01-04 – First time with magic

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Speaking of being eight years old, is what the day when something would happen.
It was the day of the release of Alysia’s mother’s ban on magic.

The day after the party could be said to be a pleasure of fantasy, waiting for six years was well worth the wait. The book that had been collecting dust in the corner, [Magic Chanting Formulae, Complete work – Third edition – Beginner to Advanced], was taken by Alysia.
Fortunately, because the fourth book wasn’t published in six years, she could omit the trouble of buying a book again.

Since her mother would tell her all about magic, Alysia ran to where she was waiting in the courtyard.

Alysia often fell to the floor because of the large book’s effect of unbalancing her small body. When a vampire is young they have little power, so they are similar to humans. An improvement in the body’s ability was the sign of when a vampire would experience an urge to suck blood.

“Alysia, you have finally come. Are you ready?”

Alysia had somehow arrived to where Nadia was. A large magic circle with a diameter of 10 Thermes (2.5 m) was drawn there.
A magic circle is a famous method of using magic, and are often used for barriers which are fixed in place.

For example, a barrier would be fixed to a building to prepare against an enemy’s attack. There are also fire barriers that defend against flame magic.

The circle here was intended to make a barrier that would allow Alysia to get used to magic. It was common to use this for people learning how to use magic because it would allow you to sense the magic that naturally exists in your body and around you.

Nadia activated the barrier which increased Alysia’s magic sensitivity. This was the most common method to find things in your body similar to nature.

“Okay, the magic is poured into the magic circle, right?”
“I see. Finally!”

Just as Alysia said so, her sight was suddenly dyed snow-white. When she noticed, her whole body began to hurt. She was attack with a sleepy feeling and lost her consciousness just like that.

Alysia stood in the middle of a square, white space and the black-haired beauty stood before her.
This time she was wearing a blue and light-green dress.

“Hello, it’s a fine day today.”
“…First answer my question. Why am I here?”
“Your tolerance for magic was insufficient. Your sensitivity to magic is stronger than an ordinary man, so when the barrier was activated, it caused an acute pain because it was too strong.”
“…I faint, and this dream is shown.”

Alysia said tiredly. It seemed it wasn’t all good having excellent sensitivity, because the majority of humans and vampires understand the feeling of magic with this method.

“Okay then, since you will soon wake up, I have to tell you one thing. Your ability to manipulate contradiction will be available to you when you become twelve years old.”
“It’s a little like awakening to your power, right?”
“That is so. Also, because your sensitivity to magic is keener, try testing it without the circle.”
“Oh, I see. Your name, what is…”

Her consciousness began to fade away when she started to say that. She thought she heard her say,
“I’m never going to tell you my name!”

“Please get up! Alysia!”

In Alysia’s ears, the calling of her name seemed sorrowful. It was probably Nadia, but because her hearing was hazy, she couldn’t hear well.

“I’m so glad…I was worried because you fell down so suddenly, how come?”

Alysia worriedly answers, while Nadia carefully listens.

“Yes…I think I have a sharp sense of magic, and because of that, the magic was too painful…so this time let’s try without using the magic circle.”

Having said so, Nadia released magic from her dominant, left hand and Alysia sensed it immediately.

“…Hee, so this is magic.”
“Huh? You feel it?”

Ignoring the surprised Nadia, Alysia started an invocation that she had remembered.

“I beseech thee, come. I desire magic. Fire!”

At that moment a huge flame appeared before Alysia.
She changed the direction of the huge fireball from the back of the courtyard and scorched the forest 200 Thermes (50 m) away.

Many people in the mansion saw the excessive display of magic power and felt fear.


Even Alysia, who was the cause of the magic, was surprised.
And at the same time, she realised the fear and convenience that came with magic.

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