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02-26Complete school martial arts tournament

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February the thirteenth, this day hit this month’s third holiday. Alysia faced her desk studying magic and sorcery. The contents mainly was the way to develop new systems or magic and sorcery. When taking the book placed at the corner of the desk, a hard sound resounded from the entrance’s door.

–Konkon, kokokon!


Fian diligently reacted to rhythmical sound first far off from a generally knock.

Click… (gacha)

“Who is it?”

Fian opened the door and turned her eyes to the person before her eyes. It was the Irukusu side principle. —That person who had helped at the start of the entrance ceremony.

“You are…Enlais (tl; last name). Is Latrommia here?” “Ah, yes. Aria is inside.” “Is there business with me?”

Fian tried to show the way, Alysia had come to the front door exactly then. When Alysia was seen, the principle coughed and began to speak.

“I have a little to discuss. Can you come to the Principle’s room?” “…Understood. Let’s do.” “Then, come.”

Alysia, as usual, carried her grimoire and arrived behind the Principal in a fast walk. Leaving the room, Fian became angry and worried again.

Entering the Principal’s room, Alysia and sat down on a chair. Three pieces of paper were immediately put on the desk by the Principal. Alysia innermost thoughts were judged to be leaping and coincidentally with tension.

“…So, as for the talk?” “Eeh, the talk is because…maa, quickly look this way at these three pieces of paper.”

Saying so, the Principal handed over the three pieces of paper to Alysia. The letters which seemed to have probably been written with quill pen was closely spread all over the paper. Though she thought it was somewhat troublesome, Alysia looked through.


For some reason those contents enumerated the points that Alysia was good one by one. Excellent combat sense, good taste for combat practice, awfully cute. And the last sentence had been concluded as this.

—Fizz in charge of the first grade S set recommends Alysia Latrommia to participate in the complete school martial arts tournament in anticipation of ability.

—Berg in charge of the first grade fencing course seriously recommends Alysia Latrommia to participate in the complete school martial arts tournament.

—Dal in charge of the combat practice course recommends Alysia Latrommia to partcipate in the complete school martial arts tournament.

Alysia asked the Principal about these baffling contents.

“…What is this?” “As you see, it’s a letter of recommendation to participate in the academy’s martial arts tournament performed for one week from the first of March.”

The complete school martial arts tournament, competing with students not less than the third grade, and the simplicity of aiming for victory is clear entertainment. It’s performed for one week from the first of March every year, and the reward is presented to the person who won victorious.

—Come to think of it, in the case you receive a written letter of recommendation, can a student less than the third grade partcipate?

Alysia considered that the matter may be written on the dormitory entrance’s bulletin board.

“Nevertheless…a letter of recommendation for a first grader…moreover, three letters of recommendation is unprecedented…” “Do I have to go out no matter what?” “Receiving as many as three letters of recommendation, it doesn’t mean you will refuse?”

Troubled and also worried, the Principal stroked a pose like insisting it. Naturally a smile spilled from Alysia’s mouth at his state. 頭を抱え、こちらも悩んでいるんだと主張するかの様な姿勢を取る学園長。

“It can’t be helped…right. Fufu, in that case, going out is also amusing.” “…Ma, if you come out, I’ll be at ease. I’ll arrange it.”

Rudely leaving a single word to the Principal, Alysia suddenly changed just now, enthusiastic over an overall victory. She thought she couldn’t but respond to the three teacher’s expectations. For the time being, she turned back to notify the three in the dormitory and ran the way in school.

Alysia returned to the dormitory at once, immediately inviting the neighbouring Sheriana and Claire to the room, talking about the meaning of participating in the complete school martial arts tournament. This time, Sheriana supported Aria with all her power and proposed that Alysia to consent for now.

“Aria, isn’t the martial arts tournament being done two weeks later?” “Umm…it may be better to practice handling the katana. Dull sheer force is only holding me down, I’ll also be at the place of mastering techniques!” 力だけでねじ伏せるなんて詰まらない、技も極めたい所だわ

“As expected…it seems Aria! Well, if it’s only training!

Like a supported, Sheriana spoke so that a schedule may be decided, and immediately returned to her usual rhythm. Alysia saw this state and instantly took her katana in her hand. Of course, it’s to go outside to train.

For some reason, the three followed along to watch over while Alysia swung her katana. Normally, seeing this will only look dull. However, feeling the charm of self-education of katana handling was unbelievably fascinating for Alysia.

The katana was swung horizontally once, then was brought upwards. Understanding with only her knowledge, this was the most efficient circular motion for swinging the katana. Changing from that direction, she swung vertically downwards in a flash. The three found the cut by the katana.

“Wonderful…! It’s wonderful!” “It was awfully smooth movement. How to that extent…!”

Fian and Claire raised their voices with deep emotion. As for Sheriana, her eyes brightened up, as if entranced.

One month hasn’t passed since Alysia held a sword in hand, so why could she handle it to this extent. It seemed that a vampire’s high bodily ability allowed your body to handle the katana as you’d like. Assuming there are other reasons, it also may be related that she used the sword in subspace.

She raised it from the lower left to above. Without wasting a movement, the forward sword stance remained unchanged.

“…Fuu, such a feeling.” “Aria is wonderful! I’d like to see once again!” “Sheria…rest for a minute. The continuation is intense…”

Resting for a long time, a continued further half hour of sword practice crossed over, and Alysia returned to the dormitory together with the three. Triggered by the thing, the three, particularly Sheriana’s degree of good impression were raised above now, but that’s a digression.


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