02-19 – Fencing course 2

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With a fighting stance and a sword in hand, the students advanced. Alysia also went with her classmates. The surrounding students eyeballed the strange weapon Alysia had.

Alysia’s katana completely stood out among the other students’ swords. Speaking of which, it was a large long sword to swing. The length of the blade  was 3.5 Thermes (90 cm), and therefore, with Alysia’s stature, she shouldn’t be able to handle it.

Namely, not being able to unsheathe the sword was the reason it couldn’t be handled. Simpler, was the reason that she could not support its weight. The sword’s unique blade that curved allowed the sword to be unsheathed even at Alysia’s height, and body reinforcement due to magic made it possible to support the weight of the sword. How many among her classmates was able to notice this thing?

There, six students faced Alysia. Even among the students, Alysia, who was holding the katana considerably stood out. What happens when you stand out in a game? The answer is simple. It was the fact that they became to be aimed at by other people.

Among the six who approached, two men simultaneously shake and lower their swords.


The two swords’ impact was averted with the tilt of a sword. And then Alysia carried her sword her to side and countered with high speed. But there was no courage to cut in her sword.


With pitiful voices, they were blown away behind into the other four people, and fell to the ground.

“Waa…not dead?”

Alysia saw miserable spectacle and became quite worried, but there was no time to rest because a fireball approached from behind.

“Water dragon!”

Alysia’s instantly cast her original middle-class water magic, and the person who fired the fireball was easily washed away.

Afterwards, with just striking with the back of her sword and using beginner’s class magic, Alysia was one of the three remaining people. As for them, there was Alysia, a slim cat-man with a large sword, and…

“Why is Mr Berg participating in the game…”
“If the teacher participates, it’ll be impossible to win…”
“Well, if you take a look at their strength, right now is too early for us too.”

For some reason, Mr Berg, and also the shocked cat-man, deeply sighed.

“So, let’s take a look at their strength? What is everyone’s assessment?”
“Nah, everyone except you two is weak”
“Don’t say it like that”

Alysia and the man’s voiced piled up. In a circumstance such as this, Mr Berg shrinked back for a moment, and immediately restoreed his posture.

“Oh, for now, should we do it with three people?”
“It’s questionable, and I have objections…but it’s fine.”
“Me too, likewise.”
“Is that so? Then, let’s go!”

Mr Berg declared, and vanished from the sight of the pair. Alysia looked around to search to Mr Berg, but it was inevitable.

“It’s here!”

The sudden presence astonished Alysia, who looked behind, but without responding fast enough, she received the complete attack.



The man also received the attack the same way on his side, and was blown away.

Just before her consciousness fell into the darkness, the last thing Alysia saw was the cat-man who fell by Mr Berg, next to a fallen sword stuck in the ground on its own.

Light entered through her eyelids from her surfacing consciousness. She felt that she happened to be put to sleep in bed. With her eyes accustomed to the light, she surveyed her surroundings.

“Alysia, are you up?”
“A…Mr Fizz…and Mr Berg?”

Mr Fizz and Mr Berg stood beside the bed. It seemed to be the school infirmary here. Mr Fizz seemed worried, and Mr Berg seemed sorry and looked at Alysia.

“Bad! Childish! Because there were two people I just…”
“…Leaving that aside…how did you do that instant movement? Magic did not seem to be used, and being that fast there’s no way it was invoked. Is it perhaps pure bodily ability?”

To that question, Mr Berg instantly showed a trouble expression. It was something he’d prefer not to say, Alysia guessed.

“A, well, if you don’t want to say it, you don’t have to say it…”
“No, I’ll say it…it’s using something like biological energy itself. With that, you can pull out an abnormal level of strength.

Hearing that, Alysia came up with a certain thing. Judging it was in tune with this situation and might work, Alysia asked Mr Berg.

“In that case, would you teach me how to use it? I’ll forgive it only if you do?”

Alysia dared to emphasise only. This meant that, as long as she could get away with it, it’ll be good for Alysia.

“Oh, oh, I see. But I’m concerned if you have the degree of talent to handle it? If you have a weak mind, even just a little, you’ll die.”
“I won’t die at this extent. Are you available at any time?”

She was unafraid of death because her life had already been thrown away once, and she learned about the existence of the world after death. However, Alysia wouldn’t die to this degree of exhaustion.

“That…is wonderful…everyday, after twelve I have spare time, how about that?”
“I see, I’ll leave it to you.

Alysia said so and tried to jump off the bed. So Mr Fizz rushed and tried to stopped her.

“Please wait a moment! Because the wound was on your neck, I saw it. What is that magic circle on your back?”

Alysia took the sword which was placed on the bedside with her hand, and ran to escape the infirmary. No, she had to escape. Because the magic circle was something to reveal the wings on her back.

She passed three people who were walking in the opposite side of the school building and kept running towards the dormitory room.

“Aria!? Are you alright?”
“I was about to go visit just now.”
“It’s entirely okay! Because I’m fine, please don’t worry about me!”

At the end of the day, she obtained her long-cherished sword, and the prospect of practices of her mind was in sights, too. There was progress in the variety and density, Alysia thought. (density of training)

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“Nah, everyone except you two is weak”
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