02-14 – Elf Village 2

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“Excuse me, I’m sorry…”
“I’m sorry? What are you doing in the middle of the night…tsk.”

Standing in the front of the gate, Alysia spoke to the gatekeeper. But he stepped back and readied the spear in his hand. That’s what you would expect because the Princess of the village was behind Alysia, who had open wings like a bat.

If it was just the Princess, then there would be no problem. She could return anytime she wanted, but the problem was Alysia. Her wings oozed magic and her presence intimidated the gatekeeper.

“Away, you wretch! Get your hands off the Princess…!”

The pair, Alysia and Claire had turned their eyes to the overly cautious gatekeepers as if they saw something interesting.

“…Since when did I put my hands of Claire?”
“No, nothing has happened to me…right?”
“Even if you ask for agreement, it’s troubling”
“To speak like that to the Princess! What!”

Such things were said by the curious pair, but it seemed like this was disagreeable to the gatekeeper.

“This is Alysia Latrommia, a friend at school.”
“… If you are the friend of the Princess, I’m sorry. Please forgive my impoliteness.”

The gatekeeper lost his strength, bowed deeply to Alysia and opened the gate. This immediate change to new circumstances seemed to have been fascinating for the two, who laughed over and over.

They pass through the door in the huge tree root and enter the inside of the house, where a housemaid was. Rather than a home or a house, Alysia couldn’t help but call it a castle.

Ornaments placed in the vicinity, paintings hung on the wall and a chandelier suspended from the ceiling. An untrained eye would be able to understand that these were considerably expensive. Hundreds of candles which utilised flame magic had shone in the chandelier.

Alysia looked around and restlessly walked through the hollowed out trees that made it look like a long walk through a corridor. It became uphill and the holes in the wall became less crowded and was also getting higher.

Alysia climbed up until the leaves at the top part of the tree could be seen from the wall hole, at that place the housemaid stopped. This double door huh――So Alysia have generally guessed what was this place.

“Here is Mr Reraku’s study.”
“I know.”

Claire, who interrupted the housemaid’s words pushed the double doors open. A big, wide desk and a book shelf were lined across the opposite sides of the room.

The youth sitting down in the desk would be Claire’s father, but without looking at him, Claire opened a drawer placed near the door.

“Borrow father’s key to the vault and go!”
“Oh, Claire…stop!”
“Alysia, let’s go!”

Without listening to the voice her father telling her to stop, the pair came out of the study with just the key. The housemaid standing by the door was surprised, but guessing the circumstances, she immediately led Alysia to the vault.

“Thank you very much, you’re considerate.”
“Yes, because you are the Princess’ good friend.”

When Alysia thought had been seen, the housemaid entered the study. Perhaps she could persuade Claire’s father.

“Claire, is this okay?”
“It’s fine. Because father was opposed to me going to school.”
“…Thank you.”

Embarrassed, Alysia faced downwards. When she did, Claire took her hand and they started to climb the uphill corridor.

“There, what about that book on the ladder?”
“Hmm…It was here. Shelf number 107, at 17th row the entire series is identical, eh.”

It was Alysia who said so, and retrieved a great deal of books out of the shelf. Currently, the two could call the vault a jungle of history books, especially for covering vampire topics.

Nearly one-hundred books were already found, it’s the result of searching using Alysia’s mysterious theory of,
“Many things is a good thing”

“It’s about time to start reading.”
“Yes, I piled it over there.”

Alysia suggested to Claire, who pointed to a desk and sat down in a chair. To destroy the tower of books from top to bottom, they started to read.

“Oh…what’s this…?”
“Was there something?”

It took a while after they started to read. It was already evening and it seemed that Alysia had finally found a related book.

“This is a history book aimed for vampires. It is said that magic circles could possibly store their wings, as for the data, it is recorded in it. Then for the method, it manifested only by concentrating their magic power, and they should able to freely store it.”

Claire peeps at the magic circle in the book from the side of Alysia.
A double circle was drawn outside a six-pointed star. A hexagon was drawn inside that star, and to connect the vertices of the hexagon, another six-pointed star was drawn. Between the double circles were a variety of straight lines, curves, and symbols.
A bit like this, maybe? (my paint skills are 2gud)



Alysia, who tried to read and solve the contents, unconsciously turned away due to its complexity.

With a magical circle there is some kind of procedure to see how to cause the phenomenon. The two six-pointed stars, in this case, showed the necessary magic and the lines drawn in between the double circle carry out the role of creating the phenomenon. (1)

The shapes drawn on the inside, lines, triangles, squares, five/six/seven-pointed stars are used in witchcraft and can be used many times. Based on the complexity with the shapes, more magic is used. The magical circle described in the book had a huge mana consumption of over two thousand. When this was conveyed to Claire- (2)

“The amount of mana exceeds two thousand…well there’s no problem.”
“It’s not much of a problem.”

Such a conversation was performed.

Alysia, now, worked on analyzing the magic circle which she had abandoned. First, you draw the magic circle where the wings were, which would replace the substance that makes up the wing into magic, allowing for them to retract. After that, you would engrave the magic to manifest the wings on the back.

With magical power it was possible to do every possible supernatural phenomenon by will power, it was possible to the extent of converting material, but that is originally accomplished using  divine power. Magic power born since the creation of the world was derived from divine power, and in regards of such matters, magic power is inferior.

“Hmm…to make improvements by using divine power instead of magic…just a little bit of time isn’t enough.”
“Huh? What?”
“Ok, I give up, I’ll have to write on this piece of paper. Since it had come from that room.”

In order to get to the God Realm, magic ink and insulation paper was needed. Alysia took the fountain pen and paper given by Kurobi from her bag and started copying the magic circle. (Claire comes too)

At the dormitory room of the school, Fian was considerably irritated. It was because Alysia and Claire did not return yet. Sheriana was holding Fian.

“Why have they not returned yet! The other lessons will begin!”
“Because I almost returned, just a little more!”

Fian turned her attention to the open window. At that exact moment, Claire and Alysia came in from the window. And the wings from Alysia’s back changed its form into magic and became particles of light. The magic started at her feet and surrounded her for a while.

“I’m sorry for being late! Somehow made it.”
“I’m sorry, I stayed up all night. The village was also far and took three hours to go and two hours to return and…”

Then Sheriana, who was held down Fian until now, ran into Alysia. Staggering for moment with a troubled face, Alysia stroked the head of Sheriana.

“Am I being ignored? Ignored!? Even though I’m your roommate…”

With the sacrifice of breakfast and the heartbreaking cries of Fian, they arrived to class in the last-minute.


1. 魔法陣とは基本的に、どのような手順を以てその現象を起こすのかという事を表す物であった。この場合、内側に描かれている二つの六芒星は必要な魔力を表し、二重の円の間に描かれた線が、それぞれの記号、つまり現象一つ一つを繋ぎ合わせる役割を果たしているのである。
2. 内側に描かれる図形は、直線、正三角形、正方形、五、六、七芒星という順に使用魔力が多くなり、何重にも重ねて使えるのは、例えば六芒星なら、直線、正三角形、六芒星と、頂点の数の約数の頂点を持つ図形のみである。本に描かれていた魔法陣はつまり、魔力使用量が二千を越える大魔法なのであった。そのことをクレアに伝えると――


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“Then Sheriana, who held down Fian until now, ran into Alysia.”

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“Then Sheriana, who was held down by Fian until now, ran into Alysia.”

madospicy · March 7, 2015 at 7:16 PM

TLC, I think I don’t need to check the drawing sentence, your drawing is more than enough lol

(Arisia) climbed up until the leaf at the top part of the tree could be seen from the wall hole, at that place the housemaid stopped. This double door huh――So Allisia have generally guessed of this place.

Hmm….It was here. Shelf number 107, at 17th row the entire series is identical eh

magical power possible to do every possible supernatural phonomenon by will power, it possible to the extent of converting material, but that is originally accomplished using za zivine power ze, magic power born since the creation of the world from derivation of the divine power, in regard of such matter the magic power is inferior.

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      This is a history book aimed for Vampire. It is said that magic square possible to store their wing, as for the data, it is recorded in it(yo). Then for the method, it manisfiested only by concentrate to distribute(<– if you know more proper word, change this) their magic power, and they should able to freely store it.

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