01-05 – Bloodsucking problem

TL: Thatguywhosthere

Alysia and Nadia were dumbstruck.
That was natural, because one complete beginner who had never practiced magic before had completely scorched the earth 200 Thermes away with beginners’ class flame magic which was used for the first time.

She fired the magic to the forest side of the courtyard instead of towards the mansion. She thought that was a good thing because no one would be there, but she felt grief for the vegetation, insects and small animals.

“Aa…mother…how did I…?”
“…Is it possible that you secretly practiced magic behind my back?”
“I did no such thing!”

Alysia said so while violently shaking her head left and right. Her long black hair hit her face and she divided it while feeling slightly depressed.

“…Is that so? If I was practicing, I wouldn’t let my magic run out of control like that. And the mansion had already become damaged.”
“All right, there are many good ways to control magic, so let’s go!”
“Wait, don’t pull! My clothes are stretching! Uwahh!”

Nadia pulled Alysia by the collar, dragging her towards some place.
Anybody who had seen a terrible spectacle like this would find a smile growing while watching.

“Wait a moment! Where am I?”

The place where Nadia brought Alysia was a very wide room with magic-powered lamps hanging on the wall.
There was nothing in particular here except for the lamps. Alysia’s voice echoed throughout the room.

“It’s the basement of the outskirts of the mansion. Because it is protected with a powerful anti-magic barrier, it’ll be possible for you to practice here. …Until you can handle your magic, you will stay here.”
“The barrier’s in this place?!…and why I can’t leave the barrier until I’m able control it….!!?”

Though she was worried by Nadia’s sudden declaration to not be let out until she can control her magic, she naturally expected this. Because–

“If you use such powerful magic all the time, would the mansion last? Therefore, until you can control it, you will stay here and practice!”
“Eeh!? I, I was already fine! Ah, wait, release me….!!”

She began to run towards the stairs at top come. But her torso was caught directly by Nadia and her feet just idled in the air.
Still struggling and wiggling her feet, she wasn’t able to escape the basement so she gave up.

“Yes, let’s begin!”

Alysia’s practice lasted until the ten.
First, by using beginners’ class flame magic, improvement in efficiency and mana consumption were learned. The anti-magic barrier nearly broke many times, but without that happening, training steadily advanced.
Actually, it was abnormal to be able to control ten times more magic than before.

However, for Alysia, it was impossible to control all her magic on her own, but with the use of magic circles, chanting and a seal by Nadia, the amount of mana Alysia used could be divided to optimal amounts. Alysia’s magic was divided into seven stages which she would use according to the situation. But it was still possible to use 1.5 times that of a normal vampire.

It was easy to change phases. Two to three could be open at once, it was easy, and was a convenient magic.

“It’s all right with this.”
“Thank you very much, mother.”
“Fufu, you’re welcome.”

Nadia hugged Alysia and lightly stroked her head. Embarrassed, she leaked out a voice, but she was feeling something, but it was not to escape the inside of her mother’s arm.

“Well, it’ll soon be lunch (noon?).”

The basic activity of a vampire takes place at night.
Therefore, when she entered the basement, it was night, but at this time it’s probably the day. It’s at this time that the vampire Alysia would normally become drowsy. Also because she consumed a considerable amount of mana in her practice.

“…If I return to my room, may I sleep?”
“Of course. Or would you like to sleep just as it is?”
“Yes…good night.”

Somehow, when Alysia was half-asleep, her behaviour became childish.
Alysia, who fell into Nadia’s chest, was carried by the so-called, “Princess carry”. Taking a book skillfully blocked by both of her arms, Nadia returned to the ground from the basement.

Another three years passed. Alysia was now eleven years old and compared to before, her body had grown larger as well as her mentality.

Her height is five Thermes and her long, black hair had finally reached her waist. To the extent that she could feel her hair when her arms were down her sides.

Furthermore, during the time she noticed a little swelling on her chest. She rejoiced and threw away all extra thoughts. Maybe she had mentally grown – or not.

Though she had begun learning magic at eight years old, she showed wonderful ability. Normally one would learn intermediate magic after five years, but in only three, Alysia had learned it. Almost completely by self-education.

Losing control of her magic like in the beginning didn’t happen anymore, and by using a great deal of mana in beginners’ magic, it was by no means inferior to advanced magic in power. Normally, beginners’ magic shouldn’t be capable of such power, but was made possible with the influence of such great magic power.

Her father, Auras, rejoiced knowing that his daughter had such strong magic, but didn’t say it to her.

She had grown in not only this aspect, but also with her manners.
Recently, Alysia had been using more of the feminine tone bit by bit. One day in a dinner——Though it was just a moment in the morning—— , she was being taught meal etiquette.

The feet are vertical from the chair, with your hands over your thighs. This was the basic way to sit down when having a meal. Alysia thought it was disappointing because it was surprisingly how you would ordinarily sit. She secretly retorted to herself.

“The dominant hand is on the right hand in regards to etiquette. Alysia, you are left-handed like me, so take note of this.”
“I see.”
“When cutting meat, stab it in the left side and cut it from a slanted angle, like this…after it’s cut and divided into a small size, it’s easier to eat.”

KACHA! (maybe like fingernails on a chalkboard)

“Try again…in order to not make a noise? Then once again.”
“Yes, mother.”

The fork and knife from Earth are combined to become an Efiku. It carries the meat which you cut to the mouth. In order to not make a sound this time, she moved it with care.

After enjoying the flavour of the meat seasoned with salt and pepper, and fruits, she fully bit down with her canines.

“It’s under-cooked here…” (or rare can be used)
“As for me, it’s quite delicious when under-cooked. But do you think it’s good?”
“…Not really. It smells of blood too much.”
“Shouldn’t it be said that not liking blood as a vampire is unusual?”
“Well, blood is still useless for me…”

Until now, for several times, under-cooked meat wasn’t to her liking, there was even a case where it was rejected. It was said by Alysia’s parents that once a vampire reached the age of ten, she would start to eat this kind of food. But Alysia couldn’t come to like the “peculiar” taste of blood no matter what.

“I thought the bloodsucking urge would happen with this…”

Wondering about Nadia’s strange words, she raised a strange cry. With a slightly worried look, Nadia informed her with countenance.

“…If a bloodsucking urge doesn’t happen by around the age of thirteen…it becomes easy to be in a magic exhausted state, and is dangerous. Simply put, vampires should often suck blood.”
“Hee… what should I do?”
“I have no choice but to wait. On average, the bloodsucking urge happens around the time you pass the age of ten.”

It would become easy to be in a magic exhausted state, but with Alysia’s magic, which far surpassed that of an ordinary vampire, she didn’t know what would happen. The thing that would ordinarily happen to a vampire did not happen to Alysia, so her parents obviously worried about her. At the moment, even if it’s a year behind average, it’s just as well.

For Alysia, the dilemma of not sucking blood was dangerous. While thinking that her bloodsucking urge would occur later on, she reluctantly stuffed the uncooked meat into her mouth.

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slumberknight · March 25, 2015 at 3:41 PM

with magic-powered lamps hung on the wall. > hanging?
lamps. Alysia’s voice > spacing?
until I able control it….!!?” > I am
Though she worried by Nadia’s sudden > was worried
began to ran towards > run
stairs at top come. > top speed
Alysia’s practiced lasted > practice
it was easy and was convenient magic. > awkward phrasing “and was convenient magic” ?
vampires suck should often suck blood.” > unnecessary suck?

Irina_Akashira · March 10, 2015 at 6:44 PM


Just an opinion (if you dont want to listen me, do as you wish)

If you don’t want to translate the author notes, I think that it’s better remove the numbers (is strange suddenly a 1 or 2)

In the begining appear “Ehh!? Da…da… because…! Okay, and gone…!” (2)

This “Da” was in the original text? if affirmative casem probaly proceed from the word “datte” (essencially mean because)

    thatguywhosthere · March 10, 2015 at 11:24 PM

    the authors notes are mostly just him saying “sorry it took long” and similar things to that. And with the numbers, it saves space for the text

anon · March 10, 2015 at 5:22 PM


madospicy · March 10, 2015 at 3:35 PM

(Panic or tense feel, ) For who the barrier in this place?!….and why I can’t leave the barrier until I able control it….!!?

えぇっ!? だ、だだっ、大丈夫だから! あ、ちょ、離して……!!
Eeh!? I, I was already fine! Ah, wait, release me….!!

Recently, Arisia had using much of the girl tone bit by bit. One day in a dinner——Though it just a moment in the morning—— , she was being taught meal ettiquite.

So she made that retort(so dispointing lol << this line is from me so you could change it into more proper english) to herself secretly.

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