02-13 – Elf village 1 

TL: Thatguywhosthere

The transfer to the dorm room was a safe success, but there was a big problem.
Currently, Alysia had bat wings that couldn’t be hidden. Moreover, it didn’t seem like Fian was in the dorm room. When “they” strangely move, and are seen by other people, the pitiful names will spread. She arrived to the conclusion that waiting for Fian to come back was the safest thing to do.

In the midst of thinking of an excuse for the wings, Alysia remembered a certain thing. Because of the training, it was in the back of her mind. Today was the day to choose which subjects to take. Finding the paper with the subject choices, Alysia thought about which subjects to take.

On the other hand, the three, Fian, Sheriana and Claire, who were in a lesson, were anxious about Alysia, who didn’t show up this morning. Class ended, and when it was time to return, they went to Fian’s room. It was the hangout spot for the four. Because of the thundering cry, it was possible that Alysia had returned.

“Excuse me”

The three were going to enter the room, and Alysia, who had not come up with any excuse for what happened, was desperate and hasty.
Unable to hastily think of an excuse, Alysia gave up and decided to be honest to the three.

And they opened to door to the room.

Creak… (GACHA)

“…Oh, welcome back…”

The three entered and the first thing they saw was Alysia laying on the bed. And the big wings on her back.

“Alysia, that…”
“…I was right after all!”
“… In order to explain, just sit over there!”

Alysia said so and made the three sit in chairs in the living room, and also sat in a vacant seat. At this moment, the unaware person spoke excitedly.

“…The wing was hidden after all?”
“I slept, and it grew.”
“Even if it grew…”

Sheriana said amazed.
A vampire with wings shouldn’t have been born in over one hundred years. Just this was surprising, it was enough to be amazing. Sheriana stood up behind Alysia, and started to fiddle with her wings.

“This is vampire folklore… wings like a bat…”
“Stop, stop touching it!”
“Oh, you are Punipuni!” (1)
“Oh, quit it! Get away!”

The wing joint was very weak, but moving the wings was possible because of the training. It was possible to escape Sheriana by moving the wings greatly.

“But I need a bit of advice.”
“What is it?”

At the night of that day, the four were gathered. Alysia wanted advice concerning the wings. For some reason, she had a bag.

“These wings just as they are, can I go out to school?”
“Umm…how should it be done?”
“…Well! I have an idea!”

Claire confidently raised her hand. Everybody didn’t have a clue, so they all looked towards her.

“It is my village. It prospered for several thousand years, so I think there are history books written about vampires. You might find something about this.”
“History books, perhaps a method of concealing the vampire wings was written.”
“Yes, but it takes two days by carriage to my village…”

Claire seems to have come to a deadlock at an important place and makes a dark expression. But Alysia wouldn’t stop with just this.

“If it takes two days by carriage, then a carriage shouldn’t be used.”
“Oh, isn’t a carriage the fastest method of movement?”

In other words, Alysia was talking about her wings and flight magic. With this method, Alysia was confident she could move at a speed of ten times that of a carriage.

“Because I want Claire to come, I’ll cast flight magic. Is that okay?”

Alysia immediately applied the flight magic on Claire.

“Wa…I’m actually flying!”
“We will return on the dawn of tomorrow! Let’s go!”

She made a will and flew out of the open window. Sheriana was fascinated by the form of the opened wings and was unable to recover for several minutes.

They flew for three hours at an impossible speed of half the speed of sound (170 m/s) and arrived at the immense village where the trees flourished.

The village was located deep in the mountains. It felt too large to be called a village, Alysia was surprised because she originally thought that it was small. There were a variety of houses, hollowed out trees and log cabins atop of the trees.

Inside the village, there was a remarkably large tree. It seemed that that was Claire’s house. The two of them spoke to the person that seemed to the the gatekeeper of the village while holding their chest throbbing with expectation and tension.


1. おー、ぷにぷにしてる!


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