01-03 – At the party

TL: Thatguywhosthere

Today is the eighth birthday of Alysia.
Her height had already exceeded four Thermes and her long black hair that reached her waist stood out. Thermes are the measurements of length in this world. Roughly four Thermes equaled a metre.

Of course, it was impossible to do nothing, so a celebration for her birthday will take place. It was decided that, to make the other vampires be at rest, a party would be held. A lot of people, without a commoner or aristocrat relation, came. Also, because Alysia’s parents had met each other in a party, they had a habit to invite a large amount of people.

Many people had come to see the famous prodigious child, Alysia. There was also a rumour that the King of the Irukusu Kingdom had come as well. Though her mother had suggested,

“Should I make some connections and have you marry the Prince?”

It was completely ignored by Alysia, who wasn’t interested.

Before the party had started, Alysia and her parents had met together on the second floor in a hall where a chandelier had shone. Alysia was wearing a pure white dress meant for children and had a ruby necklace on her chest.

If you think about it, this place was strangely noisy. Three soldiers were following somone and Alysia had received a talking-to about being respectful.

“Good? The King and many other nobles had come to the party, you should refrain from speaking like you’re on the streets.”
“Look. As I said before, there is a need to speak gracefully and politely.”
“Uu…Even if you say that…it’s embarrassing.”

One year ago, Alysia’s tone of speech had been made more elegant. But now when she talks, it’s embarrassing to speak like a female. Though it took some, her way of speaking slowly changed.

“You know, the way you speak…”
“Oh…I, I, wait a minute…” (she says “I” differently, I believe – わゎ、私は)
“You did it cutely, just speak as you were taught, alright? Continue speaking like this…OK?”

While being said, the cheeks of Alysia were dyed a crimson red and she looked down.
It’s an ordinary thing for a female. Even if their head tells them to move, their body – especially the mouth wouldn’t move.
And so she swung her shoulders and turned around to try.

“…How many people are expected to come to…mother’s and my party? A, well, AAaa!”

Her parents told her that she continued speaking like she was on the street. Alysia’s face reddened and she rolled on the floor. It wasn’t just this, for the words themselves were agonising. (tl; probably the way of addressing herself)

“…Are you alright?”
“It’s OK….! …It’s not and…It’s alright…”

She got up from the floor, her tone was unconsciously corrected. When she turned her attention to Nadia, she was holding her mouth and laughing.

The so-called “elegant way to laugh”.

But this made her feel warm and embarrassed.

“You did it, just make sure to maintain your way of speaking for today”
“Yes, I understand, father … Uuu”

Coming out of the hall to the courtyard, Alysia was at a small table with juice in her hand, and her parents began to speak. The table was higher than her eyes and she secretly drank the juice little by little.

The juice was prepared for the party and was made of the mole fruit. It was the size of an apple and growed on a tall tree. It’s said to greatly recover stamina, so many adventurers eat them.

Because it was famous at a ingredient for magical medicine, Alysia wanted to drink it by all means. Compared to Earth, the taste would be a sour mix between grape and apple.

When Alysia tasted the mole juice, suddenly a man with a long white beard and mustache appeared before the table. Three soldiers clad in metal armour were standing behind the mustache man.

“Alysia, it’s the King, pay attention to your tone.”
“Awaa, I understand!”

This mustache man seemed to be the King according to Auras. As soon as Alysia’s face was seen, the King immediately stepped up.

“Are you not Alysia?”
“Yes, I am Alysia, if I’m not wrong, did my father guide you here?”
“Hoho, cheeky! It’s fine though.”

Alysia holds off the inevitable tension and embarrassment and sends a slightly cold gaze to the King. He was pleasantly laughing and held the mold juice to his mouth. Slight blood thirst was given off by the soldiers behind the King.

“Foff! Can you not look with eyes such as those!?”
(noise when you are angry and quickly breathe out air)
“Muu…what business do you have with me?”

Alysia prompted to stop wasteful talk and skip to the main subject. In addition to speaking like a female for the whole day, she couldn’t read any books. She was quite irritated.

“When you become twelve years old, I desire to have you marry my son as wife…”
“I decline.”
“I have already spoken to Lords Auras and Nadia…”
“I still decline.”
“You will became the Queen in the future…”
“For what reason!”

The King yells over Alysia’s complete refusals.
It was natural to decline the invitation for Alysia. Because she was previously a man and also that the Prince should be about twenty-five years old. So he was not, by any means, close to Alysia’s age.

“The Prince is a Lolicon!”
“…What is a Lolicon?”
(if you didn’t know it’s kinda like pedophilia)
“Well…it’s…sorry! …It had great meaning in the ancient language.”

Unintentionally, Alysia tsukkomi’d, but goes back on track. Worried that the King would be appalled, Alysia broke out in a cold sweat. (tsukkomi is like being the straight man, logically thinking about stuff, retort about stuff)
It was safe to say it was from the ancient language because the word Lolicon exists in English, as it is an abbreviation for Lolita and complex.

“Oh? Is that so? It somehow doesn’t seem very convincing.”
“It’s alright. I don’t want to become a Queen.”

Anyhow, it’s something if the King wanted something, Alysia thought with a female tone for some reason, and tries to leave.
But before she could advance one step, she was stopped by the King.

“Please wait a moment! When you’re twelve, would you like to attend a national magic school? You’ll attend the best classes with my guarantee…”
“…I’m interested in that!”
“It’s good that you think that. If you don’t mind, a document will be provided to the school.”
“Yes, that’s OK. Should I inform father and have him send a letter now?

Alysia left the place in order to speak to Auras about the magic school. Right now, she had begun to speak reasonably like a woman, but she did not notice this herself.

After that, Alysia conveyed the case of the magic school to Auras with a tone like before. He was astonished that the engagement with the Prince had been declined, but was more astonished by the fact that Alysia was speaking more politely like a woman.

“Alysia? Your tone…it’s alright?”
“Oh, um…I’m a bit familiar with it. But I’m still so embarrassed that I’d like to roll around everywhere…”
“If…are you OK with it? You know you don’t have to force yourself too much?”
“Understood. If it’s good to do it a little, then I feel at ease.”
“Well…let’s go back.”

Alysia, who was worried over continuing speaking like this, felt as ease when she was told that it was alright.

“As for me, I’ll be at my desk.”

So says Alysia, and with a mischievous smile, she returned to the party.

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Polarpwn · November 19, 2015 at 7:54 PM

Holy fck 4meter tall 8yr old? You sure you didn’t mistranslated that? That’s 13ft tall. More than twice the height of a human, that’s troll height level

Shiikun · March 2, 2015 at 5:44 PM

The revised chapter 3 is better~~

Go Alysia be more lady-like~~… Although, Why do I feel like when Alysia talks to her father in casual way? more like she treats her father like her equal and not in a respectful manner?

Well, still luv her… Kinda looks like a cool beauty~
Even though she was originally a he in past life…

Am I walking in the wrong way?!

Anyway thanks for the revised chapter 3~

Irina_Akashira · March 2, 2015 at 5:28 PM


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