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Translating is definitely not easy, I respect thee translators-sama. This chapter was already done by Berserk, but I find the translation lacking so I decided to, wholeheartedly, re-translate the whole thing. I still used his translation and raw as a reference though. Thanks again to Berserk-san.

Chapter 02-28 – Tournament Preliminary Round

It was the second day of the Martial Arts Tournament. Alysia and Claire were checking their equipment in the dormitory.

Because Alysia was on the 4th group, her match was today. On the day before, the 1st and 2nd group have already finished their preliminary round and out of the 32 contestants, 16 were qualified.

Because Sheriana and Fian weren’t participating today, they had to sit on the spectator’s side of the Arena. It seems that they were trying to get the seat on the first row in order to be able to see Alysia.

Alysia placed the Grimoire that she was holding on top of her desk and caught a glimpse of herself on the mirror. Her proud figure was reflected finely from top to bottom. She was wearing the scarlet dress she bought at the campus district before she left for the Imperial City. She wore a belt around her waist with a scabbard attached on the left side.

“……Okay, I’m ready”

“Good Luck!”

“Of course. Since I’ve taken the trouble to participate!”

After Alysia said so, she took the Grimoire once more and walked to the entrance door.  She then followed Claire who was hurrying.

Alysia and Claire then arrived at the at the 4th arena, which was the largest amongst the four arenas.

When they looked around, they saw a huge number of people, occasionally beastmen and elves, or even children . Every single race from every single country have all gathered here in the academy . Amongst those crowds were the parents and relatives of the students who were enrolling in the academy, but there were many more who came just to seek entertainment.

“Alya-san, let’s go look for Sheria-san and Fian-san first”

“Sure. The tournament hasn’t started yet either……”



Hearing the nostalgic voice she seemed to recognise, she turned to face the direction of the person straight away. Wondering who it was, whom she was her mother, Nadia.

Alysia then right away, clung to Nadia with all her heart.


“Ara? Even though you’ve never so willingly hugged me before……”

Nadia for sure didn’t know the fact that, Alysia had waited for 100 years for this meeting. That’s why it isn’t strange for her to cry. In fact, she also ended up crying on meeting with her friends after 90 years.

“Ah, pardon……Alya-san?”

“Ah……I might have shown you something embarassing”

Claire was bewildered by the deeply moving reunion of the two people in front of her. With that Alysia immediately separated from her mother.

“……Hasn’t your speaking tone changed, Alya-chan?”

“Well, stuff happened..…… More than that, how did you know that my nickname is Alya?”

“Ah that, the two people over there told me about it. They’re your good friends, right? Moreover, isn’t one of them a vampire?”

Turning to face the direction where Nadia was pointing at, there were Sheriana and Fiana. They both were facing Alysia while making a face like they were watching something pleasant for some reason.

But at the same time, Alysia noticed something serious that is important to her.

—they were looking over here……? Since when……No way, did they see……!!

By the expressions of the two who were facing her, and what she was doing just now, she was convinced. They had seen her while she was clinging onto Nadia

Alysia whose face was beet red from embarrassment teleported to the back of the two straight away.

“You two, I wonder if you saw something funny?”

“Awa, I didn’t see anything, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right! We didn’t see Alya clinging to her mom at all……!!”

The moment Sheriana said that, she regretted it. Fian at the same time, prepared herself to have her blood sucked to the point of anemia. …. Alysia didn’t know what her image had become amongst her.

Contrary to their expectation, Alysia didn’t even get angry and decided to back to her mother’s side. Sheriana and Fian were of course ready to answer all her questions while trying to prove their innocence.

“Hmmm….? Something wrong?”

“Alya, are you not going to do anything?”

“There’s no reason to do anything, is there?. ……Or, do you two perhaps want me to do something?”

“N… No… Of course not”

And then, Nadia who was looking at them said,

“Alya-chan has changed a lot since coming to the academy two months ago, hasn’t she?”

“….. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Never could she say that she has spent a 100 years in that two months even if her mouth burst open. For this matter, she was sure that there would come a time where she has no choice but to tell the truth.

There, Alysia showed the Katana she was carrying in her left hand to Nadia.

“I got this weapon from my fencing teacher.”

“Oh……what an unusual weapon.”

Nadia was staring at the blade fixedly after she removed it from the scabbard. Even as a weapon which shape she hadn’t seen before, she should be able to intuitively grasp the value and the demerit of it. Nadia then returned the Katana back to Alysia.

“That weapon is really good. I’m sure it’s going to be useful, Alya-chan.”

Nadia said.

After that, Alysia was talking with Nadia for a while until when she heard the call from the broadcast and she headed for the waiting room. At that time, without saying, the three of them with Nadia and Ouras, was rooting for her.

After attending something like an opening ceremony at the centre of the arena, Alysia went back to the waiting room. Around her were, in total 50, men and women who were obviously taller than her. There were those who were polishing a large sword, there were also some who were meditating so that it is easier for the to draw out their magic. Everyone was spending their waiting time in their own way.

“For the 3rd group, the one qualified to advance are these 8 people!!”

— Waaa A~a~a~a~a! !

Clap clapclapclap! !

The broadcast and the cheering, along with the loud applause resounded in the arena. The third group was done, that means Alysia’s group is next.

“Next will be the 4th group. The 4th group members, please come in from the entrance!!”

The moment the voice was heard, everyone in the waiting room overflowed the arena while striving to be the first to come out.

The 4th group who has appeared was now waiting for the commencement signal. Alysia too, readied her katana, entering her battle stance.

“The 4th group has appeared, now then……”

The announcer held his breath.




In response to his voice, everyone began to run forward.

—Alya, good luck!!

Alysia, among the cheers of the crowds, felt that someone had said so.

TL Notes
I decided to change the name of several characters. アレイシア (Areishia) was previously translated to Alysia but I don’t really agree with it. Alysia sounds more like Alicia, which in Japanese would be アリシア (Arishia). And オーラス (Oorasu) was translated to Auras, because オーラ (Oora) is the official Japanisation of Aura. But because it is a person’s name, I would always ended up reading Auras as アウラス(Aurasu), so I decided to change it to Ouras instead. I hope it makes sense.

Update: I changed Aleysha to Areishia. Check the next chapter.

Update (06/18): I don’t know what I was thinking back then to have made this terrible decision of changing a perfectly English name to a weeb name. I was certainly a weeb but I have finally opened my eyes as a (more) capable translator. And translating アリア as “Aria”…makes me want tfacepalmlm myself.


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    Aria Red · January 1, 2016 at 4:54 PM

    Is it? I thought about that one time, but the pronunciation of the name is different. I’ll think about it 😀

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      Check my TL at the end of chapter 28, 29, or 30. I explained why I chose the name.

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    Will · November 25, 2015 at 10:13 AM

    Her training is in time compressed space.

    Sylali · December 29, 2015 at 8:42 AM

    The training she does in subspace is 400x the real world… she spends something like 2 months in subspace per 1 millisecond in the real world. though i think the time speed up is much more drastic than this.

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