02-07 – Classroom hustle and bustle

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Alysia and Fian was on the third floor, standing before the entrance of the S class for first graders. The inside of the classroom was clamorous. There was a considerable resistance to enter the classroom.

Standing before the double door entrance, they pushed on the doors lightly and felt themselves pushing against a thick, heavy wall.

“I’m gonna open it.”

With a quiet conformation, Alysia glanced sideways at Fian.

“Excuse me for being late.”

As soon as the door opened, Alysia apologised to the teacher for being late.
— And in the next moment, they were met with the piercing gazes of their classmates.


While Alysia stood in place open-mouthed, conversations filled the room.

“The ones from the rumour!?”
“She made him surrender…”
“It’s the black-winged Alysia.”

— Such a pitiful name has been acquired.

The person in charge of this class is the very same Mr Fizz that was also in charge of her entrance procedure. To calm the students down, he walked around the room shouting.

“You guys! When will you shut up!?”
“Teacher, the heck does that mean…”

“Ah, you fought in the hallway? And when you flew through the sky at that time, a vampire with wings…I want to believe it…”
“Don’t believe it!”

Vampires with wings are a myth in this world. It’s said that ordinary vampires had wings 1500 years ago, but they have completely disappeared now. The last record of them was 500 years ago, when they ambushed the helpless military and killed them.

However, Alysia didn’t have wings on her back, it was a hoax.

“No, that’s an exaggeration.”
“I want a signature!”
“Me too!”

It was completely impossible to convince them otherwise. Before Alysia had entered the room, their delusions of Alysia’s appearance had already become a reality.

“With your permission, we would like to designate an official fan club…”
“Alysia, let’s get married!”
“I also want a signature!”

Meanwhile, even Mr Fizz joined in and jokingly asked Alysia for a signature. She ignored the teacher and to make their delusions disappear she explained to them one by one. To those wanting a signature, she told them she had no such wings, but she still gave out one written in Enguraishia. Uninterested, she refused the disturbing proposal of a fan club and for the proposals of marriage, she cut them with an immediate refusal.

…After being refused, the expressions of despair could be seen in their hearts.

“Kill me, though it’s just the first day…”

After spending time in class, her class finally calmed down and they learned about their class’ schedule. The seat appointed to Alysia was a windows seat on the left side in the front row. She shared a long desk with Fian, who was to her right.

“Our schedule is as following: mornings and afternoon lessons last for three hours. In the morning, mandatory subjects such a language will be learned and in the afternoon, there are things you will practice.”

Alysia was thinking, the lesson requirements isn’t too difficult. The national language of the three great powers is Japanese too, it’s not much different from on Earth.

“If you pass in your subjects, you will advance one class. But please keep in mind that when you fail, you will be lowered by one class. You are comprehensive in all subjects, that is why you are in the S class.”

This means that in the course of seven years, how well you perform will decide your class.
Fian, to the right of Alysia, stood up.

“I have a question! What kinds of practice are there?”
“I will distribute a paper about it now.”

As he said so, he handed out a paper to the sitting down students. Alysia received the paper and saw a large list of subjects to select.

“Please choose which subjects you would like to study, you will have a time of three days to decide. So until then, you will only be learning morning classes. That way you can become accustomed to the school.”

The teacher distributed another bunch of papers with things that the students needed to remember.

“Because the rules of the school are written here, please read it carefully. Inside buildings, you may not use magic, as well as…?”

Having looked at the rules, Alysia’s heart stopped. Now that she knew this rule, she regretted doing what she did.
After that, usage of the school’s facilities/clubs, school ID, etc were explained.

The ID card seems to function like a card with a magnetic strip, using magic in place of the magnet and is used as a key for your dormitory room.

Though this word cultural level was that of the 18th Century, the middle-ages, the technology possible from magic is on a similar level to Earth. In fact, the culture in this world from a thousand years ago is said to be very similar to now, so development must have been in another direction.

After the explanation ended, students left the classroom and would meet the next day.
Among these students, Alysia and Fian did not leave. To say why…

“An interview for the school paper!” (newspaper club maybe)
“Don’t you want to enter the guild?”

It’s because the entrance of the classroom was surrounded by reporters for the school paper, onlookers and upperclassmen who saw Alysia’s power in the entrance ceremony.

“Oh Alysia-san, come out quick!”
“Unreasonable…look at this situation”

They eventually got back to their dorm room.
There was no harm in answering the reporters questions, but the club invitation was not answered yet.

“Already tired…”
“Oh…my bed’s over there…”

The two who had returned to their room were completely tired. Fian muttered and, without changing clothes, jumped onto Alysia’s bed. Since they shared a bunk bed, it was troublesome to climb up to her bed.

Alysia, who had tried to stop the spread of the rumours about her as much as possible, buried her face into Fian’s pillow and continued to sleep until the following morning.

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