02-17 – Magic and Sorcery Studies course

TL: Thatguywhosthere

Alysia and Sheriana arrived in a wide room in the corner of the fifth floor, and kept moving past the human and animal people crowding around.

The windowless room was dimly lit with flames by the use of magic circles on the expensive delta roofed ceiling. Because of that, this classroom had a doubtful atmosphere.

“The two over there.”

Then suddenly a people from behind them spoke. Because it was abrupt, they turned around surprised, and a serious-looking aunt with grey-hair and glasses was there.

“Just on time. If possible, next time arrive to your seat before it’s time.”
“I see.”

It seemed to be the teacher of this subject. The pair sat down, choosing seats adjacent to the teacher.

“Then the research course will begin now. This research course for magic is important to learn theory of how magic is exercised, and the development of future magic.”

This was going to be a very unpopular subject, Alysia thought. There were a lot of people who thought that the current existence of magic was enough, so the amount of magic researchers decreased and new magic wasn’t developed. It was a guess from Alysia that the civilisation form this world would be nearly a thousand years ago, in the Middle Ages, as it was called on Earth.

It was thought that the study and development of magic would be a good time waster, so Alysia chose this subject to spend time in.

“Call me Mrs Ronell. Then right away, we will begin the class. I’ll explain the principle of basic magic first.”

As she said so, she was renamed to Auntie Ronell…so Mrs Ronell had a cane (wand?) in hand and stood in front of the board in the front of the class. With the cane in hand and something to write in the other, she wrote characters on the board.

“For example, in the case of the water system, it’s imagined that what’s not visible may be collected in space. This is called an “expression”, all other systems have an expression. In the case of the wind system, you grasp the air and imagine wind flowing in a certain direction, and with the fire system, you would imagine ultra-fast moving images (hotter it is, the faster particles move), so a flame is burned at the location. It is unclear what these expressions mean yet.”

Many students inquired about the explanation given by Mrs Ronell with an expression that starts a debate, or a head tilted on the side, or having a questioning look, etc. But Alysia was different. She had an expression that she was convinced.

‘I thought so. When it’s the water system, the small amount of water in the air is condensed. Air is grasped and can move in the case of the wind system. With the fire system, movement makes the temperature rise, and starts a fire. In order words, magic is a supernatural force…which can artificially manipulate elements!’

With the collective knowledge from Earth, Alysia could fully understand the character of magic.
But it was impossible for an element which couldn’t be observed to be accepted by the residents of this world, so Alysia had a complicated feeling.


Alysia fell prostrate on the desk and faced Sheriana. Because of  Alysia’s strange conduct, she spoke worriedly.

“You all right?”
“Next will be the explanation about other magics.”

After a while, Mrs Ronell stands in front of the board and resumes talking. Many students in the classroom turned their eyes to Mrs Ronell and rearranged their posture to listen to her. As expected, there seemed to be a lot of serious students in this class.

“When comparing other magics, like hypnosis and telepathy, because they aren’t in the generic system, they have an independent 『expression』. Meaning that, perhaps, there is a possibility to increase the amount of systems, but…”

The teacher stopped talking so people pay attention, and resumed.

“Everyone knows, that for approximately one hundred years, the amount of systems haven’t increased. It’s an opinion from many magic researchers that the discovery of new systems would be difficult. Any questions at this point?”

When the teacher declared that, many students raised their hands, and Mrs Ronell answers each question one by one. Once again, Alysia…

‘New system…? Even if water and wind aren’t used, the ice system should be the reverse of flame magic which would make the temperature fall. The thunder system would also be by moving electrons…wow, magic is huge!’

Alysia made thoughts about development new magics one after another. It was suggested to inform Mrs Ronell, but Alysia was fearful about what would happen.

“Then I’ll make today’s explanation just this, and go to the library. In the library underground, there is room where you can conduct research.

Then Mrs Ronell opened the door of the classroom and prompted to come. Follow that, Alysia and Sheriana went to the school’s underground library.

Everyone in the research course had come to the first floor of the underground library presently. If they looked around, books, books, books. The scale of the bookshelves which stood in rows and even reached the ceiling made Alysia recall the back room in the village of the elves.

Since there are no maps distributed to the students, you would get lost and a day would be lost. It wasn’t an exaggeration. After all, wherever they went, the same view followed.

Mrs Ronell stops.

“The books in this column are more or less useful. When you have a book you’d like to read, return here.”

After Mrs Ronell said so, everyone in the class scattered, and Alysia went to look for a book she wanted.

“What do you want to do?”
“For me…I’d like this book.”
“Huh, it’s already been decided?”

Alysia had pointed to a grimoire for the light and dark systems, which was normally difficult to obtain. Because only intermediate magic written (published?), Alysia had a fair amount of trouble learning in the past. (1)

“Sheria, how about this? I can also help with your studying.”
“Umm…all systems master-beginner’s course magic?” (2)
“I have already learned this.”

Sheriana immediately heard this, and went back to where Mrs Ronell was. Sheriana respected Alysia, it was the same even now. Alysia, wondering about the state of Sheriana, chased her in a hurry.


1. 以前、やっとの思いで手に入れた学習書も、中級魔術しか書かれていなかったため、かなり苦労したのを憶えている。
2. えーと……全系統マスター初級魔法魔術?


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