02-03 – Subspace training

TL: Thatguywhosthere

When the blinding light subsided, Alysia was standing upon white cobblestone pavement. Thick pillars extend towards the ceiling, truly a majestic place to call home, the Temple of God.

The crystal-clear blue sky spreads in all direction making one feel like there is nothing above you. On top of the slightly elevated hill, you can see the scenery of lush meadows.

Kurobi was standing in a position one step higher than Alysia and was staring towards her. Until now, they had only conversed in dreams, this was the first time they met in person.

“Welcome to my home, shall we start?”
“Such unusual clothes…”

Kurobi was wearing unusual clothes, like the wound white cloth on her body. Clothes of the God were seen in paintings and were a myth. She stared at Alysia, while she lifted her hem with a questionable gaze.

“Forgot to change clothes!”
“Are those everyday clothes?”
“Yes, recently many gods have been influenced by the current world’s culture. I like it, so I try to wear it.”
“Ah…For, for now I will pass.”

Alysia took an interest in the strange attire of the God, but imaged a future where she would be made to wear clothes like this, she found it embarrassing, being like this now is a good thing.

Alysia was guided by the pull of the Kurobi’s hand along the cobblestone path to the building ahead. The main shrine had been built with wonderful marble. They proceeded through the middle from a huge door and move along the right hallway along the wide hall’s circumference. The hallway was higher than it was wide and although lights were found nowhere, it was strangely bright.

“Now, will do it here?”

When Alysia said so, Kurobi raised her arms to the level of her chest and began to concentrate high-density divine force from the fingertips of both of her hands. With a voice inaudible to Alysia, she begins to chant.

A hole in space had opened due to the pressure of the God Force and created a subspace. But the spatial hole will be small so that it will shrivel and won’t be seen after.

“Oh, do you enter with that?”
“Yeah, I’ll go into that space to transition now.”


When Alysia was embraced, Kurobi snapped her fingers and with that, they were both transported into subspace.

There are no floors and walls and although one can breathe, it is dangerous to move around in subspace haphazardly. Alysia hugged the waist of the Kurobi unconsciously.


Suddenly, with the sensation of Alysia’s feet meeting the ground, she had an unstable body to the change in gravity and firmly stepped upon the hard floor.

“It’s all right now.”

When she spoke and opened her eyelid, for some reason she was in a wooden hut. Outside the circular window spread out a strange forest. Did she create all of this in the few seconds Alysia had closed her eyes?

“Please sit down and look around, I will explain.”

Prompted to the dining table in the center of the room, Alysia sat paralyzed due to her shock and faced Kurobi. Questions she’d like answered piled up in her mind as she is in a very confused state.

“Umm…what kind of space is this?”

“Good question. Unlike spaces that are present between worlds, this is a space that overlaps the world you know. It is safe because it is the same dimension, yet a different one as well.  By the way, one month is this space is but a moment outside.”

“I see…I probably grasped it.”

Time had been compressed by 400 times, meaning there was going to be a lot of training. The amount of magic or divine force will grow over time more quickly. However, this way of training was not possible if Alysia had not been an eternal youth.

“How many days will I spend in this space?”
“One month, in other words, 24 days, one moment to the outside world.”
“I understand, thank you!”

This way, Alysia, under the guidance of the Kurobi, will carry out intensive training over the course of one month to master the ability in this discussion and walked out of the forest hut for training.

Nine days have passed since training had begun and speaking about results, Alysia was able to grasp this ability in only one day. Compared to others, they could only grasp this ability after four days, needless to say, Kurobi was very surprised.

They had come to the ridge of a clean lake today so they could bathe themselves and swim. If you advance straight from the forest hut through to forest, you would find this lake around the edge of the forest. Apart from coming here to bathe and swim, they had a change of pace in the training.

“Time to study divine force!”

In fact, this power required mental strength, but Alysia was tired of only meditating and training by herself. So from now on, she wanted to learn how to use the power of divine force and practice it, so she had asked Kurobi.

It was acceptable, but just only having divine power by itself is a waste.

“First of all, you must sense divine power the same way you sense magic. Because the surrounding area is rich in divine power, it should go well”

When she said so, Alysia is taken by the hand and Kurobi released divine power. Alysia uses all her nerves in order to detect the divine power radiated from Kurobi.

“Do you feel anything or..?
“Umm…I feel a sensation foreign to my body, it feels like…something like peace of mind..?
“Yes, that is divine power. It is difficult to explain, but it is probably a primordial feeling, so it’s a relieved kind of feeling.”

Interested, Alysia looks at Kurobi’s hands and doesn’t touch them. In the case of magic it was possible to grasp, and similar things could also reliably be grasped.

“Oh? You won’t cast your magic for a shooting trial?”
“…I’ll learn divine power with respect”

Alysia says so and returns a smile. It would be wasteful to roughen up the beautiful lakeside.

After this, Alysia was informed that divine power could be used efficiently to substitute the use of magic and begun to learn how to invoke magic using divine power in the stead of magic power. Though one could also go the same way by using magic in the operation, an uneasy thought reached her head, but this only strengthened the intention of learning.

A month of training has ended, her divine power is greater compared to what she had at the beginning. Furthermore, Alysia was able to discover nothing but one of her ability’s practical use. Although she has stopped moving, it was shown that she was able to change place in an instant, that was something called teleportation.

“Your ability…you will be omnipotent if you master it, you know? You even have a quick growth too, before long you could even create the world.”
“It seems you have great control, let’s stop.”
“Does that mean…we can go out?”

They returned to the God realm from the subspace. Alysia was immediately sent by Kurobi back to her dormitory. Though there was one problem, the training in subspace lasted one week in the outside world, meaning school will almost start.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault, can you stop with the questions…?”
“My questions weren’t particularly probing?”
“Words that sting…but it’s nice to see any number of its magic, right?

When Alysia had arrived she was just above the copy of the magic circle at the time of departure, meaning Fian, her roommate, had observed the magic directly. For this matter to calm down, Alysia had lent one of the magic circle to Fian. This act may cause some unexpected results later…


goo21 · November 14, 2016 at 9:40 AM

So it was only x4 time compression and not x400?

Brandon Heat · March 30, 2015 at 11:09 AM

Her action is full of stupidity and naivety, she try to talk to the person that try to kill her, she let go of the 2nd assassin to the guard without interrogating him,she use that magic circle in front of her roommate and now she gave away 1 of the tele magic circle.
Might drop this soon.

madospicy · March 3, 2015 at 4:31 PM

A bit checkup where there a TL note
( ) is either added words or word choice

Ah…Fo, for now I will pass.

Alysia took an interest in the strange attire of the God, but (imagined/foresee) (how if/a future where) she being made to wear it like this, she (find/feel/learn) it embarassing, (remain be like) now is a good thing.

Acceptable I guess, maybe a bit improvement
considering “とって” (To take/to have)->([Just only] having) divine power by itself is (useless/a waste)

あれ? 試し撃ちで暴発させないの?
暴発 -> a “shooting” verb with a situasion of “A kid found a loaded AK47 ready to fire, how excited he is!, *sound of gunfire*” could fit,
“Oh? You won’t X for the shooting trial?”
Barrage your magic? I don’t know.

A month period of (practice/training) have ended, her divine power is greatly bigger compared to what she has on the beginning. Furthermore, Alysia able to discover nothing but one of her ability practical use. Although she has stopped moving, it (shown/proven) that she was able to change place in an instant contary to this (Aisya stop move), that was something which called teleporation.

あなたの能力ね……極めれば万能よ? 成長も早いし、そのうち世界だって創れるようになるかも
“Your ability…you will be omnipotent if you master it you know? You even have a quick growth too, before long you could even create the world”

“It seems you have control it greatly, let’s stop”

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