02-22 – Death gets a job application form

TL: Thatguywhosthere

Neighbouring the King, a room where a desk and sofa were placed. Originally, this place was where the King would talk with important guests, but now it was wrapped in a completely mild atmosphere.

The King sat on the opposite side, Alysia sat down on the sofa some time ago, until, for some reason, she was taken and placed on Rish’s knee. In addition to that, it was as if an important doll was being hugged closely, in the form where each faces each other.

“I’m a doll ~tsu!”
“It’s much more cuter than an inferior doll!”


He may not have been aware, but the fact that she was cute enough to be mistaken as a doll was also a fact.

“Rish has been like this since she was small. Despite that, this year she is sixteen years old, when will she be cured, I’m worried…”
“Hu, sixteen years old..


For that reason, Alysia thought Rish was comparatively childish for her age, but it seemed better to restrain from asking here. Then, the King said as he remembered.

“So then, since you’ll be staying in the Imperial capital until tomorrow, some guest rooms of the castle are available. How about staying overnight with the three of you together?”
“…Not if I receive an attack in while asleep in bed. Primarily in two ways. Therefore, it’s difficult, but I’ll get a lodging in town and come again tomorrow. …Rish, please release me.”

That said, Alysia tried to escape from the inside of Rish’s arms, however–

“Let go!”
“Let me out!”

“…And there were things said.”
“How do you do, it’s Rish!”

Here’s the inn in town centre. For four people to stay overnight, the widest room was prepared, now, this room had five girls present.

“Eh, huh? This nation’s Princess!?”
“Yes, it’s so.”
“Uwaa! I never thought I’d meet you!”

After all, a Princess is the object of women’s adoration in any world. With the exception of Alysia, the three seemed delighted and talked with Rish for half an hour. Claire, naturally, made friends with a fellow Princess. …Though it was hidden was she was a Princess, of course.

“And, why is it that Rish didn’t return to the castle?”
“I’m good, because I’ll return tomorrow. I’ll sleep with Alysia today.”
“I absolutely won’t sleep!”
“You will sleep.”
“No way!”

The two quarreling on whether or not to sleep, in the eyes of the other three it came to to be considerably pleasant. It was a digression that Sheriana, which mentioned the matter, severely condemned the two.

Consciousness surfaces. The strange colour continued everywhere in the vicinity, the feeling time and distance became vague. Alysia had recognition in such a place. When a dream was shown here, this was the usual place she would come.

“Hello! It seems that you was successful in meeting Princess Rish and Prince Leo.”
“What business is it today?”
“Well, there’s a little story.”

When she gets close and stands in front of Alysia, Kurobi adjusted herself to their match eye levels. Again, Alysia thought of the state of her body’s low stature reproachfully.

“…Well those two possess memories of their reincarnation. However, they are not from Earth.”
“Hu…I think I can accept that as valid.”
“You have got Death’s job as a helper in Heaven, wouldn’t you like to enter?”

The moment she heard about that, Alysia held interest in Kurobi and asked.

“Specifically, what kind of work?”
“Well yeah… something like sending off spirits to Heaven when you find them? Or maybe help ferry them across the river (tl; OF STYX), or judge them to be bound to Hell or Heaven. For the reward you would receive Heaven’s common currency or some other thing.”
“Yes, I’ve decided! It seems fun, I’ll have a go for now!”
“You speak fast. Well then, without delay…”

Kurobi said so, and took out one paper from her bosom. What’s written will be judged, something near to an application form.

“Fill all items written on this paper. See you tomorrow!”
“Eh, cho!? Wait!”

When Alysia noticed, her field of vision was swallowed by darkness, and, once more, she returned to reality—

“Nu…Nyemui….” (tl; yawn)

On the next morning, Alysia had woken up from the small amount of leak which leaked from the gap of the curtain. She turned her back and abdomen to crawl out from the inside of Rish’s arms, and shifted her attention near her pillow. Certainly, the paper which was handed to her by Kurobi in the dream was put there. The question, how was it put there, was set aside, and Alysia looked through the paper.

Rustle… (PASA)


The contents of the paper was very much ordinary. Many items were written in English, beginning with full name, sex and race, things such as mana, one’s strong points, etc. Alysia took out a fountain pen, and began filling in the forms one by one with her sleepy head.

“What are you doing, Aria?”

Appearing behind Alysia, who gave out a big yawn, was Sheria, who shouldn’t have been there. She was surprised about the abruptness, and completely let out a strange voice.

“Ah, Sheria?”
“Don’t be confused…what’s that paper?”
“Ah…this? It’s nothing. Sheria, what are you doing in here?”

When Alysia said so, Sheriana began to become restless all of a sudden. Whether something was the matter, the next moment after Alysia had thought that–

“…Nothing! It’s nothing~!”
“!? Sheria, wait!”

Sheriana ran away at top steed for some reason. Alysia tried to chase after her, but she had bad feeling, and remained as is. Among the two divided rooms of the inn, Sheriana hid in the bed of her room which was close to the entrance, at that time, she considered.

–Rish hugging Aria is enviable, I go too, but I can’t say it! Can’t say it~…!

The day when Alysia would know what Sheriana had been thinking about would never come for eternity. Correcting herself in the chair, she, once more, filled a column of text on the paper. While thinking why Sheriana ran away—


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Well yeah… something like sending off spirit to the heaven when you found them? Or maybe help them across the (afterlife) river, or judge them to bound for hell or heaven. For the reward you would receive the heaven common currency or some other thing

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