards Lisel (Yuu) who was standing next to her. And then, she said something softly, with a much smaller voice than usual. [TL: Before, Lisel was written in katakana リセル (Riseru), but from here onwards it’s written in Kanji 裕 with リセル written as furigana on top. Actually speaking, 裕 is actually read as Yuu or Hiroshi]

“Haa….. Yuu, I’m a little tired…. I’m going to sleep for a bit…..”


“…..Aaa, Alysia?”

The audience who saw Alysia falling on the ground became noisy. The little girl, the youngest competitor who had been performing magnificently, claiming victory after victory so far. That popularity had, no one know when, became something that couldn’t even be compared with any other competitors’.

For such a ‘popular person’ to be defeated during the finals, everyone would probably be surprised.

“The… The match has finally ended!! The winner is….”

“Hold it!!”

Just before the host announced his verdict, Lisel interrupted him with a loud voice. Because he did that, all the audience’s gazes would naturally focus on him.

Lisel took the board which has a voice booster magic circle on it from the host, and announced to the whole audience.

“The winner is Alysia, I won’t approve any objection” [TL: Badass]

At the same time as he said that, the sound of hands clapping was gradually heard. Before anyone noticed, it had become louder than it had ever been before.

“Host-san……. Was it alright that I did something like that?”

“It’s… If you’re fine with it then it’s alright. There must be a reason behind I think, that’s why.”

“Thank you. I’m glad it’s alright.”

After that, Lisel held Alysia in his arms and for the present, started carrying her to one of the rooms in the infirmary. Until then, the fact that the wound on her shoulder was almost completely healed is a different story for another time.

The 169th campus-wide Tournament ended with the victory of the vampire girl Alysia, the youngest victor in history.

TL Note

Akashi Yuu was his best friend who sent him to this world, but his name is written 赤石祐, with a different Yuu kanji, but I’m not sure why. It’s 裕 in this chapter and 祐 in the prologue. Both have the onyomi (chinese reading) Yuu. But there’s no one else, so I assumed so~

Update: 裕 Yuu is his name now,  祐 Yuu is his name when he was still in the previous world. So Lisel is Basically Yuu. Confirmed on the next chapter. I just read it XD



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