01-02 – Growing

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Three months have passed since Alysia was born. It’s a little, but Alysia had experiences life in this world, and as usual…

…Was drinking milk from her mother’s breast.

In the beginning, she didn’t like the excessive nursing and crawled away at an astonishing speed for a baby whenever it was time. But, since you can’t resist hunger, drinking milk from her mother couldn’t be helped.

Though she couldn’t bring herself to drink, she was already getting used to it.

She noticed one thing during the days she spent doing the same thing. The linguistic acquisition speed.

For everyone who is young, the speed of learning a language is amazing, furthermore, there was no need to learn it, just by listening you can learn.

But if you had the intention to learn?
It was simple, the speed of learning increases by leaps and bounds.

As an example, when mother pointed to herself and spoke, the world would often mean mother. After only one month, conversation to a degree was possible.

Because of the reincarnation, she was a genius, but a devil to the neighbourhood, as they feared her. However, it was also due to the fact that the development of her vocal cords was quicker than that of a human.

“Fufu, Alysia will surely blossom into a beautiful girl in the future.”
“Don’t say such a thing!”
“Oh! You’re so cute when you’re angry!”

Dialogue such as this was repeated everyday, but a mother speaking normally to a baby looked surreal.

Their servants would often talk of Nadia and Alysia’s conversations while they were on break.

The speed in which she learns the language is accelerating because she often hunted for books in her father’s study. And because her mother was reading her easy books.

Alysia had big problems at the present with learning to speak.
That was the way she referred to herself.
(Japanese uses “watashi” as a feminine/neutral “I”, and “boku” or “ore” as a masculine “I” mainly, but there are plenty more)
Words like “boku” and “watashi” made her hesitate when speaking in the style of a woman since she was originally a man. Many different words to refer to yourself were there, and as such, she was troubled.

As a compromise, she used the equivalent of “watashi”, which was gender neutral. A slightly feminine tone wouldn’t be a problem since a vampire’s life is long.

By the way, Alysia’s hair developed recently, but it was a raven black. Where did this come from?
He father’s hair was brown and her mother was blonde. She always wondered about this, but settled on it being the God’s tease and cut that thought off with a light feeling.

Two years had passed since Alysia was born and it was her first time out of town.
Why? Because Alysia had wanted a certain book for her birthday.

In the town she lived, the library and bookstores didn’t have as many books, so she went to a neighbouring town called La Retir.

The largest school library was in the Irukusu Kingdom and even the bookstores were rich in books. Indeed, a town of learning, as they say. Many magic researchers purchase valuable documents and visit this town.

Arriving at the top bookstore after riding the shaky carriage, Alysia and her parents had a fight, because…

“Mother! Is that book not OK?”
“Please wait aAA….a moment! Wait a moment! Not the spellbook!
“Well, I think we can buy it, haven’t you noticed how large her magic power is? It’ll be fine as long as we watch her grow.”
“Even if you say that, she’s only two years old! …The clerk is staring at us!”

A year after being born, Alysia was already able to run around and because of that such things like this started a while ago. Because of the fight, she feared that the store clerk would kick them out of the store while they were shopping.

“Then, mother. These four books are fine.”

Alysia placed her hand on the pile of books and laughed when she looked at the titles.

[Elementary Magic for Beginners – First volume – Knowledge of Magic]
[Elementary Magic for Beginners – Second volume – Basics of Chanting]
[Applications of Magic – Chanting for Beginners]
[Magic Chanting Formulae, Complete work – Third edition – Beginner to Advanced]

It was just that.
Mother, who thought it was dangerous for a two-year old to learn magic. And father, who was glad to have such a wonderful daughter. Both opinions were correct after all, and in the end, the books were purchased and they prepared to return to their mansion by carriage.

Until she was two, Alysia did not concern herself with the slightly longer, 28 hour day that seemed to be counted in 16 moments. She had thought she would be sleepy since the days were long, but that was of concern to vampires, who were active at night.

The organisms that had evolved in this environment thought nothing strange of the length of the day. It also seems a year was composed of 360 days, and fifteen months of 24 days.

Alysia had read the purchased books eight hours a day and learned knowledge magic that easily surpassed the speed of an adult. But, the unfortunate thing was that her mother banned her from actually using magic until she was eight years old.
Therefore, the books had gathered dust in the corner of the room, to her regret.

According to book, “Knowledge of Magic”, it seemed people born with magic could manipulate and convert the magic within them into spells. Hypnotism, material remote control and telepathy were applications of magic, while sorcery was creating fire and wind, it said. Though in general, both were categorised as magic, because magic and sorcery followed the same principles.

When studying the art of magic, Alysia was especially surprised at the ancient language used in invocation.

English and Enguraishia would be the same if not for the differences in grammar.

According to the book, magic seemed to have come from another world 1000 years ago, where witches, in cooperation with 1000 people from the different world, a man succeeded in creating the art of chanting, or invocation.

As chanting with Enguraishia was a new concept, it was not used very often. It soon became a symbol and spread around the world, leading to more people that could use magic.

Everyone calls this man a sage.
Alysia couldn’t deny the possibility that this man hailed from Earth, since he could speak in English. There shouldn’t be any magic on Earth, so this was a mystery.

However, because the spell was cast in Enguraishia and the deciphering of it was essential, Alysia, who could somewhat understand English, had a large advantage in her development of English.

Strengthening her resolve to learn magic at eight years of age, Alysia diligently studied…

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