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Chapter  02-31 – The First Game of the Main Round

“Well then, it’s the first battle of the first game! The participant over here is Year 3 Class A’s  Eunice-san. She’s from the Elf tribe and her specialty is water magic.”

As the presenter said said so, Cheers which were as loud as yesterday’s rose from the whole audience. A blonde haired girl who seemed to be Eunice emerged from the doorway walking.

“Facing her is, Year 1 Class S’s Alysia-san! She’s from the Vampire tribe, and she is this year’s tournament youngest participant! Carried on her right hand is a very intriguing and strange weapon.”

Hearing the broadcast, Alysia began walking forward. While ignoring the shouting and cheering from the audience which sometimes included “Cute!” and etc, Alysia faced Eunice who was standing in front of her.

The presenter was hanging a sheet which had a magic circle drawn on it. Most likely that was the thing which was used to invoke the voice loudening magic.

“Well then, the first battle of the tournament… Begins!!”

At the same time as the presenter finished saying “Begin”, Alysia leapt forward and reached the space in front of Eunice in no time. She then pulled out her katana in her right hand to the left side. Eunice who saw that, while also being surprised, set her sword straight up in an attempt to ward off the attack.


The Iai strike from the katana powerfully hit the sword directly. Following the momentum of the strike, Eunice’s sword was repelled and flew to the front of a faraway audience seat, and got stuck to the ground there just like that. Although the sword was not broken for sure, there were cracks on the part where the katana had hit it.

“Woaah? Wha.. What just happened!? The participant Alysia, closed the distance in an instant and blew away participant Eunice’s weapon!?”

A commotion stirred up on the audience seating. Everyone was probably unable to believe the scene which had unfolded right before their eyes. Even the presenter was the same, as he became very excited and started giving honest commentaries more than usual.

Eunice was dumbfounded and stood still in shock. Even though she would be able to reach Alysia if she stretched her hand, she still didn’t try to counterattack. If Alysia were to be shot by a chantless magic at this distance, even if it was her, she probably wouldn’t be able to react on time.

Then, right when everyone was convinced that Eunice had lost all will to fight———

“Urgh….!! Not yet! Like I’d lose to an underclassmen!!”

Eunice took out a grimoire from the pouch hanging on the right side of her waist, and began running away to separate herself from Alysia. After not even a second, she finally arrived close to the wall of the arena. Instead of chasing her opponent, Alysia patiently waited for her movement. As expected, because she was thinking that being offensive isn’t like her at all.

“May mine prayer reacheth! I wisheth for the delicate droplets of water to assemble, and grow into a sphere! Water Sphere!”

Water Spheres which number exceeded ten was fired from Eunice’s side. That number and size was considerably above the average. Was it only because it was her specialty magic element, each of the water sphere accurately moved, targeting Alysia.

When the water spheres surrounded Alysia and moved like planets in an orbit, Eunice furthermore added another chant.

“Oh water! Take upon the form of a sharp lance, and rain towards the enemy! Water Spear!


The water spheres which were surrounding Alysia suddenly stopped moving, and transformed into the shape of thin sharp icicles. However, those were of course made of water, not ice. However, though it was water, with enough velocity it could easily pass through iron. It can’t be made light of.

Coming from all directions and above, was a downpour of several water spears. That was without a doubt, a certain kill magic attack which had no blind spot.

And finally, it reached the place where Alysia was standing at.



The water spears turned back to its original state, liquid, along with splashes of water and soaked the ground of the arena. Alysia showed no sign of evading. Eunice concentrated her attention into making a pillar from the remnants of the water on the ground.

Eunice who was thinking that Alysia was still standing in the middle of the water failed to notice the presence of Alysia who was approaching from behind.

“Pay attention to your back. You should be careful with being distracted by one thing and failing to see your surroundings”

“……..! Since when…!?”

Alysia drew the katana she was holding towards Eunice and turned the table around. Of course, Alysia was using the back of the blade to point at Eunice’s head.

Was it because her height was lacking compared to an upperclassman who was two years older than her, Alysia was standing on tiptoes. Alysia then halfheartedly thought about trying to make a magic which could alter one’s appearance’s age .

“The match is done! In a state where one’s head is pointed with a weapon, there is nothing that can be done anymore and therefore is a loss!!”


———*clap clap clap!!

With that broadcast, the arena was once again engulfed in cheers and applause. Alysia looked towards the audience seat and saw Nadia and Ouras. The two of them were waving at Alysia with a delightful face.

Incidentally, Alysia realised that Fian, Sherianana and Claire, the three of them weren’t there. No way, Alysia thought, as she looked towards the doorway she entered from…

“Hyaa!? Let go!!”

“Hey! The waiting room is for authorised personnel only, you know!?”

“Alya…. No. Alysia-san is our friend!!”

“I still can’t let you pass even if that’s the case…!”

The three of them who hadn’t been at Nadia’s side were for some reason being restrained by the teacher who was on guard duty. If it stays like this it’s going to be bad, she thought. Alysia hurriedly ran towards the doorway.

“You three! What on earth are you doing!?” [TL: It’s just an expression, it’s not like they’re actually on earth]

“Isn’t it obvious that it’s because we wanted to meet you, Alya!?”

“Hahh… Right, you know, I’m already here now, so..”

It was a rare sight where, the usually amazing and shocking Alysia was on the contrary amazed by the three.

After being released from the guard, the three felt like running back towards the audience seat. Alysia had things to do so she told Claire, and headed towards the doorway on the opposite side where Eunice was expected to be in. Alysia decided to go back through the long corridor located below the audience seat which connected the doorway to the waiting room.

Alysia arrived at the waiting room right when Eunice was about to leave. Alysia called Eunice to stop and stood beside her.

“Uhmm, Alysia-chan, was it?”

“Yeah. But don’t add ‘chan’…  Also, no need for honorifics… Your sword was cracked wasn’t it?

“….Yeah. But I was using this since before I entered the academy, and I was thinking that I’d have to buy a new one sooner or later”

While saying that, Eunice looked like she was looking at somewhere distant. There might have been some memories left on the sword. Alysia’s chest hurt a little when she was that.

“I’m sorry….. Right. Won’t you lend me this sword?”


“I’ll try to somehow fix it. If you give me your room number I can also return it to you”

“Ah no, such troublesome things…”

“If I didn’t break it, I think it would still be usable until a few years from now, though?

Alysia said that as though she was dealing the final blow to Eunice who was on a wavering state. After Eunice seemingly gathered her resolution, she unfasten the sword on her waist and handed it over to Alysia.

“…..Thanks. My room number is B317”

“Okay. Then, see you”

As Alysia said that, she left the waiting room straight away.

After that, Alysia who had put Eunice’s sword on her waist sat on the audience seat with Fian and the others. Even though going back to the dorm alone just like that was fine and all, the tournament was still at the first game. And because, including the day after, there were still 16 games left, Alysia wanted to see the match of the other participants.

“Then, next! It’s the second battle of the first game!”

Hearing the broadcast, Alysia turned to look at the participant who was coming out next. She thought that watching other people’s matches might be a good opportunity to revise and improve her own strategy.

TL Note
With this I’ve translated directly from the raw. It’s not as different as I thought it would be. Well, If you see any mistakes please comment and I’ll  immediately fix it.

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