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Chapter 02-35 – The Last Battle of the Tournament

It was already 12 o’clock at night. The beautiful round moon painted in yellow, shining, was floating in the night sky. Every time Alysia looks at it, she always gets reminded once again of ‘that day’, the day he she died.

What’s going to happen from now on is the final. The super exciting confrontation between the dragonkin siblings ended with the victory of the older brother. It was decided that the older brother, Lisel, is the one she’s going to be fighting against.

Amongst all the beastman races, the dragonkins are admired and are thought to be the strongest. Both their magic power capacity and physical strength far exceeds any other of the beastman races. And then, the ones that are on par with them are possibly, the vampires.

That is the final of this tournament. It would be weird for someone not to get excited about a match between a dragonkin and a vampire.

“At last, the final of the tournament is here! On this day, the final, these two contestants, Alysia Latrommia and Lisel Ditri are going to fight!!”

For some reason the host was standing on the left side of Alysia while making exaggerated movements. Incidentally, Lisel was standing right beside Alysia, on her right side to be precise.

Lisel Ditri. A man characterised by his white hair highlights, and a huge sword on the belt strapped around his back.Because it’s normal for a dragonkin to have wings, unlike Alysia, his ashen grey wings were exposed to every eyes to admire.

Seeing that, naturally Alysia became jealous. ‘Why do I have to hide my wings’ she thought.

However, it was undeniable that if the truth about her, a vampire, possessing wings were to leak out, nothing good will happen out of it. Rather, there will be loads of troubles and cumbersome things waiting.

“The two of you, move forward!!”

Hearing that, Alysia rushed forward just like the time when she fought Welm.  The two faced each other while ignoring the cheering of the audiences.

“The final game of tournament! Will…. finally… begin!!

Nadia and the other four were sitting on the audience seat. They were watching over the person whom they held dearly. A daughter, a best friend, and a person they respected.

“Now…. Begin!!”

The instant the host said so, Lisel started approaching towards Alysia. He moved so fast that he seemed to have disappeared to a part of the audience. On the other hand, Alysia seemed to just kept standing still without trying to engage him.

For a dragonkin, it’s a common knowledge for them to possess horrifyingly sharp nails. He swung those nails downwards towards Alysia.


A loud bang resounded in the whole arena. Alysia spread a barrier using her divine force. To be able to produce such a strong barrier without any chant nor any preparation, one would wonder if there is anyone else besides her who could accomplish this feat.

Standing there, as though returning a favour, Alysia released a flash of Iai strike. Lisel blocked the attack with the tip of his nails, but he couldn’t cut through it.


A fair amount of magic power were put into Lisel’s nails that they had become ten times harder than normal. Nevertheless, it was futile. Alysia’s katana broke the tip of his nails.

The two of them took a distance. While Lisel seemed to worry about his nails, he still wouldn’t move his gaze away from Alysia. Lisel then took the big sword from his back with his right hand, and glared towards Alysia.

“That, you still weren’t serious right? It’s the same for the fourth game though.”

“…. Even if you say that, it’s the same for you isn’t it? If you really tried, this whole arena would turn into a mountain of rubble in an instant.”

After Alysia said so, Lisel smiled a bit, just a bit. That was perhaps, him showing that he agreed.

“Fuu…… If it were possible, I’d like for you to come at me seriously, y’know.”

“…. Understood. I’ll try fighting seriously, to some extent.”

The next moment, Alysia teleported to  Lisel’s back and swung her katana upwards with the intent to slice him off. Lisel used his big sword to defend by holding it vertically as a shield.

Just like that, Alysia recovered her katana and launched a consecutive high-speed attacks on Lisel. Nonetheless, her every attacks were thwarted by Lisel’s big sword.

Astonishingly, Lisel had only used his right hand to support his sword to defend against all those attacks. He was able to cope up with Alysia’s katana speed while only holding his big sword with his right hand only, which would normally require both hands to use.

Alysia surely understood that this man called Lisel is someone whose strength couldn’t even be compared to any enemy she had faced so far.


After invoking body strengthening magic for an instant, Alysia forced Lisel’s big sword back with all her strength. Just when Alysia have finally gained the upper hand,  Lisel did something unexpected. The wings on his back flapped, and he soared to the sky.


Unable to attack with her katana, Alysia launched a long-range magic attack. However, her opponent was a dragonkin. There are no other races that is superior to the dragonkin when it comes to flying. Lisel magnificently dodged Alysia’s fireballs, water arrows, and wind bullets, and this time around began firing his magic.



A water arrow grazed her directly. A clean red line was formed onto her face as a result. From there, blood began to flow out. It flowed down on her skin and dropped onto the floor.

She touched her face, took the blood with her finger, and put it inside her mouth.

“Mmmm….. Delicious……”

Alysia who has regained her composure after licking her blood suddenly in that moment remembered something that she had forgotten up until now. And that is….

——— an attack that shouldn’t have hit that actually hit!!

“Water bullet!!”


The water bullets which was aimed at the left of Lisel was as if it was sucked up by his body and hit him.

Lisel whose posture was broken and started to fall down, immediately recovered and landed on the ground. Standing there, Lisel somehow looked really delighted.

“At last, you used it. Manipulating contradictions…. No, it is the ability to create contradictions, isn’t it?

“…..!! You……”

“I will really enjoy it, y’know. If you were to be serious on me.”

In Alysia’s mind right now, floated outrageous hypotheses concerning Lisel. ‘No way…..’ she thought, but she couldn’t deny that possibility.

Lisel once again flew to the sky. He looked towards Alysia and repaired his posture after readying his sword.

“This is my sole reason for coming here. I want to see you serious.”

“…. Well, fine then. I actually didn’t want to show this to especially those besides my mother, father, Fian, and the rest, but…”

“….. Come!!”

Releasing her magic power until the fifth level, Alysia began running towards Lisel who was flying in the sky. While she was worried, she was overwhelmed by the feeling of wanting to know Lisel’s true colour. Alysia focused her Ki which she had learnt from Belk-sensei, kicked the ground, and jumped towards Lisel with all her might.


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