02-04 – Because I’m a girl

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It’s been one week since Alysia had attended school. Alysia, who’s entrance exam has been scheduled for the following day exchanged in a conversation with Fian who would also enter the school as well. Alysia stood behind the sitting Fian and played with her cat ears, enjoying the feeling.

They had managed the necessary preparations for admission into the school. Alysia wanted to do something before the admission but she had already exhausted a week.

“Come to think of it, why are you always wearing those plain black clothes? There are no decorations at all.”
“Because this was put on because of my mother’s clothing taste. In the beginning I didn’t like it, but eventually I got used to it.”

Alysia had said so with an amazed tone and rests her elbows and recollects the first time she had dressed up in this manner, at the age of 3.

“Anyhow, wouldn’t you like to dress up more, it’s wasteful since you’re so pretty.”
“I do not want to, but it’s not my place to say, it’s certain…”

Alysia was tortured. She was previously was from the East. What if others thought that this was trying to look better when there was a clear distinction in their appearance? But what about now? Alysia had thought that there seemed to be worth in dressing in clothes and ornaments, but…

She was originally a man! One’s sense of pride would crumble upon the memory of dressing up. Still, whether it’s a loss to dress up or not, Alysia reconsidered.

“I’ll go buy clothes…it’s just clothes to wear during school.”
“Take me with you!”

Fian ran after Alysia, who was already outside the door, to look for clothes in the school district

They both enter clothing stores in the middle of the school district. They had already begun looking for the right store for an hour, but Alysia had not found any clothes she could consent to wearing.

“They don’t have it…”
“How about that store?”

Alysia feeling disappointed, turned towards the store Fian had pointed to, then took notice of the clothes at the entrance.

“Was there something?”

Fian ran after Alysia who had bolted to the store.

The clothes in this store was found to match Alysia’s height. When she confirmed this, Alysia’s hands were carrying a stack of clothes reaching her shoulders.

“This black dress…do you think it looks good?

The clothes are like a dress, but the top and bottom are separated. The hem of the skirt is frilly with a thin cuff and the shoulders are slightly bulging.

“Anything apart? Like the clothes? Buy it!”

The store manager who had been sitting in a chair watching the two had called to them. Alysia handed over the clothes to him. Whether it was because of something in the previous conversation, Alysia had found pleasure in purchasing clothes.

“This, please.”
“Yes, I think these clothes fit little miss very well. Instead of 7 coppers, I’ll make it cheaper for 5 and a half?”

A sudden price reduction was proposed by the manager. Alysia had taken 6 coppers out of her belt-hung purse and gave him the money, seeing no reason to refuse the offer. Though, in fact, this price can be said to be quite high.

“Thank you very much, I’ve found good clothes.”
“For that, you’re welcome! Take these 6 pennies.”

The currency is set up where one white gold coin can be exchanged for 20 gold coins, a gold for 12 silvers, a silver for 8 coppers and a copper in exchange for 12 pennies.

This currency system was troublesome for Alysia in the beginning, but it didn’t take long to memorize these values. It’s all about becoming accustomed to it.

“Thank you, come again!”

The two of them were seen off by a shop assistant and looked further for items that look good with these clothes.

By dusk, Alysia had gotten a black string ribbon for her hair and a scarlet brooch to put on her dress. Alysia had seemed to be very happy and arrived back at the dorms.

To correct Alysia’s sleeping patterns, Fian used her kitty punch to wake Alysia up, it was early morning and was time for the entrance ceremony. Alysia had begun to change into the very same clothes she had bought the previous day.

She wanted to put these clothes to good use, as today was the entrance ceremony. She pleasantly changed her clothes extra early to prepare.

Alysia took off the thin dress she used as pajamas and put on one of her new skirts. It’s perfect size seemed like it had been tailored specifically for Alysia. It’s cloth was of excellent quality and felt comfortable against her thigh.

Her upper garment was fitted with a brooch, tied in the manner of a bow. Her black ribbon was tied the same way and with that, she had finished changing.

Fian then came into the room as Alysia had finished changing.

“Alysia, your clothes…Uuaa.”
“Well, Fian, I had just finished changing clothes.”
“It looks really good on you!”
“Oh! Oh, yeah, thanks.”

Alysia, not used to sudden compliments, quickly looked downwards with a flushed face left in a hurry. She had honestly enjoyed the compliment, but didn’t want to admit it.

“E, err, just hurry up when eating breakfast at the restaurant, we have to go to the school entrance ceremony in the great hall north of school, right?”

“You’re hasty in being stubborn huh?

“As if! If you didn’t change your clothes, would you still say that?”

They are equals in this regard since Alysia cared about this. With a small laugh, she sat on her bed and they killed time with a casual conversation.


madospicy · March 3, 2015 at 1:55 PM

E, err, just hurry up when eating breakfast at the restaurant, we have to go toward the school entrance ceremony in the great hall north of school right?
U, u-mm, quickly when eating breakfast in the restaurant, [since] there a [good] matter of (we) to go (direction) great hall north of school (where) there a school entrance ceremony happen [right]? [ ] < trying to implement でいいんでしょうか
Feel free to edit

Irina_Akashira · February 19, 2015 at 6:00 PM


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