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Chapter 02-33 – Tournament Main Round : Lunchtime

After the third round had ended, Alysia went to a restaurant in the academy district to eat lunch. That restaurant was the restaurant Alysia had visited together with Fian back when they had just arrived at the academy and were looking for a place to eat.

Because the two had often invited Sheriana and Claire to come with them to the restaurant, the four of them has completely become a regular there.

Sitting on the innermost seat of the restaurant wasn’t only Alysia, including Nadia, Ouras, and Fian, there were five people in total. Each of them ordered the dishes they liked and seemed to be enjoying the conversation.

“Aryaa-hyan,  it illy he ike hoo’ll  he ale oo in-!

“……Yes yes, I understand what you’re trying say. Swallow your food first”

Fian was eating a food consisting of a roasted meat wrapped inside fresh vegetables called ‘Mutii’. Fian was speaking like that because she tried to speak with Alysia without swallowing the food in her mouth first.

Fian drank the water that was poured into the cup and once again spoke to Alysia.
“…….Nnn…… You understand that just now?”

“……..Alya-san, it really seems like you’ll be able to win! Right?”

“Amazing! How did you understand?”

“Just a hunch, and judging the situation.”

Alysia said that and ate a mouthful of ‘Mutii’ that was served on a big plate. It was a different dish from what Fian had eaten earlier.

“…..Eh? Is there something different with that dish?”

Fian who thought that the dish looked somehow odd pointed at it as she inquired Alysia.

“This was cooked rare.”

“?…. Ah, is that it.”

Alysia is a vampire, and that is a well-known fact. Even for the blood of a beast, a stronger smell would be more appetizing to them. Looking at the opposite side, even Nadia and Ouras were stuffing their mouths with rare Mutiis.

“Hmm..nyam… This is what I call tasty. The only vampire who have ever said that rare is not that delicious is probably just Alya. Though it seems that she can eat it normally now.”


Fian stuffed her cheeks with another mouthful of Mutii as she said that. Fian who has only tried medium-cooked meat had a truly hard time imagining what the taste would be like. The wall between races is thick isn’t it, she said cheerfully as she extended her hand to grab her juice on the table.

And there, Sheriana who was sitting on Alysia’s right side opened her mouth as she seemed to remember something.

“Alya, come to think of it, isn’t your opponent for the fourth round…”

“Aah, you’re right. Yeah it’s him…. That Welm…”

Alysia’s opponent for the fourth round was for some reason, that Welm she had beaten before. Though she obviously didn’t want to fight with him again.

“…. Is he perhaps happy that he is able to fight with me again?”

“More than that…. He’s probably thinking along, this time for sure, I will win, or something like that right?”

When the conversation had reached that point, she realised that the number of the customers inside the restaurant had frightfully decreased. Inside the restaurant, aside from Alysia’s group, there were only five to six customers left.


“….Ah!  Don’t tell me, the arena….!!”

Alysia armed herself with her katana and grimoire, and stood up in a panic. She was thinking that the fourth round might have started already…….. Incidentally, she thought it might be a good idea to borrow a pocket watch from Kurobi-san.

“Ah, Alya-san, what’s wrong?”

“Sorry! I’ll be going first!!”

As she said that, Alysia left the restaurant straight away. The five who were left behind finally understood the situation after a while, and decided to head to the arena where Alysia might be waiting at.

“Finally! The fourth round, the ones left are these four!! I wonder what kind of battles will these people show us!?”

In the same way up to now, the presenter stirred up and enlivened the audience. There were four people standing at the centre of the arena. Alysia was naturally amongst them. Welm who was standing besides Alysia was watching her restlessly.

“Well then, firstly, let’s introduce the four participants of the fourth round!  The first one is, the youngest participant of the current tournament, Alysia Mel Latrommia-san! She’s from the Vampire tribe! You’ll be surprised by her fighting techniques, which is the opposite of her lovely appearance!!”

———Lo……Lovely… Please don’t say things like that!……

As the presenter said “Lovely”, red blushes seemingly managed to find its way to Alysia’s cheeks.
Rather than being shy, the reason might be because she was called lovely in front of those many people. (TL: Isn’t that what ‘shy’ is?)

“Next here, the second one is Welm Lederle-san!! He’s from the dog tribe! His specialties are fire magic and hand-to-hand combat, and he can fire an overwhelming number of magic at the same time! His strategically spread fireballs are said to be unavoidable!!”

Alysia turned to look at Welm when she heard the broadcast. I dodged it though?, she thought to herself. Moreover, Welm seemed unable to refute, and his gaze wandered around without even trying to look at Alysia’s eyes.

“Ahh…. Well, the presenter is just saying what he wants, isn’t he?”

“….Yeah, can’t agree more”

“The third one here is, Lucelle Ditri-san!! Somehow, he seems to be the fourth participant’s, Liselle Ditri-san’s younger brother! They are from the dragon tribe. The two of them managed to beat many of the participants by using their race’s superb physical strength! The two of them will be facing each other in the fourth round!!

The audience boiled in excitement after hearing the broadcast. Alysia was already aware of this fact. The reason being, it was put up largely as the centre of the attention of the current tournament on the school newspaper that Alysia was reading. A battle between siblings and the like, are not something that happen often.

“The fourth round will begin shortly! The first battle of the fourth round will be between Alysia and Welm! Who will be the victor between those two!? Both, please step forward!!”

Alysia and Welm took a step forward. After that one step, they were already standing on the the square stage.
They closed their distance on the stage, and faced each other that way. After that, they only needed to wait for the presenter.

“The fourth round, the first battle! Begin!!”

The two began running like a bullet. The curtain of the second battle between Alysia and Welm, unfolded.

TL Note:

I’ll post the Katakana of the names here. If any of you have better suggestions then please, douzo~

ティー – Mutii. Or maybe Mutey, Mutie? Mutii sounds the best as it actually sounds like a food from somewhere. Does it come from ‘Roti’ I wonder?

ウェルム・レダール – Welm Lederle. Whelm sounds like the verb so I chose Welm.
ラセル・ディトリ – Lucelle Ditri, this one is a bit confusing. I was considering Rusell but doesn’t sound quite right with the surname, and his sister’s name. I want to keep the original pronunciation as much as possible. I know it sounds like a girl’s name, but it sounds cute doesn’t it, so why not, I thought. 
リセル・ディトリ – Liselle Ditri



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