02-11 – Feast of the blood of a God

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Alysia, without using invocation, casts ice magic, which is a higher rank of water and wind magic, towards the demon beast rushing towards her with tremendous spirit.


Twenty icicles were fired off simultaneously at the demon beast.



Just before it hit, the wind magic which freezes the water disappears, and the icicles returned to water due to the heat of the friction of the air.

Immediately, beginner’s class flame magic was cast recklessly with excessive magic, and was fired at the beast.
It was the first ever magic that she cast.

But just before the huge fireball hits the beast, it disappears.

This demon beast could neutralise magic. Of course, a superior demon can use magic, even barrier magic wouldn’t be strange.


The beast attacked Alysia, but she escaped with instantaneous movement. She could only handle this with magic. Alysia concentrated divine power in left arm.

A huge, light sword appeared. Kurobi taught her that almost everybody can handle divine power like this.

“Is this alright…?”

It was beyond her expectations, but whether it would succeed or not was worrying. Although if this much could easily be done, then she was convinced with what she had said.

Holding the light sword towards the demon beast, who turned to face her, she pulled her arm back and readied herself.

“For-EEI!” (throwing noise)



The demon beast was easily cut in two exact halves. Perhaps its resistance to things other than magic was quite low. The demon beast was baked in the light and the smell of burning meat drifted through the air. (tl; divine power is not magic, it seems)

“Phew…I’m tired…”

Fatigue was a consequence when divine power was used. Alysia quickly returned to the school by flight. She decided to bring back some of the meat of the defeated demon beast.

When she arrived, it was already evening, and the sky was dyed a deep red. She landed at a place far away from the school, and after entering the gate, ran towards the dormitory.

She entered her room, three people turned and faced Alysia.

“You’re slow! I wasn’t going to eat dinner if everyone was out!”
“Late. Let me drink blood as punishment!”

She was scolded by Fian and Sheriana because of her slow return. Behind the two was Claire, who calmed the two down with an elegant chuckle.

After that, they went outside the school district the have dinner, except that Sheriana had chased Alysia all the way crying out “let me suck your blood”. If you exclude this fact, the day ended with nothing much happening.

In the next morning, rather, during midnight while it was still dark, Alysia changed her clothes and took a crumpled piece of paper from the shelf. It goes without saying that this was the way to get to the location that Kurobi was at.

Like before, when Alysia had trained in subspace, today was the next promised day for training. Because she didn’t want Sheriana or Claire to know, she intentionally chose this time. Since it was in subspace, she could return “immediately” because time advances slowly.

She uncrumpled the paper and stood on top of it with a grimoire in her hands. Like the last time, there was just a small shine. With just this much magic, nothing would happen.

For a while, Alysia releases her third stage of magic and with a flash, she disappeared.

Her consciousness surfaced little by little. A tired feeling like this was pleasant and you would like to just stay in place.


After stretching herself and slowly opening her eyes, Kurobi was there, as expected. By looking around, it seemed that this was a forest in subspace.

“Awake? This time I tried calling you into the subspace directly, looks like it was a success.”
“…If it fails, what happens?”

With insecure words, Alysia energetically stood up and asked Kurobi.

“As for that…maybe you would be thrown out into space where…there is nothing and it is nowhere.”
“…I would like to die naturally at least…Haah…I don’t want to die yet.”

With a deep sigh, Alysia folded her arms and headed towards the woods.
It goes without saying that she would have to do the training, which will last for a month, as she thought so, Kurobi suddenly said-

“It’s not going to mean that…”
“Read my mind!?”
“Out your mouth, training for a month?” (1)
“Oh, so…”

Alysia thought carefully and stopped her talking. She should be careful of the words coming out of her mouth. Though Kurobi was a God, she was unsure whether she could truly read minds.

“Well, is that right? If there is information about demon attacks, therefore…” (2)
“So, it’ll be troublesome? How about training here for one year?”
“Oh, reading minds!?”

Their words piled up and like before, Kurobi surprised Alysia. But it wasn’t particularly because her mind was read. With a broad smile, she guessed and said,

“As I expect, it’ll be telepathy?”
“Impossible to say.”

For some reason, Kurobi was discouraged.

Later, when three days have passed in subspace, Alysia felt a strange feeling like before.
A craving for…
Her cheeks blushed, it was an overpowering instinct, a yearning for something like when you’re hungry.

“Kurobi…I…a little…”
“…What happened?”

Kurobi got closer to Alysia. But she unconsiously felt like she was aiming for her. She had heard from Kurobi that Gods are living entities too.

“Blood…I want to drink…”

Alysia moved via teleportation and was onto the back of Kurobi. She lunged her fangs into her neck. Because Kurobi was much taller than Alysia, she had to hold on by wrapping her legs around her hip.

“My blood…drank too much…”

Alysia became absorbed in the sweetness of the blood. The sweetness and power in the blood captivated Alysia.

Because of her bloodsucking instinct that surfaced every several weeks and lasted for a few hours, drinking Kurobi’s blood became a habit.
This, without knowing, would cause incidents later–

2.「えー、あのね? 下手したら、魔界がもっと早く攻め入るかも知れないって情報があって……だから」


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