01-08 – Attack 2

TL: Thatguywhosthere

Consciousness was gradually becoming unclear. The feeling of the hand and foot faded and weakened, the pain of the wound in the breast was pulled away.

Whether or not there was a way to overcome this situation, her consciousness faded whilst thinking over it. But of course, it was apparent while conscious that decent thoughts were difficult to maintain.

Strong self-healing is possessed by vampires, however, until you live for one hundred years will the heart recover, and thus drastic measures were difficult.

Perhaps a recovery could be made with healing magic, but the current Alysia’s magic wasn’t to the extent of being useful, so it couldn’t be relied on too much.

“U…Eee…Keho…” (cough)

Being able to do nothing by herself was regrettable, tears and feelings surge from her. A second life was sufficiently luxurious at this point in time, but it’s impolite talk towards the deceased to say it was wasteful. So, she made a decision here.

Sink or swim, to live or to die, two for one. If nothing is done, death cannot be escaped, only slight hope could be seen in her behaviour.

That is to become eternal youth to continue keeping the current appearance forever. Kurobi had said that it would become difficult to die that way.

You would need to be careful, by no means was being an eternal youth the same as being “immortal”. Alysia cried out for God who may be watching her now, and wished hard.

—- Now, please make me an eternal youth…! There are still things I want to do…

Emotion filled her words, however, even with her consciousness blacking out, there was nothing left out in the end.

Just before she lost consciousness. Somewhere, an awfully nostalgic voice with a slightly fun volume was thought to be heard.


Until now she had a dream whilst asleep with was similar to feeling nothing. Lightly opening her eyelids, it was faintly visible in the dark of her line of sight and she touched the floor with her finger.

Although the roughness is reminiscent of material from a tree, it felt hard, as though it was exposed to air like coagulated blood—-

“…a, Aa! …that’s right, as for me…”

Before she fainted, something was remembered, in a moment her consciousness was perfectly clear. Alysia raised the upper part of her body and unconsciously touched the left side of her chest.

The wound on that part wasn’t found, her clothes had a large opening and her skin was wet from blood. She was completely convinced that she became an eternal youth.

As expected, it was surprising that after becoming eternal youth it was able to cure a hole in the heart. Make it the height, make it the chest, whether they won’t grow anymore made her feel deserted and empty somewhere.

However, rather than herself, waking up the people who still sleep takes priority. Perhaps when destroying an installed magic circle for hypnosis magic, they should wake up. To immediately find and release the magic circles, she goes next door where her parents are.



The instant she advanced two steps, she was suddenly attacked by drowsiness similar to the preceding day. Further down probably seemed to be the reach of the magic circle. Weight was hung on her rear, and with immediate judgement, she fell to the floor on her back.

If it was here where she collapsed before, it was a very dangerous place, and fortunately, thanks to the square (tl; range of spell) she was able to immediately find an established magic circle.

Alysia held her hand over the magic circle, and poured out a large quantity of mana at once. With this, the mana destroyed the circuit, and the magic circle was neutralised.

And when the magic was poured into the fourth circle—-

“…Nn, here…?”
“Ah, mother!”
“…Alysia! …How is there so much blood…are you all right!?”

Alysia, with momentum, clings to Nadia, who has woken up. Her mother was in an anxious state about her bloody daughter, but Alysia doesn’t get away while embracing her mother.

Before she knew it, her father, Auras, got up, turned his eyes to see a gaping hole in Alysia’s clothes revealing her back, and floated a doubtful expression on his face.

Afterwards, one servant after another got out of bed in the mansion. The most of them, who were confused, were unable to understand what had occurred.

“…What happened?”
“Well, father. As for the explanation…is it good to take a bath before that?”
“Thank you, while you’re at it you change your clothes.”

Confirmation was already difficult in the gloomy pantry at night, but she finally noticed that she was wearing terrible clothes. Alysia made away from the pantry, took black clothes out of the closet, and went into the bathroom.

—- After Alysia just got out of the bath, she received a barrage of questions by both her parents, but it was natural. It couldn’t be helped that there was also a part that was converted, but she obediently told them that they had been asleep by hypnosis magic, that there was a person who tried to kill himself, and that it was their own blood that they shed in the pantry.

One way or another, the event was a serious one, but today it’s Alysia’s birthday. That day, until she fell asleep in the day, she celebrate all throughout the night.



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ever since the words “eternal youth” came out in the earlier chapters I knew it will be another loli MC. This is so sad. I can’t still get the fact that most of these novels like lolis so much. Flat is justice? wut? :c

sugh · March 31, 2015 at 9:39 PM

for some reason this chapter feels so dumb

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my condolences

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how can his parent be so careless and dumb ??

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