02-10 – Western plains

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When she noticed, Alysia stood in a white, square space. Far in front of her was Kurobi who was wearing a white dress.

“Hello! Today’s a wonderful day, even though you were…sucked up…”
“Yeah…weakness is wonderful.”

It seemed that Kurobi had seen everything that had happened to Alysia. This was enough to make Alysia embarrassed, but she didn’t say anything because this secured her safety.

“Weakness, huh, you didn’t resist being preyed upon, you know? Rather than feeling weak, it was…”
“You don’t have to say it…I know.”

The prey here was Alysia. Certainly she was going to resist, but looking back, no resistance had occurred.

“We can assume that’s good…and…the relationship between you and Sheriana can’t go back.”
“What do you mean…?”

Hearing this, Alysia was perplexed.

“As for that…why she wanted your blood was because large amount of magic and divine power in your blood that would affect her body. In fact, her life will also be extended.”
“Oh, I see…exactly how long?”

A vampire can receive magic from drinking blood. But when there is divine power and spiritual power, what might happen can easily be imagined. This would significantly impact Sheriana’s life.

Timidly sitting down, Alysia waits for Kurobi’s response.

“Well…maybe…her body will no longer grow and her lifespan will be 7 000 years long. Divine power will have a strong influence on her.”
“…Will you make me take responsibility?”

If having a long life was because of Alysia’s blood, then she would have to take responsibility for it. Having a long life will mean other people will disappear. You will inevitably be haunted by loneliness.

“I won’t do or say anything. It’s up to you, let her have more if you want.”

Her vision shakes suddenly. Alysia’s consciousness faded and when she noticed, she had woken up.
There was small talk, but after Sheriana got up, she suggested to take a bath to wash away the blood. Alysia was embarrassed and, though reluctant, she and Sheriana soaked themselves in the bathtub.

Class, this morning, was prematurely cancelled.
Alysia noticed Fian practicing magic, and to prevent any problems, faced the grassy plains west of the school, to cast strong magic. She wanted to fly in the sky, but only did so after getting away from the school. There was no excuse if anyone witnessed her flying.

After a four hour flight, Alysia had reached her destination. A river was flowing, and a forest was visible in the distance. Nature was abundant. One would hesitate to cast flame magic here.

Today, Alysia had come to this place to inspect her “far fetched” ability of contradiction. Alysia wanted to find uses for her ability after getting a feel for it. She wanted to know how many things were possible with her current ability.

To test out her contradiction, she used pebbles lying around. Here it was appropriately referred to as stoning.

Alysia picked up a nearby pebble in the midst of the grass that would be easy to throw. Divine power is used so it can fly to the target and hit it. She imagines the magic in great detail.

When the image becomes clear, she takes aim at the overgrown leaves on a tree and throws.



The pebble that was thrown hit and removed the targeted leaves like it was natural. This surprised Alysia, who let out a wondrous sigh.

While piling up practice, two things were roughly understood.

The first was that it was not possible to enchant an object with contradiction, and the other was from the events that had occurred, this was not something to used on the streets. (tl; magic infused stuff is dangerous)

It was currently not possible to add the property of “certain hit” to objects, but could move the object. Alysia wondered if she could improve this in the future.

When taking a break, Alysia felt unease and surveys her surroundings unconsciously. The low toned rumble of the ground gave an unpleasant feeling that spread to your stomach.

—Something is coming!?

Alysia’s sharp hearing quickly sensed something.

It came from far away, in the direction of the lush forest.
Alysia took the magic book from her bag and was shocked at the huge thing that appeared in the next moment.

“Eeeeeeh!? What!?”

Unfortunately for Alysia, she had encountered the animal that dominates the plains.
It was a wild boar with a huge castle-like body that laid waste to all the flora and fauna of the area, known as a demon beast.


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