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Chapter 02-30 – Tournament Main Round

It was the morning after the preliminary round ended. From this day onward, it was the time for the main round to begin.

“Good morning Alya-san!”

“Morning Fian… Ah, I’m feeling a bit anemic.”

Fian didn’t understand why Alysia who just woke up suddenly complained about anemia. The reason being having her blood sucked by Nadia before going to bed last night. Obviously Alysia weren’t just letting her blood get sucked and stayed silent, she also took the chance to suck on Nadia’s blood as well.

Fian who wasn’t aware of this fact looked at Alysia who had flopped onto the sofa and wondered if Alysia received any injury that made her lose blood.

Without paying any heed to Fian who was looking at her from the side, Alysia clung to Ouras who was sleeping on the sofa.

Even though Ouras was Alysia’s father, the fact that the Vampire race has an overwhelmingly slow aging process compared to other races would make you think that you can’t see the two who were sleeping as anything but siblings. Because from a human’s perspective, Ouras’s stature was that of a child. Although their hair colour might be different, if you look close enough you’ll see that their faces have similar features.

Soon after that, along with Nadia and Ouras who had just woken up, and Fian who had changed her clothes, Alysia headed to the room next door. The reason being that Alysia wanted to invite them to go eat breakfast together.

By the way, as usual, Alysia had her katana and grimoire with her.

– *knock knock knock!

Alysia lightly knocked the door.

Alysia waited for several seconds.
However, nothing happened.

“Are they perhaps still sleeping?”

“Maybe… Because they’re unexpectedly bad at waking up in the morning”

“Then, should we go first?”

“You’re right. Let’s go”

– *creak *baaam!

The moment Areisha said that, the door was opened forcefully with a speed so fast to the point where you would wonder if the door had been broken or not. Fian and Nadia were surprised at the abrupt scene and took a few steps back. Areisha and Auras, however, were not fazed at all.

“Sorry! I overslept”

The figure of Sheriana in her sleepwear emerged from the room. The blonde hair that was usually always in a ponytail, was disheveled as a bed hair to the point where it looked miserable.

“Your door is broken, you know? Look, behind you”


Sheriana checked the back of the door as she was told by Alysia. On the white wall there was a large dent right where the doorknob had hit it. It was clear how superior a vampire’s physical capabilities really are.

“Ah… What to do now…”

“Well, that can’t be helped, can it? Just change your clothes and let’s go eat breakfast”

“… Yes!”

After that, Claire who had finished changing her clothes joined in, and together with Sheriana who had arranged her hair headed towards the restaurant.


“Pardon me, it’s the school newspaper interview! Alysia-san, what’s your goal for today’s main round!”

“It’s not like it’s been decided that I’ll be participating today, you know? Because for the 32 participants, 16 matches are separated into 2 days”

“Ah… Now that I think about it, it’s true isn’t it? However, please tell me your goal!”

When Alysia got into the restaurant, She was immediately overwhelmed by the school paper reporters.

The 5 people who should have been behind her immediately fled, leaving Nadia and Ouras behind. Just because they were friends, it doesn’t mean that they want to be interviewed as well.

“Well, I have to go now. I still haven’t had my breakfast yet”

“Ah, Ah… Wait, please wait! Who are the two behind you!?”

“My mother and father”

“Ah.. Can I talk to you for a bit?”

After seeing Alysia pulling her parents hands like a child hurrying her parents in an amusement park, the man understood that no more coverage was possible . He then went ahead to the arena where the tournament was being held. He thought that he’d at least try observing the fighting place if coverage was impossible.

—Yesterday I got a different coverage so I couldn’t go observe the preliminary. This time, the main round, I will…

On the centre of the 4th arena, the 32 participants who have won and advance from the preliminary were making a line. Standing on the far back left of the line was Alysia.

“To everyone who won through the preliminary, from today March 3 until March 6, then main round will be held! The 32 participants will each do a one-on-one watch, and today from 16 participants, 8 will advance”

As the presenter said so, cheers rose up from the audience.

When Alysia looked to the right, Alysia felt like she just saw the men from her fanclub holding a giant board with “Win! Alysia-sama” written on it..

—That’s right, in the end it’s all in my head. I’m hallucinating……it’s all just my imagination……

While completely denying the thing that was reflected on the side of her vision, Alysia turned towards the presenter.

“Now, the question is, who will be the 16 who will be fighting today, and for that everything has been prepared already on the tournament table. Your attention please, look over here!

On one corner of the circular shaped audience seat, onto just below the place where the presenter was standing at, a blackboard which was similar to the one being used in the classroom was being carried over. Whether it was out of consideration for the people who were sitting far from it, the board was quite large if compared to the one normally utilised for teaching.

“Written here on the left side of the board is the first day, and on the right half of the board is the schedule for the second day!”

While standing on the far back of the line of the arena, Areisha was able to confirm the things written on the tournament table with her superior eyesight.

—-The first round of the very first day……!?

Looking at the table, you’d easily find Areisha’s name written on the top left. A small “First Battle” is written just below it.

[Now then, all participants please return to the waiting room and begin your preparations. The first match of the main round is going to begin shortly!]

After that, Alysia who wasn’t mentally prepared at all stood by the vicinity of entrance door of waiting room which also acts as the exit door, standing there in a daze as to what just happened.

The front row of the audience seat, right on the opposite side of the presenter’s place, was where the 5 people including Alysia’s parents were sitting. While pointing towards the direction of the board, Claire struck a conversation with Nadia.

“Nadia-san, can you see that board?”

“Wow, she’s good. It seems that Alya-chan is going to come out on the first match”

“You’re right, Alysia is going to come out immediately”

“I can see it as well. Alya’s name is written on the top left”

Even from this distance, it seems that Nadia, Ouras and Sheria were able to read the things written on the board. Fian and Claire were a bit jealous of the three who were able to see even the smallest detail even when separated more than a 100 thermes (25m) from the board.

“The first round….! Let’s cheer them on!”

“Of course! Without saying”

After hearing the broadcast which was using the wind magic announcing the start of the first match, they turned their eyes onto the centre of the arena. That was right when Alysia emerged from the doorway.

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