02-12 – Black winged Alysia

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After two months of training, with Kurobi teaching her the method of handling divine power, Alysia noticed something.

“…Hey, is my divine power increasing a little?”
“That is so…there’s no reason for it not to increase when sucking my blood like crazy.”

When hearing that from Kurobi, Alysia rejoiced at heart. When divine power increases naturally with training, it is a good thing.
-Without being familiar with it, one can waste nearly half of their divine power. You could say that the study of handling divine power efficiently is an important one.

“After, can I suck some more blood?”
“Eh, such a thing…I can’t decline. Okay…”

Although she disliked it a little, sucking blood delighted her. Blood such as this was unrivaled. Every vampire in the world surely want to taste it. However, she felt a bit bad that Sheriana could monopolise her blood.

“A God is also a life-form, if you… suck too much blood…”
“Okay, I’ll keep training myself under you.”

Alysia’s tight smiling mouth was wet with blood, it wasn’t such a problem for her! Kurobi tsukommi’d in her head.

More time had passed, and Alysia learned the method of using the direct power of divine power. There seems to be a way to use divine power more efficiently than magic. For example, it seemed that you could easily use spells that require a lot amount of magic for an instant.
…And as for Kurobi, who was flying through the air, had a beaten body.

“Look out! Avoid the place to your side, not your diagonal!”
“Wowwow, rely on your hands!” (1)

What’s important in magic is the mana and efficiency of the magic, as well the speed of releasing the magic.
A normal human can release mana at a rate of twenty per second, or thirty, in the case of magical knights appointed in palaces. But for Alysia, it was already possible to release mana at a rate beyond one hundred per second. It was even faster than that of vampires, without considering the age.

Divine power boasts a strength seven times more powerful than magic, but Alysia could only use it at 60% efficiency. At this stage, Alysia could release magic four times as powerful.

“Flame balls, ninety-six, dense!”

Alysia made a much as ninety-six huge balls of flames appear. When fighting against the demon beast, like that enormous boar, only around twenty were larger than it. The flame balls approached Kurobi with complicated movements.

The flame balls surrounded Kurobi. She heard the word “dense” in the invocation and understood that about the flame balls. Kurobi decided to obediently come under fire because she couldn’t escape using normal means due to the complicated movement.


WHOOSH! (or ROAR of the fire)

Wrapped in flames, Kurobi fell to the ground. Alysia hurried to where she fell and held Kurobi.

“Haha…I still wasn’t serious.”
“I only hear sour grapes, but it’s probably true…”

That night, as a prize for beating Kurobi for the first time, Alysia could suck her blood everyday, but not to the extent of death by blood loss.

The time where eleven months have probably passed from beginning training, Alysia tried waking up and an outrageously strange feeling was felt upon her shoulder and back. Although this was a matter of concern, she slid into the futon to doze off.
But something odd happened.


She felt pain in the strange place on her back. Because of the pain, she wondered what it was.

After all, the pain disturbed her sleep, and slowly from bed, she sleepily went towards the doorknob in the room.


When she walked like she normally did, she nearly lost her balance from behind. She who thought something had crowded the corner of her vision, turned her neck, and saw “that” at last.

‘What’s this…’

Unfamiliar jet black wings like those of a bat grew out of her back. It was certainly the wings traditional vampires had possessed.

Then Alysia had tried to run away and hide from Kurobi, but hiding your wings from a God–

“Hmm…I wonder. Maybe it’s like a throwback? I think it might have been affected from the divine power.”
“Maybe because I drank too much blood…?”

-After all, she came to talk to Kurobi which led current situation.

“…Because I know, for a fact, that you sneaked into my bed at night and had a midnight snack. It’s your own fault, haha!”
“It has come to light…anyways, this is no laughing matter! As it is now, is there are way to hide it from everyone at school?”
“Do something by yourself? Now, let’s get started!”

She said it as she went out of the house with Alysia chasing her outside. What she would do about her wings had made her anxious about how she would end up.

In addition, flying practice with the wings had been added to the day’s schedule.

Then one month later, it was the end of the training period in subspace and it was time to return from the God realm, so she sunk onto the floor.

“The wings…how will I do it…”

In the high-ceilinged Shinto shrine, her spiritless murmur echoed. Kurobi, with an expression that seemed to say “I told you so”, lifted up Alysia and had her stand in place.

“Fufu, isn’t this your fault? Now, return to your school dormitory.”
“Eh, wait a minute…!”

When Alysia backed up, Kurobi began concentrating her divine power to teleport Alysia. This was bad. Although Alysia had tried to interfere by using her divine power, her power was not as much as a God’s, and so, the transition would occur in one minute.

“Ah, stop! STOP!”
“Well, some other time! If there is anything, just call.”

Though she resisted until the very end, it didn’t mean anything. And Alysia, now in possession of wings, was released into the school dormitory.


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