02-06 – Bloodsucking drive

TL: Thatguywhosthere

“I’ll deliver your wish! This’ll be a good exercise. Fireball!”

A fight has begun.

The man preemptively used “Fireball”, a beginning class magic, which is aimed at Alysia, who avoided it.

On the other hand Alysia, although avoiding the flame magic with minimal movement, felt a strange feeling unknown to her.

Looking at the people around, she had the urge to drink blood. The heated conversation from before must be the cause. The anger felt by Alysia was the trigger.

Until one reaches a certain age, a vampire does not feel the urge for blood. There are even those who do not want to succumb to this desire to keep up their ego. For Alysia, however, this instinct was a blessing in disguise.

Although she thought this instinct was terrible, Alysia knew this kind of thing was the vampire’s nature.

When she has to hold back this urge, her consciousness blurs and her movement dulled. In order to take advantage of the opening, the man rushes ahead to lunge at her.

“ORAA! Don’t you think it’s dangerous!”

Magic overflowed from the man’s whole arm. This magic was the body reinforcement type.

Since Alysia judged that she could not avoid the attack, a magic barrier was erected from her hand.


The moment the fist crossed the barrier wasn’t seen, but the unpleasant sound of cracking filled the surround area. Alysia succeeded in stopping the dangerous momentum of the man’s arm.

“Tsk…How about this!”

The man used to magic used for body reinforcement to quickly destroy the barrier. But Alysia didn’t overlook this possibility.

She immediately used flight magic to quickly get away.

“What?! She flew away!”


It was a good call, but Alysia had made a serious mistake.

Originally, flight magic was supposed to be a secret of the Latrommia household. That man and various spectators had seen her.

“Is that…Alysia?!”
“…Oh, this?… this is…”
“Ha…haha, it’s worth fighting this!”

Fian, who was confused, quickly came back to her senses upon hearing that voice from behind.

Alysia had the intention of ending this fight, but that man still wanted to keep fighting.

With an somewhat annoyed sigh, Alysia kicks the ground to avoids the flame magic targeted at her chest and stretches her arm to reach the man.

The man, judging that an attack will come, gets ready to defend. But that was Alysia’s intention.

Sensing danger, the man instantly leaps back using body reinforcement.


As expected of the dog-man, he used all 4 limbs to support himself. He stood back up and got ready to fight once more. But Alysia was already on his back.


“It’s finished.”


The man felt a cold feeling on the scruff of his neck. When confirming with gingerly eyes, he saw Alysia’s slender finger applied on his nape. Words could not escape from his plugged throat.

“If I put magic here, I wonder what’ll happen~?”

In other words, if magic was applied in this spot, Alysia could easily make the man faint. Or more…

“I understand…it’s my loss…”

His loss was admitted quickly, and unexpectedly. Alysia was worried whether he would admit defeat or not.

“You fly around and get behind me in an instant…what kind of person are you…”

When the man finally started talking, Fian ran up in an impatient state.

“What happened?”
“You were called by a teacher. They want a word with you two, and me…”
“Oh…our fight…we didn’t break anything, did we?”

Restlessly, Alysia looks left and right, and up and down to check for any damage. She checks the chandelier and see a hole where it has burned.
— It was obvious, the man’s fire magic did this.

“AAH! Damn!”
“I also…”
“We have no choice, let’s go.”

Fian took the two, who were discouraged, to the principal’s office. As for the location, she heard it from a teacher who told her in advance.

The two were tired, the principal’s office was not in the faculty tower. It was at the edge of the school. With no teaching staff around, it was their only salvation.

The three enter the building and are met with a long room filled luxurious ornaments. They sat down on a sofa in front of a desk.

Because Alysia and the man had previously been fighting with each-other, awkwardness floated in the air. Fian sandwiched herself between the two to try to improve the atmosphere.

“You know, it’s a rule to not use magic outside of the designated classrooms.”
“Yes, I know…”
“I do not know.”
“Me too.”

The man seemed to have known about this rule, but Alysia didn’t because she had just entered the school.

“Why don’t you two know? It’s common sense around here.”

These two did not know, you could tell by their voice and facial expression. Following that, to not feel as guilty, Fian tried to explain to the principal.

“I’m sorry, we had just finished the school’s entrance ceremony and we did not know…”
“…You came from the entrance ceremony? You’re a first grader?!”

Astonished, the principal’s eye open widely. No way a first grader could compete with the fourth-grade S class student. Originally first grade serves as a prerequisite for students who cannot use magic.

“Here is my school ID…”
“Mine, too.”
“…It is natural for you not to know. Be careful next time. I’ll give you a paper with the rules. Are you called Alysia? This magic…”
“That…don’t say anything!”

As the principal was about to say something, Alysia moves her body to cover her ID. Because she said so in a threatening manner, the principal stopped speaking about the matter.

Wondering why she was in such a panicked state, the man asked Fian.

“Why is she so upset?”
“Well…you don’t really want to know…”

Remembering her shock upon seeing her ID, she judged it was better not to tell him and treated this topic lightly.

After their meeting with the principal, it was time to go to their respective classes. The principal seemed to be taking a call later.

Although she would be late for the briefing of her class, while she ran, Alysia become more worried about the face that people knew of her flight magic.


goo21 · November 14, 2016 at 9:59 AM

So what’s the point of her having more than ten times the magic power of others when her magic defense is easily broken each time?

Irina_Akashira · February 20, 2015 at 12:20 PM


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