Chapter 02-02 – First day shopping

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“Alysia-san, it’s morning no… its evening!”
“Um… a little bit more, only… an hour.”

It is evening, the time where the orange-coloured evening sun shines through the opening of the curtain. Fian kept shaking Alysia time and time again in order to wake her.

However, the typical complaint of a late riser, “a little bit more”, and her repeated tossing and turning made her fall asleep again. Looking at her, Fian finally cried out in Alysia’s ear.

“It time to wake up!”

Alysia unintentionally uttered a cry because of the abruptness, her right ear became numb and she turned to face her.

“Try to wake me a bit more gently…”
“Even if I woke you gently, you didn’t get up…”
“…I’m sorry.”

Alysia who completely woke up by Fian’s voice took her black dress and grimoire from the midst of her suitcase. Fian was changing into light-blue clothing attached with ornaments next door.

“A good place to go would be the school district because I also want to do some shopping”
“Because I, too, want to buy something, I’ll look for it.”

At this point, Fian finished changing her clothes, and was holding a bag, which seemed to contain money, in her hand. Alysia was dressing now, but Fian tilted her neck in doubt.

“Err… just a little…”
“We are both girls so why are you hiding while getting changed?”
“Because …! It’s Because …!”

Although blushing, Alysia finished changing into a dress with a light-brown belt around her waist. While there are very convenient purses that are wallets and hold magic medicine, this time, just a wallet was affixed to the right-side of her waist.

When she took the grimoire into her hands, and went to the front door, Fian was waiting, and admired and observed Alysia’s dress.

“A black dress with a belt is fashionable….I will use it as reference…”
“I’m always like this.”
“Hee, is that so.”
“That’s so. I’ll talk about it if we time, but shouldn’t we go as soon as possible?”
“Aaaa…Please wait!”

Alysia had bolted with an uplifting feeling and instinctively aligned with Fian who caught up later, and the two carried out towards the school district.

The place the pair arrived was where stores lined both sides of the road. Ingredients, clothing, weapons, and many magic tools, various things are produced and arranged here.

Selling ingredients here was because there was a kitchen in all dormitories, making it possible to cook for oneself. However, Alysia and Fian were strangers to cuisine and ate at the restaurant in the dormitory.

“Truly anything is being sold… it’s so lively after a while.”
“I also think so.”

Alysia was in the book store, Fian was in the magic tool shop, on different visits they’ve shown different enthusiastic looks.

When the area became dark, Fian’s stomach bug sang. Finally, they had a meal at a restaurant which specialised in seafood. The two sat down facing each other, and looked at the menu board.

“It is said that the seafood soup and wild vegetables here are delicious, right?”
“If that’s the case… I’ll order that.”
“Umm, the shellfish plate? …Looks delicious, I’ll take that, too.”
“Calling? Excuse me!”

Alysia ordered the shellfish plate. The dish had an unexpected size and the price wasn’t high, if anything, it was cheap.

She was worried whether she could eat it in the beginning, but Fian was already full, so Alysia ate the rest. Even Alysia was a person who could eat well within the range of common sense.

“…Fee, did you finish eating?”
“Yeah, it was delicious. I’m full.”

While sitting, they finished paying, and arrived home to the dormitory. Noticing they didn’t buy anything after all, Fian showed a strange enthusiasm to buy something at an upcoming time.

At the night of the day. Alysia was in her bedroom with a bunk-bed, and was sitting at a desk working. The grimoire was expanded on top of the desk, and the state of her writing it in with a quill was a bloodcurdling sight making it difficult to approach.




When she reached a stopping place, Alysia leaned back into her chair. Finishing her preparations for sleep, Fian came to the inside of the room.

“…What are you doing?”
“Research of magic. I’m thinking about how intermediate magic can be made efficient.”
“That’s amazing…”

For a short period of silence, only the sound of a quill pen rubbing on paper was audible.

“Err, are you not going to sleep? Even if there is sometime you should correct that before school starts?”
“If I work on it bit by bit is should be okay…probably.”
“…You don’t have self-confidence?”

As for the time when Alysia was in the mansion, the night life was a normal thing for a vampire. They must correct themselves when school starts, but although saying that, Alysia had no confidence that she could correct it.

“Fian, are you going to bed earlier? Cut it out…it’s completely alright.”
“Yes, good night.”
“Oh, ‘night.”

Fian climbed up the ladder of the bunk-bed and took the upper part, and in a moment, Alysia noticed that the quiet breathing of a sleeping person became audible.

Then, at the late hour after midnight, Alysia took a break. Her throat was dry, and was filled to the brim via a tilted wineglass. Water dripped and fell from the edge of her mouth, but in this situation she didn’t pay any heed to it.

“…Puu haa!”

After coming to school, there was something that directly became a matter of concern. That is the ability that was said she could use when she became twelve years old.

It was『Contradiction』, that said, she couldn’t handle and understand it because practicing was useless. No way, a method must be discovered from this state where you do not understand at all. When thinking, the use of this ability seemed hopeless.

Thus, considering how she could use this ability in all aspects, before she knew it, she fell asleep.


For some reason, a familiar voice was heard, and Alysia thinly opened her eyes. When she did —

“…A, wa, face is close!”
“You got up at last… lying down getting up was bad. There was a little thing I wanted to convey, so I called over with hypnosis.”
“…Today, teach me your name.”
“Didn’t I already tell you my name?”

In addition, while murmuring, Alysia rose to her feet, and came to encounter the God before her eyes. The black-haired beauty, or Kurobi for short, she worked her head for a moment. Because it’s inconvenient, a nickname was given.

“Any important news?”
“Um…well, I’ll explain from the beginning. First of all, the whole world is distinguished by the God world, six of the demon worlds, and a myriad of existing worlds across the dimension. Was this understood?”
“Got it, understood.”

At the introduction of the abrupt explanation, Alysia was perplexed.
In essence, with the exception of the two worlds she knew, there were a countless number of worlds. That’s commonly referred to as parallel worlds or dimensions.

“As for this, it’s about the demon world. There are several countries in the demon world, and the God world already…er…to make it easy to understand, has signed peace treaty. Don’t invade, don’t fight, get along with each other, an easy promise.”
“…Can’t it be said that countries in the demon world won’t necessarily keep the peace treaty?”
“You’re right, good guess. Some countries do not have a treaty, or do not abide by the treaty with the God world. Because several countries in the demon world cooperated in this matter, and there was a disquieting movement to invade the God world, I want you to also be able to master your ability as soon as possible for the sake of guaranteeing war potential.”
“I can’t use my ability at all yet…”

Therefore, because it weighed on her mind, Alysia said so with an anxious look.

“A magic circle was added to your grimoire. If the magic circle is used, you’ll be pulled to my house, I’ll give special lessons.”
“Thank you, I’ll leave behind minor details when I get up. …A, awa…”

And, at this time Alysia remembered a strange feeling like she was being pulled somewhere, and realised her consciousness once again fell into sleep.

“Alysia! Again…it’s morning!”

Fian’s cry resounded in the bedroom. Alysia fell prostrate on top of the desk, and was also woken up by the bothering of the badness of Fian’s hands.

“Eee…a little bit more…another half-day…”
“Wake up!”

In the end, Alysia was hit by Fian’s cat punch to wake her up and, in spite of still being sleepy, had breakfast at the restaurant of the first floor of the dormitory. This time too, excluding the fact that they didn’t ask for a recommendation, ended the meal without incidents. (2)

“This day I’ll go out for a bit. I’ll return by evening, is that okay?”
“Yes, it’s alright, but…if it’s in school, do you want to go together?”
“Oh, well…I have errands outside of school.”

It was outside of this world rather than the school, Alysia added in her head. The place she will go to now is probably the God world where Kurobi was waiting.

Alysia returned to the dorm and began to prepare immediately. Her grimoire holder and magical medicine was installed in her belt, and the grimoire which was put on the desk was taken.

When she saw the grimoire, she noticed something like a bookmark inserted into the back most page that she did not recognise at all. It was a bookmark decorated with a scarlet ribbon and a stylish engraving.

Looking at the opened page, compared to advanced magic books, a more complicated and intricate magic circle was drawn. Alysia held her breath, overwhelmed at its geometric beauty and its precision of complicated symbols. This would be the magic circle Kurobi added.

“…Amazing, but I have to transcribe this…”

When it’s a magic circle as large a scale as this, it stops being meaningful to cast it from the book. It’s because the loss of magic of your body becomes exceedingly too much.

To prevent that, it is necessary to write the magic formation with the high magic conductivity “Magic ink” on the paper that allows magic to pass through, the “Insulation paper”. (3)

Fortunately, the magic circle was transcribed accurately, and she stuffed the insulation paper and magic ink into her suitcase. (4)

And then, after finishing nine-tenths of the magic circle Fian came to the inside of the bedroom. Though she said she would go out today, Fian saw that Alysia did not go out yet.

“…What is that?”
“Well, Fian. This is, umm… it’s a magic circle to transport me to a place.”
“Did you mean to call someone with that and go out today? …even so, it’s complicated.”
“It’s different, if I had to say it’s so call someone… ready.”

After she finished copying the magic circle on the paper, Alysia put it down on the floor and stood on it with bare feet. She was worried if the three Therme (75 cm) paper would rip, and when her index and middle finger were placed to the centre of the magic circle, a great deal of magic was quickly poured out.


The magic also had an influence in the environment and Fian felt a little sick, and worn down. Alysia further released her second stage of magic, and concentrated it at the magic circle at one point.
However, the magic circle did not trigger even though the quantity of magic well exceeded a general magician.

“What terrible magic power! To be able to use it at the age of twelve…”
“…I also have to release the third stage! It came!”

The instant when Alysia released her third stage of magic, white light wrapped around her, and Fian’s eyes were unable to look at it. But one second passed, the light settled, and when Fian noticed, the form of Alysia melted away perfectly.

Took a bit from LorCromwell

2. 今回もまた、二人揃ってオススメを頼まなかった事を除けば特に何事もなく食事を終えた。
3. それを抑えるため、"絶縁紙"と呼ばれる魔力を通さず弾く紙に、魔力伝導率の高い"魔導インク"で魔法陣を書き込んで行く必要がある。
4. 幸い、アレイシアは母親の御下がりとも言える絶縁紙と魔導インクをトランクの中に詰めて来ていたため、それを用いて正確に魔法陣を書き写して行った。


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