02-16 – Combat Practice course

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The four, who majored in combat practice had come to the school guild.
They were supposed to go to class, but they were here because of the summons from the dog-man teacher, Mr Dal. The wooden building that was the guild received a flood of students.

Mr Dal, who was at the reception desk informed Alysia, even though he was extinguished with many voices. It took a long time for students taking combat practice to finally gather in the room behind the reception desk.

“Oh! You guys, because this is the very first lesson, it means we can look at your talent and see what you can do!”

Probably because his voice didn’t project a while ago, Mr Dal makes his voice louder. By then, it was needless to say that the image of a “noisy teacher” had planted in the minds of students.

“As for the schedule, a request for suppression is the first thing for class! Then we can see your current skill as much as possible. Magic and sword skills is currently not possible because…the person in charge of each subject isn’t present. If anyone has a question, raise your hand!

Mr Dal kept advancing his explanation boldly in front of the students. Because no one raised their hands at the time, and told the students.

“With this, let’s go to the forest north of the school and suppress the Bell wolves!”

Like its name suggests, the Bell wolf is a low-grade demon beast. They aren’t very strong alone, but because of their large numbers and because they often target travelers, they’ve been made a target for suppression.

They walk through the back door north of the school, and in half an hour, they already advanced to the dim forest.
Many of them didn’t talk and was vigilant to their surroundings. Because their present position in the forest could be said to be deep, the F grade, or low-grade demon beasts and Bell wolves frequently appearing wasn’t strange.

“I’m afraid, this is my first time in such a place…”
“Alysia, protect…”

But there were two people who weren’t watchful of their surroundings and didn’t stop talking. Those two were Fian and Claire.
Both of them, trying not to go, clung to Alysia and Sheriana. It was slightly bothersome since they had to sit down.

“You two over there, separate yourselves.”
“I’m scared, it’s…”
“Please stop talking, get off quickly…!’
“Over there, quiet!”

Alysia received the warning of Mr Dal, the atmosphere around the four was uncomfortable. Alysia then sensed the sign of animals and magic in the vicinity.

But there was a problem. She understood that there was one that was stronger than the Bell wolves.

“…Teacher, there are two in front and one to the left.”
“There are? There’s no sign…!”

At the following instant after Alysia had said that, Mr Dal was surprised at the presence that showed which suddenly appeared. The presences suddenly approached from two directions.

Alysia immediately noticed and stood up, and kicked the animal that appeared from a bush from the bottom of the jaw. It was an instant action to protect Mr Dal. Of course, it was after Alysia had used body reinforcement.

“Yes, I’m okay!”

It was understood that when Alysia faced the animal and observed it, it was a Gill wolf, which was a superior kind of Bell wolf.

The black fur is the same as the Bell wolf, but the body size was incommensurable. When it faced Alysia, its height was four Thermes taller, it was quite large.
— Only now Alysia had ruefully thought about her height that wouldn’t develop for eternity.

“People who cannot fight yet go behind us as much as possible.”

Most of the students goes to the back at the voice of Mr Dal. The forms of the two, Fian and Claire, were also seen in it.
In the end, seven people, including Mr Dal was left at the front. There were only two girls, Alysia and Sheriana.

“…It’s coming!”

At the voice of Alysia, the other six people gather in a formation. People full out grimoires, swords, etc. It was various.


The two Gill wolves aimed for the five men when it sprung out simultaneously, and the Gill wolf that Alysia had kicked earlier had attacked Alysia and Sheriana.

— Deliver my wish! I wish for my blade to tear apart everything, the gulf of wind that cuts.

Sheriana removed a dagger from the lower back of her belt and made a blade of wind on the blade. The Gill wolf lunged at Sheriana, and at the same time the dagger was thrust into its back.


The Gill wolf turned aside and rushed to Alysia with the dagger stuck into its back.
Alysia shot water magic at the foot of the Gill wolf, and froze it with wind magic in order to lock its movement. And Sheriana, who aimed at the neck before because it was a vital point, removed the dagger and lowered her stance again.


“GAUU! RU…ga…”

“I did it!?”
“Seems like it! …Think it’s better for…you not to say words too much.”

At the same moment, Mr Dal cut down the remaining Gill wolf, and turned around to face Alysia.

“You two did well…Alysia, was it? Thank you for noticing their presence earlier. I did not think you would use ice magic.”
“You’re welcome…it’s better to leave this place early, with the scent of blood, I don’t know what will come.”

When Alysia had said so, Mr Dal had made an agreeable response, and begun to urgently order the students out of the forest.

Everyone who had gone out to the forest had returned to the combat practice classroom and was immediately dismissed. Mr Dal had returned, and in a hurry, went to inform this matter to the principal.

The next subject was the research course with Sheriana.
“It’s the black-winged Alysia!”
“The first grader that made him surrender…”
“Did you hear? Even a Gill Wolf was defeated by the combat practice class a short while ago!”

It wasn’t their imagination that they seemed to be delayed for some reason in going to class. The rumour had spread regarding the Gill wolves.

The pair pushed the crowd aside and ran to class inside the building where they couldn’t easily move.



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