02-21 – Princess and Prince

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She advanced straight towards the town centre, and now Alysia had immediately come to the castle gate. A deep moat and a drawbridge, grey stone and brick fortified the castle walls. All making whole castle’s nobility feel strong. The drawbridge was lowered so that Alysia could speak with a spear-holding soldier. When the young girl donning a wonderful scarlet dress looked up at the relatively large castle, everybody thought it was strange.

“Young lady, what business do you have in the castle?”
“I have come to meet the King. When I say it’s Alysia, it’ll be understood…I think.”

Alysia’s spoke in a tone more polite than usual. Perhaps the matter between the King and her will be remembered, she told her name in order to meet with him.

“…Are you an acquaintance of the King? What kind of person are you?”
“I’m from Krado (クラード), a person from the Latrommia household.”
“You, I never…! No, it’s nothing. For the present, come this way.”

The drawbridge was crossed, they went through a garden, Alysia was shown to a wide room where a circular desk and chair lined up. It seemed like she needed to wait here for a moment. Looking around the room, many ornaments and decorations were put up on the wall. Looking around like this, Alysia killed time. Some time ago, words were caught, however, they were inconsequential times and were instantly driven into the corner of her mind.

Ten minutes passed in the room, and the soldier, from a short while ago, finally came back. According to the what he said, the King cheerfully consented to meeting with Alysia. While going towards the King, the guide soldier, who was silent until now, suddenly spoke to Alysia.

“I have a question, is it fine?”
“It is fine.”
“What kind of thing was there that got you to meet with the King?”
“On the day of my eighth birthday, the King came to the party.”

Hearing that, the soldier’s words fell silent again. Troubled by something, his eyebrows furrowed. Thinking that it was strange, Alysia spoke to the soldier.

“Er, what’s the matter?”
“It’s, no, it’s nothing…”
“Is that so.”

And then, before Alysia faced forwards.

At that time—


Suddenly, the soldier came and thrust the spear, aiming for Alysia’s back. It was a sudden thing, but it was somehow possible to avoid by shifting diagonally.

Swish… (Hirari)

A black thread danced in the air -no, it was Alysia’s hair. Perhaps even crossing the spear, it would be cut off. Letting the black thread flow in the wind, it settled on Alysia’s right hand.

“…I don’t care what your intention was, but my hair that grew for ten years until now was cut off. What will you say about it?”

The appearance of Alysia was completely different and just now, she seemed to not be surprised by the fact that there was a surprise attack from behind. Saying the truth, Alysia, personally, was considerable pleased with her long black hair. Holding her important hair with her right hand, she put it away in the pocket of her skirt. (tl; O_o)

“Let’s come to the King’s place. I cannot do without saying something for now.”
“! STOP! The King has nothing to say!”

Alysia teleported behind the soldier, seizing his collar while dragging him to the King–

“…Well, I don’t know the way to the King.” (tl; own guard doesn’t know? zz)

–Only it was not…

Eventually asking a waiter the way to the King, and walking for about five minutes, they arrived at the location of a huge double door made of iron and wood. By the way, when asking for the way, the waiter conversely asked about the soldier, but it was ignored.

“Excuse me for intruding!”


“What is it!?”

Although a human alone would have trouble opening the door, Alysia pushed it open very easily with two fingers. Both sides of the door opened with great force and made a large sound on the wall.

“King, it’s been a while! Remember about it?”
“Fo!? What is, Alysia…at any rate, you became large.”

The King looked at Alysia entirely up and down. Alysia certainly grew a considerable amount compared to the time when she was eight.

“What do you mean what. …At any rate, you’ve aged.”
“Fofo…your tone changed, but your character is still the same, as expected. It’s so, and…lying there, was that you?”

The King turned his attention behind Alysia to the front of the open door. There was the shabby form of the soldier with a portion of his armour attached to his body peeled off and fell. And yet, the spear was still not released, it was tightly held by his right hand which trembled. It seemed, to Alysia, that that guy had strong willpower.

“Well, because that man tried to stab a guest on the way to here, you don’t have to worry about it.”
“…Is that true?”
“So please don’t worry about it. May I gradually ask the main question?”

The main question was urged by Alysia by speaking a softer tone than usual. The King’s soldier was still a matter of concern, but the King showed Alysia the way to the next room.

Something like Earth’s black tea was carried to a sofa in the room where two people sat. When entertaining a guest, it’s the general tea you serve. Of course, if it’s taken from the Royal castle, something quite good would be used to make the flavour and taste.

“Do you need sugar?”
“I don’t need that. I enjoy the taste just as it is.”
“This one…how unusual.”

That said, the King puts sugar into his cup. So far, Alysia didn’t notice the many small decorations of the cup.

“Oh, it’s just a person’s taste.”
“So then. I assume we’ll enter the main question.”

And then, Alysia started to speak concerning the attack in detail. At twelve years old, when she was going to the academy via carriage, and then, the soldier from just some time ago. Most of the time, she finely described the situations at those times.

“Perhaps that guy who thought I should marry the Prince, or possibly that guy who did not take well to my rejections to your invitations, either one of those two in this case.”
“I see…I have an idea now, I’ll try asking around.”
“Thank you. At any rate, I don’t have sleeping pills that work for time differences…they aren’t effective, however that’s the purpose of this visit.”

The King made a marvelous expression. By no means did he think that the aims of Alysia included sleeping pills.

“Tasteless, odourless, colourless, and transparent, generally the perfect magical medicine for sleep. It’s fault is that magic can’t be used to its fullest.”
“Fofo…splendid knowledge as usual.”
“Why, thanks.”

The King fell silent for a while from Alysia’s answer which was saying as though it was a good way to be praised.

“…So, but what can I do? To also resolve the problem. For my son’s bride…”
“I won’t go. Sorry, but I’m not interested in a man.”

It was certainly a very natural thing to say. Even though things may appear this way, Alysia could say with confidence that she was originally a man. It was likely that for her whole life, Alysia wouldn’t get married.

“…Fond of women, that?”
“……Particularly not so much.
“Hou, how regrettable. The guy’s man-hating daughter…how troubling. Although it’s likely just cute curiosity. Try to meet my son and daughter sometime?
“Oh, sometime…”


At the same moment Alysia said so, somebody opened the door and entered.

“I was waiting for that word! Ah, so cute, like a doll!”
“Cho!? It’s suddenly become bad…”
“Eh, uwa!?”

Coming into the room was a young girl with long, light golden hair, and considerably well-ordered young man. As soon as the young girl entered the room, for some reason she strongly embraced Alysia. The person she was touching was probably the King’s daughter, and Princess. Standing behind the King with an amazed expression seemed to be the King’s son, the Prince.

The long-term relationship with Princess Rish and Prince Leo, at this moment, had begun–


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