01-07 – Attack

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Alysia will be twelve years old this year
The flight magic she created when she was around eleven years old wasn’t officially announced just in case. It’s because it would be a problem if Alysia became so famous, and it was wished by her parents to not abuse flight magic.

With new technology like this, it was inevitable that if it was made for the people, it could also be used to murder people. With their experience from a long life, both of Alysia’s parents properly understand this.

In addition, when she was twelve years old on January 10, the King decided to personally invite her to enroll in a magic school. Currently, it’s January 6, and the next day is her birthday is on January 7.

Naturally, when you enter into magic school, you would ought to do many preparations: the academy’s specific robe and footwear, her own thick, blank grimoire, and many other things were necessary. The shopping for these things was already finished, and the packing was mostly done and was in a state where she could go even now.

On the blank cover of the thick book was “アレイシアの魔導書”, which in essence, meant “The Grimoire of Alysia” in English, and it included the flight magic that Alysia created and more than twenty other methods.
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…In other words, at this point in time, it is no longer blank. She doesn’t know whether a grimoire which isn’t blank may be taken, but the important magical material was created by herself. For her, it is not something light enough to leave behind in the mansion because she went to school.

School was in the location which exceeded the mountain range ahead of La Retir, which in the town where she first bought a book when she was two years old. A place roughly a whole day away while travelling in a carriage. Alysia would depart in the carriage by daybreak, and thus would arrive at the school by daybreak.

The kinds of things Alysia would do in magic school, she was looking forward to it very much. Certainly, she had studied advanced magic by self-educating and have come so far, so what kind of study is the standard of this world? Alysia remembered the excitement of it to the extent that her heart throbbed. Also, it would be because, in the past, a day-to-day “person”, which could be called a friend was not there. Because it’s a boarding school, it might have been the genuine expectation for such friends. She also wanted to make friends with other vampires, she thought.

The kinds of things that happen in school. The friends she could meet. The kind of place it is in the first place. Alysia opens her grimoire on the desk in the cellar with driving emotions.

“Fuu…a, that…?”

Alysia issued a seemingly sleepy questioning voice following a small sign. All letters written in the grimoire were visibly warped.

“…wha, what…come on…a…”


Drowsiness suddenly attacked, Alysia collapsed on top of the desk and slept.
‘Why did I become so sleepy?’ Without being given the leisure to consider the reason, she dropped off into sleep.

Noon of the following day. She woke up at the time where she usually couldn’t get up.
The vicinity was surveyed, and she was conscious of the fact that she slept in the basement. Tracing her memories further to the night of yesterday, she was attacked by drowsiness and remembered that she unintentionally fell asleep.

The reason why her upper body was raised was because she slept whilst sitting in a chair, she considered. The body was heavy and, in a physical and mental aspect, was weary. In addition —-


In her body, it was understood that magic that was not her own was found in trace amounts. Alysia had an idea about her state.

Hypnosis magic – if that had been used for this, the user’s mana left inside the body will be a small amount, and the aftereffect will be a bad condition for the following few days.

In this case, her present laziness and the falling asleep suddenly during study yesterday would be explained. The problem of the hypnosis magic was when, and where it was applied. Alysia felt a strong insecurity, looked around, and confirmed whether her clothes are disheveled.

“Without problems, and…”

She, who confirmed the safety of her body, stood up and went to the stairs at an uncertain pace. Of course, without forgetting her grimoire, which was placed on the desk, she held it.

Thinking who used hypnosis magic and why, she had an everlasting, unpleasant premonition. Although there was the possibility of an attack in this situation, staggering, and hurrying, she returned to the mansion.

“Darkness wall!”

Alysia, who wasn’t accustomed to sunlight yet at noon, made a small dark wall to interrupt the day by using the grimoire at present.
The circular wall of darkness which appeared above Alysia by six Thermes (1.5 m), so it can slide along with Alysia. Even with the aftereffect of the hypnosis magic, Alysia easily handled the dark wall, though it may appear this way, the degree of difficulty hit the higher rank of intermediate magic.

She entered the door of the back garden to the inside the mansion, but wherever she faced, the sign of people was truly non-existent. The corridors in the mansion were as still as death, and it was certain that there was something there.

However, it was impossible as there wasn’t even a “serious matter” that would make a person disappear. She thought that, by all means, she could exercise magic with the grimoire again.


It’s possible of this magic to sense objects and magic as the name implies. Because the radius was two hundred Thermes (50 m) with what you could perceive, the whole residence was grasped.

It was possible to sense many signs that appeared to be sleeping in the back of the kitchen at the same time. Two out of the four people inside which were sensed to have strong magic would be Nadia and Auras. The other two people which she doesn’t know were close to the entrance confused.

Alysia began to run. Furthermore, she accelerated with body reinforcement magic, and prepared to saying magic to exercise at any time. Strangely, the aftereffects of the hypnosis magic became quite weak at the same time.


She arrived at the kitchen in only several seconds, and opened the double door energetically. When she did, without time to react to her circumstances, a small fireball suddenly appeared before her eyes.

The fireball was prevented with a magical barrier which was instantly stretched, immediately after that, not giving an opening, the flash of a sword approached from directly above. Though the sword grazed her, she rolled to the side, and caught the form of the source of the attack.

The man who lifted the sword was shaken, and he lowered and met eyes with Alysia. When judging from his appearance, it felt as if blond youths seemed to be everywhere.

“…Who are you? What business do you have in this mansion?”
“I won’t tell you. I’m merely just employed.”

Alysia tried to ask the man again in a cold reply while feeling a little anger. However, since he spoke words that were full of power, she unconsciously calmed her feelings.

“Employed…? Who employed you?”
“…Did you think I’d say that? The only thing I’ll say is that I was called to cut down a girl with black hair. No more than that!”

The man’s sword shot a straight light in the air at the same time as he finished talking. It was invocation-less thunder magic clad on the sword.

With this style of killing, the wounds are enhanced, furthermore, the range is increased, and receiving the blow will paralyze your body for an instant.

“…!? A good solution can be found with peaceful discussion with each other…kyaa!?
“There is such talk with you!”

Moving her body sideways and her rear at the very limit, the single blow was evaded. Then Alysia remembered the embarrassing voice she let out unconsciously.

The man, who scythed down her side planned his approach to Alysia. In contrast, while Alysia doesn’t have a weapon at all, even while escaping from the sword, consecutively cast beginner’s magic like a barrage, as if to return the favour.

—- However, though much beginner’s magic was let loose, the damage is caused was almost non-existent, the man’s magic barrier mostly defended against it.

Alysia was in trouble. It was mostly certain to be able to damage the man when using large magic, but it causes damage to the mansion and the people put to sleep inside the kitchen, too. Unless they take refuge, an employee and her parents could be injured by a stray projectile of magic.



During the time while she avoided the sword, Alysia had been driven into a dead end. There was a wooden door in front of her, and she found out that in the room ahead of it, the key was probably turned, and it was a dead end all the same.

The sounds by which the man stopped is behind. Alysia turned her back to the door and looked back at the man.

“It’s already a dead end. Quietly give up.”
“…At this degree, do you think I’ll give up?”

When the lock of the door is grabbed underhand, Alysia used the Herculean strength of addded body reinforcement, the lock of the door was destroyed.


The entire right-hand side of the lock which was attached to the door changed into splinters, and crumbled down together with Alysia.


There, the ceiling and wall was covered in stone. However, that wasn’t important. Alysia’s parents and all the servants of the mansion were put to sleep there.

Alysia’s thoughts stop. That was only a mere instant, but she displayed an opening and her time was over.
The stab of the sword clad in lightning caught Alysia precisely from the rear and it was already too late before she noticed the attack. Not to mention at point-blank range, it wasn’t enough to evade, so a magic barrier was put up—-

The sword went through Alysia’s heart.

Alysia had a marvelous expression on her face, fell down on the floor, defeated. The sword passed through at that time, and the abundant blood started to overflow from the wound.

The man says something and shook the blood off the sword, and went away from the pantry. In the pantry, only the sleeping inhabitants of the mansion, and Alysia, wet with blood was left.

—- God…a…add, ke…!

She, with her vague consciousness, tried to let out a voice to seek help.

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Btw, "…In other words, at this point in time, it is no longer blank at this point in time."
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