Chapter 01-06 – Flight magic

TL: Thatguywhosthere

A certain day, Alysia was at the basement of the mansion which completely became her magic research centre.
How such an outrageous thing where the study of magic began dated three months ago.

When spreading magic foundations (scrolls?) on the table as usual, the item of research which accidentally entered her eyes was flight magic.

According to that book, flight magic didn’t seem to exist somehow. The types of humanoids that are able to fly among the beast-men, just the bird people, or from dragons, the dragon people, who were the strongest, could fly.

It’s a rumour that there are Yokai, who could fly in human form, and live in the far east, but the authenticity of that was unclear.

“Is that so…”

Alysia, who briefly finished reading the item had a disappointed expression on her face because of the fact that flight magic didn’t exist. Suddenly extending her arm in front, she put her face down on the book.

Let alone flying using one’s own body alone, even flying by straddling onto a broom like in those fairy tale stories was impossible.

Alysia didn’t have such little hope in magic this way, and reflected on what to do. As a result, research had currently started.

She initially thought and acted upon whether or not she could raise her body with wind from below. Although her skirt rolled up on a grand scale, it was possible to maintain this state of floating feet for a little over five seconds. There was a ray of hope in this, so Aleisha kept researching it more.

As a result of reflecting on the skirt, she reached the answer by putting a barrier that resisted wind magic around oneself.

“Reach, my wish. I wish to dance in mid-air! Flight!”


Alysia made completely original magic from scratch, flying magic that took advantage of her knowledge of physics from Earth in the east–


“…Ouch aa!”

The final result was a failure, and in an instant, she fell on her head.
Alysia, with teary eyes, rubbed her head. And then, her hand was hand on her notebook and an idea was written.


Drawn with a quill, there was a picture of a stick man at the center of a circle surrounded by a number of arrows. Perhaps the stick figure was Aleisha, the circle was the barrier that prevented the wind, and the arrows were the currents of the wind.

Aleisha let her finger run at the top of the circle. There, the direction of an upward arrow was changed to downward. The intention of how the wind wrapped around the barrier could be felt.

She simply thought. Whether it was this downwards motion that caused her to fall. When the air current doesn’t rise to the top with the rise, it’s natural to be pushed to the floor by the wind.

No time like the present. Thinking that she needed to reconsider air currents, she immediately went to the study desk. The goal was to use magical flight to look around the world, and towards the far east beyond the sea.

Several months after that. Under the full moon, Nadia was reading a book in the terrace raised a surprised view in her eyes.

“MO-T-H-ER!” (tl; you think about how you pronounce it)
“…Eh? A, Alysia, what’s the matter!?”
“Fufu, my flight magic was completed, I wanted to come outside.”

Nadia was considerably surprised at what Aleisha said when she appeared. But the surprise was immediately surpassed…

“…Haa, take care. Come back within two hours.”

And, to some extent being amazed, her voice was louder.

“I understand, I’m off!”

Saying her words, Alysia left that place.

“Excuse me.”

Inside the Irukusu castle, a lone man opened a door and entered. That man had a mixture of thick blonde and brown hair and was wearing luxurious clothing showing he was an aristocrat. There was the Irukusu Kingdom’s King, who came under the declined fire of Alysia three years ago to sit on the central throne. The scarlet curtains were installed on all windows, the whole area before the King was dim.

Before the throne. The man halts in place and kneels down because of the difference in level, and looks up without gazing at the King.

“Alysia is a girl with tremendous talent. Just being placed in the nation’s upper echelon, she’ll become quite a useful resource.”
“That is certainly so…but, three years ago, she declined the offer to be my son’s bride, so an invitation would be difficult.”
“What!? The invitation of the King was refused, when?”

The man’s voice resounded in the whole hall. He is the person entrusted with a portion of the country’s state of affairs, and one of the people who follow the King. It was natural to think that it was unspeakable to decline the invitation of the King by his state of view.

“…But, would you also know about what her race is?”
“That is so. It’s the aristocratic diplomats that had become the centre of the country now. For example, even for a young girl who may be a vampire noble, it wouldn’t be easy to impose unreasonable things at the time.”

At a loss for words for the King, the man had a run-down expression. If Alysia did not follow the King, the reaction would be disadvantageous. But the King, whether or not it was because he had little things to wonder about, continued the story.

“As for her…her two parents are: Nadia, who changed her name to Latrommia, and Aurus, who had gotten married several ten years ago.”
“Those two from the side of rebellion…!? As for Alysia, so is…”
“She also consents to carry magnificent talent. But to get her to be my son’s bride…”

The King’s voice with a hint of anxiety echoed, and the space before the King became silent again. Awkwardness came from the difficult emotional response of the King’s words, and the male, feeling he was bothering him, spoke.

“…I should get going then”

It was the man that broke the silence first. The he stood up, excused himself with a single word to the King.
The King, of course, did not think this would bring about a tragedy later.

Took a wee bit from mahoutsuki


madospicy · March 23, 2015 at 1:27 PM

1. 身一つで魔法を行使して飛ぶどころか、御伽話おとぎばなしの様に箒に跨って飛ぶ事も不可能なのだ。
Let alone flying using own body alone, even flying by extending the broom like those fairy tale story was impossible.
(this is what she read on that book, and that’s why she doing her own research)

GonZ555 · March 23, 2015 at 12:43 PM

oOo.. so that’s why the henchman said the king sent him..
Thank you for the daily dose of blood ^w^ ~GonZ

    GonZ555 · March 23, 2015 at 12:44 PM

    you no need worry.. leecher have no ebola, leecher have good immunity. leecher beat ebola for you.

      thatguywhosthere · March 23, 2015 at 1:08 PM

      You know, maybe, in the future, I should release all chapters out of order, right?

      GonZ555 · March 23, 2015 at 1:47 PM

      Nooo!! gomenasai,gomenasai..gomenasai.. please anything but that.. i’ll give you all..some of my secret food stash with you

      thatguywhosthere · March 23, 2015 at 2:06 PM

      MWAHAHAHAHA, bow down before me, peasant!

      GonZ555 · March 23, 2015 at 2:35 PM

      uguu… i will have my revenge… ●A● (on the next release i’ll suck more blood from him hehehe… ●w● )

      GonZ555 · March 24, 2015 at 6:20 PM

      See you tomorrow 🙂
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      thatguywhosthere · March 25, 2015 at 7:26 AM

      got lots of h/w 2day, will release on thursday

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      well the pic are from novel ‘unique legend’.

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      thank again for your work.

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      ? Why follow if you don’t even read, lol

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