Finally done with chapter 29….. It actually went quite fast because I used Berserker’s as a reference. Apparently he used google translate to help him, that’s why I found a lot of sentences mismatched and had different meanings to what it should be. After chapter 30 might be a bit slower because I’d to start from scratch myself. But hey, rikaikun is still helping me so I’m gonna be fine, totally fine……..

Chapter 02-29 – Tournament Preliminary Round 2

A large sword covered in flames came from the left. Alysia instantly crouched, and head towards the opponent’s feet to knock them down. The opponent stumbled and lost his balance. Trying to stand on one foot, he was about to fall down.


– – – -*splash!

Alysia aimed at the nape of the neck of the man who fell down with her left hand, and instantly fired a small amount of magical power. By disturbing the magic flow of one’s body, that alone was enough to make someone faint.

After rendering the man unconscious, Alysia turned to face other two men who came rushing in from another side. One of them opened his grimoire and invoked a drawn magic circle.


The few fireballs which were fired swept Alysia’s side, burning several people who was standing behind her. Alysia was glad to know that their original aim wasn’t only her. While thinking that, she kicked the man who was beside the person who casted the fireball, and sent him flying.

“Uwaa!……a……to be sent flying by a frail little girl……!!”

“No, no……you are not frail at all……”

Said the man as he drew his sword. He headed towards Aleyshia and swung the sword down at her. However, the straight slash met no resistance as it only hit an empty space.

“Then, take this……!!”

“Yes, a chance!”

In order to launch the next attack, the man raised his sword above him and was wide open. Alysia approached the body of the man who had become completely defense and smashed wind magic into him at point blank range. .



The man who was by the wind magic was blown away and collided with the wall of the arena with a loud sound. Alysia shuddered thinking that, because this arena doesn’t have a roof, it would have become the worst home run if she had shot the magic upwards.

“Now there are only ten participants left in the arena! After two more people are eliminated, the remaining eight will be qualified to advance in the tournament!!”

All the participants who heard the broadcast generally thought of the same thing —We should beat the two weakest looking guy one by one.

But Alysia was different.

–I should beat the two people who are coming to attack me back one by one!

There were six people around who were coming towards Alysia. It was exactly the same as what Alysia had predicted.

There were only two opponents who needed to be defeated. From those crowds, Alysia chose two people whose face seemed like the face of someone who likes to bully the weak and tried attacking them.

“Water Sphere!”

“…… Urgh! Blob!?”

“Argh!? Blob, blob blob ……”

Because the water magic was invoked around the head, The two men were unable to breathe and collapsed right away. Even though she was the one who did it, Alysia still thought it was a bit cruel—

The wind magic broadcast was heard the next moment and loud cheers reverberated throughout the arena.

“It’s finished! The 4th group of finalists are these 8 people! It seems that we can expect more from the black haired little girl from now on!”

— Woa~A~a~a~a~a! !

“……It’s fine even if you don’t expect anything, you know?”

Alysia murmured as she went back to the waiting room from arena straight away. She went back immediately because she thought it would be troublesome if the members of her fan club started an uproar after hearing the broadcast just now.

After that, Alysia left the waiting room while trying to avoid the people who were swarming the place, and was able to meet with Fian and the others immediately. Sheriana hugged Alysia straight away when she saw her. Nadia made a warm smile while watching the two.

After that, the broadcast that signaled the end of the preliminary round was heard, and Alysia with the other three went back to the dorm. Nadia and Ouras followed behind the three.

According to Ouras, they received a letter from the academy regarding Alysia’s participation in the tournament. Because they came straight away, they haven’t thought about their lodging. As such the three were pleaded to let them stay at the dorm. For some reason, Alysia and the three willingly consented.

It seems that Sheriana’s reason was ”Because they’re Alya’s parents”. Because it sounded like an excuse when she said it, Alysia wanted to retort but for now she decided to return to the dorm.

“This here is my room, and Fian’s as well. The room next door is Sheria’s and Claire’s”

“Heee……This academy’s dormitory is really beautiful. Even everywhere in the hallway is covered with red carpet. Fufuu, I’m relieved.”

“And then…. This school ID card. This also acts as the key and we open the door with this.”

Alysia took her school ID out from the breast pocket and inserted it into the on right side of the door. Accompanied by a light sound, the door opened. The six people entered and went to the middle of the room.

Alysia brewed some tea that she bought before, and placed it in front of Nadia and Ouras. Fian, Sheriana, and Claire immediately began to chat besides them.

“My, Alya-chan. I’m glad that you were able to make some friends, and above all, I’m glad that you seem to be having fun here.”

“……By the way Alya, did the bloodsucking urge occur up until now?”

Nadia was relieved after seeing the state of Alysia at the academy, and sank deeper into the sofa while taking a sip at the tea slowly. Ouras who was quite worried about Alysia, was fixedly staring at her without drinking his tea.

The one who answered Ouras who made a worrying face was Sheriana who was playing with Claire’s Elf ear.

“Aa, for the blood sucking impulse…………. When it came, we resolved it by sucking each other’s blood.”

“I see, if that’s the case then I’m relieved….. That’s good to hear.”

“So you two have sucked each other’s blood?”

To Nadia who asked, Alysia and Sheriana answered immediately regarding that matter.

“Yeah. Alya’s blood is really delicious!”

“It feels good to bury your face onto each other’s neck.”

“……Aa, what to do. Now I ended up wanting to suck Alya-chan’s blood as well”

“……Not now!”

In the end, today, It was decided that Alysia would sleep together with Nadia. Ouras, who suggested himself to sleep on the sofa was left alone.

No one would have guessed that the reason why Ouras himself suggested to sleep on the sofa was because no matter whom he slept with, he would end up sleeping with a girl.

That night, in Alysia’s room—


“Nn……How delicious!”

“Aa……Mother, it’s better if you stop…”

The bloodsucking conduct done by the mother and daughter unfolded another sequel of Areshia’s bloodsucking act.

TL Notes
Yup it’s Areishia now, I’m going to edit the previous chapter as well.

I was thinking of the name, Aleyshia or Aleysha didn’t seem quite right. So I checked Alysia instead, which is the direct reading of アレイシア and I remembered that in Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, a character with exactly the same name in Katakana, was romanised to Alysia. So I decided to follow that. On top of it all, it sounds more Fantasy-ish and Anime-ish, so I think it fits perfectly.

Update (06/18): No, that was perfectly cringey. Can’t believe I made that decision. What was I thinking. I’m sticking with Alysia.



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