Author: It was short this time, but I made it Extra Episode-like only at the time of the bloodsucking. Even if it’s skipped over it’s alright.

Just to be sure, I’d say R-12.

Chapter 02-24 – Two girls’ bloodsucking act

TL: Thatguywhosthere

The four who had returned from the Imperial capital prepared for lessons which will resume tomorrow, instantly taking a bath and sleeping.

–It’s a possibility she went to bed…

“I’ll suck Aria’s blood just for a minute.”
“And it’s probably the second time with this.”

For some reason, Sheriana stayed in Alysia’s room, on the bed, the figure of Sheriana could be seen negotiating to suck Alysia’s blood on the bed. Except for moonlight shining through the window, lighting was non-existent.

“Let me suck it…”
“……Haa, fine. Suck it from me.”
“Thank you! Right away…”

Sheriana said so and brought her mouth close to Alysia’s neck. The tooth which peeped through her slightly opened lip was suddenly applied to Alysia’s neck. That ticklishness made Alysia’s spine quiver.

“Oh…if you’re sucking, make it quick!”
“I see. Let’s eat!”


The fang which penetrated the skin pierced a blood vessel just as it was, the large quantity of blood containing magic began to overflow. Like last time, to make it not wasteful and by missing this good blood as much as possible, Sheriana pressed her mouth to Alysia’s neck. The sweet fragrance of the blood spreading in the mouth, Sheriana made an entranced expression on her face.

…Drip drip (potapota)


Reacted to the sound of the blood dripping on the sheets, Sheriana released her attached mouth. The blood dripping from her mouth further dyed the sheet bright red.

“Haa…haa, next for me. Me too…will suck blood!

Sheriana was embraced, and Alysia herself rolled on top. The blood from Alysia’s neck fell with a ‘drip’ on Sheriana’s face.

“…Me too, let’s eat!”



Sheriana’s face instantly distorted in pain. But the pain was just the beginning, afterwards, her strength immediately missing. Constantly sucking blood, it’s a behaviour that isn’t supposed to able to be resisted by side being sucked. —Except in the case of fellow vampires.

“Ah…Me too……a second helping!”

Like how Alysia coveted and sucked Sheriana’s blood. Sheriana joined her mouth to Alysia’s neck once again.


The two’s painful voices were leaked. That should’ve been it, though not even the force to get free from each other’s bloodsucking entered, hardly breathing due to having their faces buried in their necks. The mouths which could not accept blood began to overflow, and the white skin of the two were dyed red.

The two kept absorbing blood for a while. Already, their breaths were also intermittent, and they were in an anaemic state. Alysia somehow supported her body with an arm and lifted her upper body. Then suddenly—

Slump… (gaku)


…Thud (dosa)

Alysia fell on Sheriana hanging over her. Sheriana thought she fainted due to anaemia, and softly put Alysia flat in bed.

“Aria, good night…”

The odour of blood wafted inside, the girls’ bloodsucking act that was illuminated by the moonlight, thus closed the curtain.

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